35 Survey Websites That Pay Real Cash

Discover the sites that enable you to make a little extra cash while surfing the net at home.

Hello and welcome to some of the best ways of making money and gift vouchers from the internet. You’ve made the right choice in investing in this list of information. From now on your eyes will be open to great money making, gift voucher and prize draws, Below I have provided you with a list of the best survey sites, sites which I personally use myself and have earned a great deal from, either through cheques or gift vouchers. I have not bothered wasting your time providing you with sites where you might win prizes, this is just an added bonus, but each site below is guaranteed to pay you out either in gift vouchers or cash. I hope you enjoy this information and if you have any problems don’t hesitate to email me. Please leave feedback and I will do the same for you.



These guys are not recruiting at the moment but if you see a banner advertising them then click on it as they are only allowing people to sign up for there surveys or product testing if you click on a banner, so good luck. They pay well though, for every survey or product test you complete you will receive £4 worth of luncheon vouchers!


This is a good site where you get paid to take surveys, participate in product testing and write reviews in order to make a bit of money. They regularly send out surveys, usually a couple a week and pay around £1 a survey. The minimum redemption amount is £5 and this can be paid straight into your bank account.


You get paid to take polls and surveys on current affairs that are often used by the media! You get £1 just for joining and 50p – £1 per poll + chances to win cash in their prize draws. The minimum redemption amount is £50 paid by cheque but it adds up quite quickly and the surveys hardly ever take more than a few minutes to complete!


These guys are great as they normally send you out surveys every few days so your money soon adds up. The minimum redemption amount is 1000 points = $50 which will be converted into pounds and sent by cheque on request. They like to survey your kids too. I have had several payments from these guys in the past year and it is one of my fave sites.

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  1. I found this site to be very useful. Lots of links to good paying sites.


  2. Try this website http://www.freebuckssite.com/?ref=606 They will pay you under 24 hours provided that you have made over $0.50 by doing their surveys. Trust me they really do pay you and you won’t have to wait weeks for payment.

  3. And also add some of theese surveys, i noticed you don;t have some of them – http://cyb3rs.blogspot.com/2008/11/get-paid-for-your-opinion.html

  4. I really like this survey site and they are free and legit.


  5. Thats a great list of UK surveys sites! Thanks for sharing :-)
    Here’s another great resource for paid surveys: http://www.paidsurveyshq.com

  6. After going through this site, i saw a lot of interesting things concerning surveys. I will like more companies or Organisations to give surveys to people let them fill and earn something rather going round stealing. I think its the best. Thanks for all.
    Ngang Bertrand Ngang

  7. I joined Cashurl.us 2 days ago
    They paid me today
    Wow i will be earning big here.

  8. One survey site that really pays out well and I’ve already gotten paid multiples of times and I would recommend it to anyone is http://www.lightspeedpanel.com They are honest and they do pay out and is free to join.

  9. R there any survey websites 4 kids bcoz all of these have an age limit, so kids can’t join. there should be some 4 kids.

  10. Good list of paid surveys. I earned about $50 with Pinecone Research.


  11. I found this site a few days ago and thought I would try it. It’s been pretty easy so far. It’s a survey website where you can earn points towards rewards and actual cash. It’s minimum payout is a $1.00 for paypal. You can withdraw at anytime. I withdrew $16.00 this morning and it’s already been deposited in my paypal account! It’s pocket change, I know. But it will add up over time!


  12. Great information thanks for sharing this.

    I think that paid surveys are the best way for people to start making money online.I can tell that from my own experience.Last year I started that online business, now I make more than $1000, and I work only several days per week.The good things about surveys is that you can start working immediately.Absolutely no skills needed.Typically there are two types of survey sites – paid and free.I would recommend you to join free survey site at start, because there is no need to pay for membership.Here is one site that is 100% legitimate and 100% free for registration:


  13. i prefer using http://www.soulstreak.com/ they pay better.

  14. is it a lier?

  15. how do sites that offer money for surveys make money?
    Where do they find customers for their surveys?

  16. Hey guys just to let you all know this information is of course outdated by now and so i can not say if these sites are still good. Will hopefully be posting a revised list soon

  17. Phani they make money by taking most of it and just give you a little part of it……Best would be to contact any company yourself and ask them what they would offer you if they do offer you something…..You see this so called survey sites send in all users replies to the company that we work hard on and then they take the most of the cake while we get the crumbs…..Sucks big time really…non?

  18. I recognize a lot of these sites and tried quite a few and they do indeed pay. Thanks for list. BTW, here are few more to take a look at – http://onlinemoneybuzz.com/2011/02/list-of-legitimate-online-survey-sites-that-pay/

  19. I totally Agree, Paid Surveys are Absolutely a Legitimate Way of Making Money online in your spare time and That’s Why I created http://RealCashSurveys.com to Help you Not get Scammed!
    It’s Totally FREE to do and only takes a few minutes to start earning Real Cash online.

  20. Thanks for the useful advices. I really need some extra cash. I hope this survey jobs can add a few dollars in my pocket.

  21. Superpoints is also another great site:)


  22. 1 – [Get Cash For Surveys] Until we win 4.890 Dollars Monthly With This Activity

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