20 Things You Can Buy for $1

Have you ever had $1 to spend or just left over in your wallet? Or have you just ever wondered what you could buy for $1? Well here are 20 things that you can buy for $1.

It is true that $1 will not buy you a lot in the modern day but there are still a few things left that will only cost you $1. These are the suggestions and i hope you find a use for at least one of these for your $1.

1. A Lottery Ticket- Alright you might not get anything back, but as they say you have to be in it to win it.

2. Packet Of Microwavable Popcorn- Only one packet mind!

3. A Slice Of Pizza- Yes make that a small slice, as it certainly will not be very big.

4. An Apple- Have to have at least one healthy option. You may be able to get more than one.

5. Something From The Dollar Menu At McDonald’s- Probably a kiddie burger or a drink.

6. Ramen Noodles- Anything from one packet to three, depending where you go to get them.

7. Probably Anything From The Dollar Store- Take your pick really.

8. Bar Of Candy- Very tasty

9. Bottle Of Water- At least you can still buy the essentials for a dollar.

10. Can Of Soda- That’s if you don’t fancy water.

11. 1/3 Gallon Of Gas- If you are really desperate you could buy this much gas.

12. A Newspaper- we all need to read the news sometime or another.

13. A Spin At The Casino- You could double your money if you win.

14. A Quick Call In A Phone Booth- You might get a minute if you are lucky.

15. Packet Of TIc Tacs- If you need your breath fresher or just want some sweets.

16. Packet Of Chewing Gum- At least it might last longer than the rest on the list.

17. A Hot Dog At Some Stands- You’d have to search pretty high and low to be honest

18. A Go On A Teddy Machine- Yay you might win a teddy, if not you go home with nothing.

19. A Song From ITunes- Why not? And it’s legal

20. Buy A Gift card- That’s alright if the person has 20 friends that all buy $1.

But you know what, if you can’t find anything to spend it on, save it. If you did that for four weeks then you’d have $28.

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  1. Nice one…

  2. great share!
    Also add bag of cheetos!

  3. A creative piece. A slice of pizza is a little more than a dollar in Florida though. lol.

  4. Excellent ideas. I think I would go for popcorn or apples.

  5. good one

  6. This was another great entry, I would add e-books, some of them go for less than a dollar.

  7. You can’t get much of these things in Chicago for $1.00 and you did not include tax. I do have a weakness for Dollar stores though. but it is pretty near impossible to come out spending only $1.00 unless that is all you had to take in with you.

  8. There are many things in my country.

  9. Nice list.

  10. wow, nice… to have such many opportunities for only $1 :D

  11. Nice ideas. Sadly, some of those things cost more than 1$ here in Slovakia (especially the gas, its about 1,2-1,4 euro per liter now …)

  12. Very fine post

  13. Some good ideas here. In England we have the Pound Shop where I buy most of my toiletries and even items of food and stationary for a pound per item. The challenge can be fun too.


  14. Good list. Alas, here in Canada, most of those items are over $1.00. Even our dollar stores sell things over $1.

  15. That’s sound great. 1$ very difficult to buy anything.
    Thanks for share cheer

  16. I think I’ll save mine. But thanks for this list. I think they’re smart choices.

  17. Nice list

  18. Nice one!

  19. Great work. I guess that list depends on where you live.

  20. LOvely post Emmie

  21. Excellent ideas!

  22. hehehe…this article gave me the giggles ;) )…good idea for an article :)

  23. can you buy 100 cents on Triond ?

  24. hehe, nice list

  25. Good to see this list. Nice share. :)

  26. thanks for sharing very interesting

  27. A useful list.

  28. A cup of instant coffee is also less than a dollar.

  29. Nice tips.

  30. The last was a catch-all. Quite entertaining!

  31. This is a great list. Who knew there were so many things you could buy for one dollar. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Wonderful, your best idea was the last one unless you are hungry.

  33. Pretty nice article ;)

  34. A very enjoyable read! Keep up the great work :)

  35. Don’t ask why this article made me laugh, but it did.
    Great list!

    I guess West Sussex has a place where you can buy a slice of pizza, because up here in Oldham (Manchester) all there is, is a pound shop lol!

  36. This was an awesome article, and it DID make me chuckle! :) You never fail to entertain Emma :)

  37. Nice list….
    It made me laugh definitely!
    Great one! :D

  38. Good list.

  39. EXCELLENT article!! It was quite innovative and entertaining. One never dissects what items can actually be purchased for a $1.00. Once you have the facts in front of you, it makes one’s life a lot easier!!

  40. Very interesting… Now the importance of the dollars from Triond earnings is more…

  41. What a great idea for an article! You are very creative!

  42. Excellent idea with very creative items. Nice work!

  43. Great ideas! You can actually have a decent lunch for $3.

  44. Nice article!

  45. Now I really feel like a hot dog…

  46. Hey everyone :)

    Thank you all for reading and commenting.


  47. ooh what shall i spend my triond earnings on ?

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