Know Your Boundaries

How to locate your property boundaries.

Know you’re boundaries.

Did you ever ask a land surveyor how much he would charge to map your property, then wake-up a few minutes later with smelling salts under your nose?  Every three minutes, someone in America passes out from a survey quote . . . or was that tequila?   Regardless, I can show you how to beat the high cost of people shuffling around your property, looking for boundary markers that a real estate agent may have alluded to, just before you were sold on a beautifully landscaped area above the septic tank. 

A small postage stamp lot in the city can run you about eight-hundred dollars, and it can cost thousands for a few wooded acres, which is a lot of money if you don’t need a stamped plan for legal reasons, and only want to know where property markers are located.  You’re basically paying a couple of guys to do a little research and mosey around your property,  just to confirm information they found in the record books, and that information is (drum roll, please) assessable to the general public.

Property boundaries date back to the Garden of Eden, which employed an invisible fence system and talking serpents named Satan, who now have a surveyor’s license.

I can’t count the number of times property owners were suddenly pulling hair out and calling lawyers because they thought boundary lines were way over yonder.  You could not even fathom the horrific legal problems caused by midnight builders and shady developers, because they were given bad information (sometimes by a guy named Eddy behind the dumpster).  With the help of Steven King, in your wildest dreams after an all night binge in Rio, while dressed as a renegade circus clown, you could not conjure up the scenes played out, and repercussions of bad property information. 

Survey!  So here now, in a simplistic form (meant to help you giggle and forget that you will soon be eaten alive by mosquitoes and creepy parasites while bush whacking for property corners), is a simple guide to knowing your boundaries, like that time at the senior prom, when you found out how many protective parents love to collect and trade interesting shotguns:


As “in the deed”!  Almost everything you need to know about land survey is located in your property deed, which will not only describe the exact measurements of your property lines, but often reference a map, which automatically makes you just like an adventurer seeking pirates’ hidden treasure!  Without the pirates or treasure! 

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