Your Complete Guide on How and Where to Get Grocery Coupons

I know how hard it can be for the average family to afford groceries these days, and today’s financial struggles are only compounded when your family has any catastrophic event. My husband and I enjoyed a moderate, but comfortable income status until my handicapped daughter was born. Since that time, we went from two incomes to one and have been saddled with seven years worth of medical bills and bad credit. Couponing and saving money on groceries was a must, not a want, in my case.

I recently wrote an article (here) about how to save on your grocery bill. You might want to check out those tips before reading onward. In my last article, “Three Ways To Actually Cut Your Grocery Bill,” I gave readers three ideas on how they can significantly cut their grocery bills. In this article, I’d like to expound on one of those tips…clipping coupons.

Some think of coupons as a fruitless, daunting task that’s just more trouble than it’s worth, but if you think of coupons as what they really are money printed by a manufacturer instead of the government, you might just realize that coupons can amount to a having a big wad of cash in your wallet. Here’s how you can get your wad of cash.

There are several different ways to “clip” coupons:

1. Coupon booklets -


There are coupon inserts in most Sunday newspapers. P&G, a manufacturer of several brands of pharmaceutical, cleaning, pet, personal care, and other supplies, inserts the P&G brandSaver coupon booklet two to three times per month in select newspapers. The coupons are on brands like Tide, Prilosec, Bounty, Duracell, and Charmin and often feature combined savings of over $100 dollars.

Tip: This link will let you know what newspapers the coupon booklet can be found and on what dates.

2. Free, printable coupons- 


There are free, printable coupon websites that will allow you to print coupons from your home computer. Some of these coupon websites will require you to sign up; download a printing application, such as JAVA; and/or download their toolbar to your computer.

A simple Google search will reveal hundreds of thousands of coupons sites, but most are offering the very same coupons. Of course, you only discover this after going through the pains of signing up and downloading whatever they want you to download before they’ll let you view their coupons. To make it easier for you, I’ll list the main coupon sites. While some of the following still offer a few duplicate coupons, most offer many unique coupons:

* Valpack
* Smartsource
* allyou magazine
* CouponCabin 
* CouponNetwork by CATALINA
* RedPlum

Keep in mind that most of these coupon sites will only let you print your selected coupons one to three times per computer.

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  1. Wish we could use the same coupons in the Philippines. :)

  2. Good Info – thanks

  3. Muetti and I use coupon booklets a lot! I’m going to the library to print out free coupons (am a member of InboxDollars and MyPoints) if time allows! I don’t have a printer and printing at the library costs money, so I’ll bring my own!

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