Uses for Frosting Containers and Lids

11 helpful ideas for uses of old frosting containers and lids.

Instead of adding to the landfill situation we’re facing, save you old frosting containers and lids. They are great for storage and traveling.

Listed below are 11 great ideas for these containers and three uses for the lids.

  1. Perfect portable First Aid Kit

    Fill with bandages, cotton balls, alcohol swabs and Q-Tips. Fits perfect in your duffle bag or glove compartment for easy traveling.

  2. Great Beach Companion

    Put your money or loose change in here and seal with the lid. Also great for carrying or storing your drivers license and jewelry.

  3. Perfectly Cotton

    Store extra cotton balls and Q-Tips, perfect for a manicurist.

  4. Desk Organizer

    Makes a perfect pencil and penholder. Take add a little decoration just cover with a scrap of wallpaper or self-adhesive drawer liner. Also makes a great storage compartment for paper clips and rubber bands.

  5. Pretty Ribbons and Bows

    Store the menagerie of hair ribbons and rubber band ties here. Keep many containers in bathroom so you can separate the varieties.

  6. Junk Drawer Savior

    Holds almost anything in your junk drawer. From extra screws, nuts and bolts to batteries and small light bulbs.

  7. Coin Holder

    Keep in your vehicle to store extra change. Keeps it all together and easier for access. Plus it’s not all over your floor mats.

  8. Travel Companion

    Great for keeping hard candies and cough drops stored. Keeps them dry so they don’t become gummy.

  9. Fill with Water for Ice Pack in Cooler

    Fill the night before and outing, these make great and inexpensive cooler ice packs.

  10. A Little of This and That

    Store extra rice, pasta and beans that you don’t use for a recipe. Also great for storing extra vegetables nit eaten at dinner. Keep adding vegetables to one container then start a second … great addition for stews or soups. Plus you have a variety of vegetables without having to open three or four different cans.

  11. Portion Control

    When brown bagging it for lunch instead of using plastic zippered bags to take potato chips, chunks of cheese or additions to your salad, use this container instead. Your chips won’t break and your lettuce won’t wilt next to your tomatoes. Plus you can weigh out the food amount if you’re watching your calorie intake.

Uses for the Frosting Container Lids

  1. Cover canned cat and dog food if you don’t use the complete can
  2. Use for your kitchen sponge, great place to store
  3. Use as a bar of soap holder in the shower or in the bathtub … poke a hole in the bottom for excess water to drain out
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  1. My favorite on your list is the cooler ice pack idea. Here is another idea if you have more than one of the kind that stack:

    Punch holes in one container and lid and stack it on top of a second container to use for sprouting small amounts of sunflower seeds or fenugreek or making almond “soaks” — these are attractive and take up less counter space than most of the commercially made sprouter kits. Stacked, you can make as many batches as you like, just be sure to leave one container unpunched to catch the drips at the bottom. I “punch” the holes by drilling them out with my Dremel.

  2. Great ideas.I’m in the middle of watching what I eat and the portion control idea is great. I like it. I usually take the whole bag of potato chips with me now I can downsize.

  3. One use I’ve discovered recently is using these for emptying out my deep fryer. I fill them up seal with lid and easily throw away. No leakage problems and the oil and grease are gone. But I like your ideas too just thought I’d add mine.

  4. It helps me save money on the food I love to eat, but is bad for my health. It will be the easiest way to control how much I eat. Thanks for the great tips.

  5. another good use: my husband is a gold panner and they are great for holding the black sand concentrate! Ialso use them for all my excess sewing items, for a crayon holder for the grands as well as a chalk holder.

  6. I save mine throughout the year and when valentines day comes around, I decorate them with valentine themed crafts and I fill them with valentine candy and finish it off by putting a red ribboned bow on top and give them away to my coworkers… Look great on their desks and they have a sweet treat at arms reach.

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