Tips for Cockroach Removal

For all of you cockroach slayers are home owners who have cockroach problems you should read my tips to safely remove these pests.

For any of you who want some tips of killing off annoying cockroaches in your home than I suggest you read my guide.

My first tip is to prevent the cockroaches from finding a space to live. For example a crack in the wall is the perfect place for a cockroach to hide or some small place you can’t get to. So I advise you to seal any cracks with something. If your lazy and want to do it the cheap than an effective way is to get a plastic bag and stuff it in the crack.

A tip I got from a friend to kill a cockroach without RAID or some pesticide was using really hot water on it. I haven’t tried this myself but the tip does make sense and I have my own specific guide to kill cockroaches which is:

A Simple and Safe Way To Get Rid of Cockroaches.

Anyway try using hot water to splash on a cockroach when you find one.

Another tip for people who are unknowingly helping to create more cockroaches in there home is to never ever step on a cockroach. Lots of people do this and yes it does kill the cockroach but what about a female cockroach. There’s a chance it may carry eggs that’ll spread unto the carpet/flooring and they’re very hard to spot. So as I repeat never step on a cockroach because you may make matters worse so use some other method of killing a cockroach like using pesticides or soapy water.

Also my last helpful tip to you cockroach slayers is about pesticides. I myself don’t like to use them but they are still very effective but poisonous and dangerous. If you are going to use pesticides like Raid and you have an infection of cockroaches I suggest the following.

  1. Get a professional if things get out of hand.
  2. Get some strong pesticides because this stuff really kills pests but be cautious since this stuff is really harmful to anything living.
  3. Try to make your house neater and cleaner because a messy house is a good place for a cockroach.
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  1. You’re kidding right? Common sense gave more info than you did. Are there any real home remedies for cockroaches. I’m a landlord. I can easily spend $100 per appartment to get it satisfactory cockroach free. I heard, for example, liquid ammonia which can be purchased at most any grocery store makes cockroaches run for their lives and vacate the premises. Are there any other cheap but effective treatments other than the typical expensive Raid like chemicals?

  2. John Martir, your comment is funny cause its true.

  3. GAY!

  4. yea he does make sense…
    unlike you on the other hand…
    well your no use of help so you might as well delete this website or watever it is before some dumbass follows your remedy…
    and boy wont they feel stupid..

  5. hey dumb ass lit me tell you how. you can use BORRIC ACID spread them around the infested area it can easily kill them but be careful its poisonous. or you could make some bait mix equal part of baking powder, sugar and soda place it in a shallow dish or in a bottle cap it can kill them but not instantly. any more question feel to mail me
    god bless lets eliminate them

  6. bloody guide, waste of time to read. i think your the no.1 jobless nonsense person in this world

  7. I would not like to remove cockroaches they are dirty

  8. You talk about us being a dumb ass. I read your article in this about cockroaches. I think you been smoking to much Roach and you are high. I bet you are a drug addict HUH??
    And your article made no sense what so ever. All you basically said is to use insecticde spray. Please Get a life and say (NO) to drugs! LOL’s there. You are sick!

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