The Five Best Ways to Save Money on Home Decorating

As the economy slumps, we still need to live our lives and keep our homes a place where we want to spend time alone, time with friends and family, and make sure it’s a place where we can rest and regenerate ourselves for another day or work week. How do you keep up your home when your dollar buys less and less? Here are five proven ways to maintain your home beautifully and save money at the same time.

Shop the Garage and Tag Sales

Do you need household goods for your kitchen, garden or home office? Don’t run out to the nearest store, just hit the weekend sales and spent a few cents instead of your hard-earned dollars. With gas prices soaring, don’t do a lot of needless driving. Check out the newspaper ads and make yourself a map to maximize your gas mileage. Take the kids along and let them pick out a few inexpensive toys for fun.

Browse the Classified Ads in Your Newspaper

Looking for furniture or appliances? Read the daily ads and see if you can pick up some used items for a fraction of the new cost. It can be worth the time and effort for the money you’ll save. With today’s digital technology, many sellers will email you pictures to save you a trip across town.

Sign Up for Freecycle Online

Have you checked out Freecycle yet? Many cities large and small have their own franchise for subscribers (it’s free) to list items they want to get rid of and they offer them up for free. You get emails each day from other members listing what they wish to give away. You never know what will become available.

Find a Store that Recycles Old Construction Materials

You never know what you’ll find in these cavernous stores that resell antique fixtures, old tubs, and woodwork from demolished or remodeled homes. You can find some great junk that with a little imagination and work can be transformed into a new use. An old cupboard door can be the top of a coffee table, an old window can be cleaned up and hung on a wall for an interesting “picture window.”

Let Family and Friends Know that You’re Looking for Used Castoffs

It is great being the recipient of other’s used furniture when they are upgrading or moving or downsizing. Make sure to make your needs known so that when others are ready to get rid of things, you’re first in line to pick out the best stuff.

You don’t have to have tons of money to furnish a home. But you do need to take your time, use your imagination and when you see stuff piled up by the curb just before trash day, stop for a few minutes and see if there’s anything you can use. You’ll save valuable space in landfills and you’ll start to develop your own, eclectic style too. Saving money in the process is a nice bonus.

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