The Best Method for Getting Fat Out of Clothes

Any type of fat or grease spillage on your favourite clothes can be devastating, and sometimes very expensive to remove. With this method you will get the fat out and you won’t damage your clothes.

I have seen many methods for getting animal fat out of clothes on different sites across the Internet and this wasn’t an important fact to me until I spilled a large tub of goose fat down a brand new (and rather expensive top) that I had been given as a gift.

Many methods may work for little fat stains, such as those that you might get from frying eggs, when the fat spits up from the pan. I’ve heard of some mad ideas as well, such as rubbing mashed bananas on to the stain before you wash it.

The method I used which I amazed me with the results was the simply use of washing up liquid. I’m not talking about laundry detergent, no. Laundry detergent does work for cleaning your clothes on a regular basis, but for severe fat spillage it just doesn’t stand a chance.

Many people will tell you to scrape off the fat first and then let it dry before you try to wash it. I don’t think this is such a good idea, if you can’t get the fat off when it is in a liquid form them you are going to have no chance of getting it off when it is dry.

The first thing you should do is to run the area (or in my case the whole thing) that the fat has split on under a hot tap. Don’t get it so hot that you scold yourself, just hot enough so any fat that is starting to solidify will melt.

Next get your washing up liquid (the strong stuff you use for your dishes), and cover the area that the fat has got on to and work it through with your hands. You will need to do this for a few minutes. Then rinse it through with hot water.

You should have removed most of the surface fat but this point. But normally with fat stains, the surface fat isn’t the real problem it’s the fat that has worked its way in to the fibres of the fabric that are the real problem. So I would suggest repeating the above step once more.

At this point you really need to get your washing machine involved, apply a small amount of washing up liquid to the area and then put the item of clothing (on its own) through a full wash cycle. At this point you will need to decide what temperature is best, the item of clothing I was washing recommended 40 degrees, however I chose 50. Use your best judgment; go as high as you can to get any remaining fat out, but not too hot or you might shrink or damage the fabric.

Once the full cycle has finished, hang your item of clothing out to dry and then run you washing machine on a full hot wash (or boil if you have it) to get rid of any remaining grease or fat that might be left in the machine as this will damage your next load of washing.

You should now have a wonderfully clean item of clothing with no fat stains.

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