Solving Smelly Shoe Odor with Household Products

Smelly, sweaty shoes can stink up a closet or room in only a few minutes. But a few helpful household remedies can help solve the problem.

The stench of damp or sweaty shoes is unpleasant for the wearer and everyone else within smelling distance. There are remedies to the problem, however, which require only a little forethought and a few household products.

Baking Soda

Sprinkling baking soda inside your shoes to soak up the odor works, but can be messy, since the powder will need to be vacuumed out or wiped out later. For an effective but less messy solution, try filling coffee filter with baking soda and tying them closed, making “sachets” for your shoes. Slide one or two inside overnight or while your shoes are stored away, then remove when you’re ready to wear.

Vinegar Spritz

Fill a spray bottle with a solution of vinegar and water (one part vinegar to two parts water should be fine). Spray inside of smelly shoes and let dry. Despite its own smell, vinegar helps eliminate odors like sweat, so it’s safe to use on your socks, as well as your feet. Use either white or apple cider — both can help reduce the smell.

Dryer Sheets

Tuck scented or plain dryer sheets inside your shoes overnight or while they’re stowed away. Just crumple the sheets a little and stuff inside from toe to heel (two or three sheets per shoe should be plenty). The sheets help absorb the damp odors inside.

Keeping shoe odor at bay isn’t hard — it just takes a little time to decide what works best for you. The results are far better than putting up with stinky odors from your favorite shoes.

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