Seven Types of Vinegar and Their Uses

Vinegar has been used by people for thousands of years. It is produced by fermentation. There are many types of vinegar, each with its own unique uses.

White Vinegar

White vinegar can be made by oxidizing a distilled alcohol. It can be used for cleaning as well as culinary uses.


  1. It removes rust from metals
  2. Clean your hair with 10ml vinegar after shampooing and rinse thoroughly to give a natural glow to your hair
  3. Vinegar removes all stains from clothes
  4. Spray vinegar on weeds between cracks using spray bottle to kill them
  5. Spray a little amount of vinegar on stainless steel fixtures and clean with a soft cloth to give them a spark
  6. Soak your silverware in the mixture of 2 teaspoons baking soda and 20ml vinegar for one or two hours. Then rinse them and clean with a soft cloth to shine them like new ones.
  7. Wipe down the blades of your scissors with a soft cloth dipped in vinegar to make them clean and polish
  8. Clean your wooden and leather furniture with a cloth after spraying small amount of vinegar to revitalize them
  9. Vinegar removes mineral deposits and shines ceramic tiles
  10. It works as a disinfectant and very effective in cleaning bathtubs and sinks
  11. Spray a little vinegar under each arm after bathing and let it dry. This protect from perspiration odor.
  12. Wipe the cold sore with a cotton ball dipped in vinegar three times a day to ease the pain the swelling
  13. When you feel congestion by cold or sinus infection, add ¼ cup vinegar to water in steam-vaporizer to get immediate relief
  14. Apply a few drops of vinegar to your eye glasses and clean with a soft cloth to make them spot less. This works for TV and computer monitor also.
  15. Fill a bowl with undiluted vinegar. Soak your fingers and toes in it to make the cuticles soft.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is made from cider or apple. It can be used for beauty purposes.


  1. It is used as a powerful astringent and it works very effective in skin toning
  2. Treating plants with this vinegar is a solution for almost all plant diseases
  3. Use the mixture of equal amounts of cider vinegar and water for acne. This can be used as a skin toner. But this vinegar can be dangerous to eyes.
  4. It is a wonderful solution for dandruff. It is also used as a conditioner.
  5. It is a powerful home remedy for warts
  6. Adding a cup or two cups of cider vinegar to bathing water relaxes you from aching muscles
  7. You can use cider vinegar as a mouth wash. Mix one tablespoon apple cider vinegar and ½ table spoon salt in a glass lukewarm water and gargle with it for a fresh breath. This works for a sore throat too.
  8. Dab aging spots with a cotton ball saturated in apple cider vinegar twice a day. Within a month or two, you can observe the result.
  9. Mix two table spoons vinegar and two table spoons sugar to the vase water before keeping the flowers. This solution remains the cut flowers fresh for a long time.
  10. Adding 5 ml of this vinegar to pet’s drinking water gives it shinier and healthier-looking cat and protects it from fleas and ticks

Wine Vinegar

Wine vinegar is made from red wine or white wine. It is widely used in Central Europe and Mediterranean countries.


  1. It is used to bring out the sweetness in strawberries and melons
  2. The taste of this vinegar reduces the need of salt in recipes
  3. It balances the flavors without adding a fat to the preparations

Rice Vinegar

Rice vinegar is available in red, white and black. It is widely used in Japan and China mainly for the preparation of salad dressings.


  1. It is generally used in rice varieties for additional flavor
  2. It brings additional flavor to vegetable and fruit salads

Fruit Vinegar

Fruit vinegar is made from fruits without additional flavors. Apple, tomato, raspberry and quince are some of the fruit flavors used for making this vinegar.


  1. It is very useful in the preparation of fruit salads
  2. It can be used as salad dressing
  3. It can be used as a marinade for meats
  4. Gives additional flavor and aroma to salads and cooked vegetables

Malt Vinegar

Malt vinegar is made by malting barley.


  1. It gives flavor to fishes and chips
  2. It is famous for pickling especially walnut pickles

Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is made from cooked grapes. It is widely used in Italian cuisines.


  1. It is used for salad dressings and sauces
  2. It gives additional flavor and aroma when sprinkled on cooked meat
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  1. I only have white, balsamic, and apple cider vinegar. This is a great list of uses, Valli.

  2. We also use balsamic and wine vinegar in the U.S. for salads or marinades. Great article.

  3. Vinegar is so useful. This is a good list, thank you.

  4. vinegar is very useful.. balsamic tastes great on salads with a little salt and pepper, lemon juice, and oil.

  5. Thank you, Icy, Judy, Dee and alexa.

  6. Having white vinegar is a must in the store cupboard, certainly here in england, coffee makers and kettle get the most awful limescale, neat cold vinegar removes it like new, and better than the commercial products too

  7. This is a fantastically useful article with many great tips and obviously loads of research done. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Very useful ways to use vinegar.

  9. Thank you, Filepromptdotcom, Anne, and Ruby.

  10. nice article Valli, very interesting, i’ve learned many things on this one…nice job

  11. I love French fries, or as you Brits call them, chips, and eat them with lots of malt vinegar and salt.
    My husband says I eat too many of them and that’s why I’m fat.
    I hate him.
    The under arm deodorant tip is great and really does work. I’d rather smell like vinegar than sweat any day of the week.

  12. Very helpful article, Valli. This must have taken considerable time to research. I am familiar with white, ACV, and malt and their uses..the others I have never used.

    Great article.

  13. Very comprehensive info on vinegar. Thanks, Valli!Take care!

  14. Thank you, Nobert, Bunty, Darlene, and Chan.

  15. I just call it vinegar. :)

    Good article!

  16. My mom used Apple Cider Vinegar on our sunburns.

  17. this is a rather bizzare article and so are the responces

  18. TY! I needed this info for the White wine, Red wine, Balsamic, and Apple Cide Vinegar for my science fair project! You guys rock! Wish me luck!

  19. Good info but im still searching for different chemical formulas for them

  20. Geramia says this is a bizzare article (spell check says I’ve misspelled “bizzare” – but then, so has “Germania”-.
    Since some of the uses of vinegar deal with health and
    adding flavor to food, I can only assume “Germania”
    has something against both.
    A “ger” is either a Mongolian yurt or a spear. and “mania”
    is what it is.
    If a helpful article on vinegar is “bizzare” and is viewed as odd
    by this person, the mind boggles an what they’d think of an article about something really odd- like baking bread- or, worse yet
    fattening deserts (mmmm…..).

    Yrs, Guy

  21. it’s a nice information but some vinegar name is remaining. i like this information

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