Over a Dozen Unusual Uses for Hair Conditioner

Money being what it is today (scarce) we need all the help we can get to make ends meet. Here’s a few.

Stop. Don’t throw out that bottle. You’ve got just a corner left and it hardly seems worth the effort, but here are a few ways to use those remaining few drops of hair conditioner.

  • Using 1 part regular hair conditioner to 3 parts water, shake well and it is ready to use. Place in a spray bottle and use for a leave in conditioner to help tame fly a ways and make hair more manageable.
  • For dry hair use 1 part regular hair conditioner to 2 parts water, shake well, and place in a spray container
  • The last few drops of your conditioner will work fine to wash your panty hose or fine washables
  • Shine your stainless steel. Place some on a soft cloth and as you rub the stainless steel watch the shine return.
  • Rub on your leather boots or shoes to protect from salt and chemicals during the winter time
  • Take a short cut, when in a hurry and “wash” your hair with conditioner alone. It will leave it soft and clean.
  • Rub on hinges to stop squeaking
  • Lubricate your zipper to keep it from sticking
  • Rub on the shower rod so that your curtain will slide easier
  • Use as a lubricant when shaving legs. Rub some on after too to soften and condition skin.
  • Place some on a cotton ball and remove your make up. It will make your skin soft too.
  • Rub some on your tools to help prevent rust
  • Rub some on the wheels of skates and skate boards
  • Some hair conditioner on a soft rag will make your houseplants shine
  • Rub on the window glide to help with a sticking window
  • To soften dry cuticles, rub a little conditioner on them
  • Help remove a bandage from your child’s sore
  • Rub some into your hands prior to working on your car or painting to help remove grime after

According to Reader’s Digest Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things hair conditioner has been around for over 50 years. It is said to have been discovered by Swiss chemists while doing research to aid burn victims. Then in the 1950s it was discovered that some of the same compounds used as fabric softeners also softened the hair.

Mary Ellen of “TIPical Mary Ellen” fame on hgtv.com states that hair conditioner was created to condition movie stars’ hair that became damaged from the hot studio lights.

Regardless of how we were blessed with hair conditioner, I hope you will find some good uses for yours.

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  1. Great tips, Judy!

  2. Really good tips, Judy! Do you remember many years ago there were two sets of directions on the label? One for use on hair and one for using on your skin after your bath or shower?

    I never thought of using it for anything but my hair, you have given us many great ideas…especially the leave in conditioner.

    Thank you

  3. This is one of those articles you would want to clip for later reference. Good ideas.

  4. Great Job
    Never thought of the different ways to use it

  5. Icy, Darlene, Sandra, and Kathy,

    Thank you for your support. Take care and God bless.

  6. I have a large bottle of conditioner that smells awful but I still won’t throw it away, thanks to you Judy I can use it up! Great tips thanks

  7. Glynis, you are so welcome.

  8. great article. There is always that little bit, i can never get out of the bottle, till now…

  9. Very useful tips.

  10. many great ideas! I ddin’t know conditioner could do soo much!

  11. Jessica, Valli, Alexa, thank you for your support.

    Take care & God bless.

  12. Great uses of hair conditioner, thanks!

  13. A really useful one Judy. It’s good to know that there are so many uses from something so easily obtained.

  14. Thank you Chan and Anne for your support.

  15. very interesting, it’s really wonderful learning new things,thanks Judy

  16. very useful information, thanks for sharing!!!

  17. Nobert and Neelam, thank you for your support.

    Take care & God bless.

  18. Great tips.

  19. Karen, thanks for reading and commenting.

    Take care and have blessed day.

  20. I always use hair conditioner after I shampoo because I would never be able to get the tangles out otherwise, but I never realized that it had so many other uses. Good ideas and thanks for sharing.

  21. great idea

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