Lemons are Not Just for Lemonade: 31 Uses for Lemons and Lemon Juice

Some common and some uncommon uses for lemons.


  1. Remove tough food stains from your cutting board by rubbing with lemon juice and baking soda. This will also kill germs and freshen.
  2. Clean and deodorize your microwave by placing 4 tablespoons of lemon juice in 1 cup of water. Place in microwaveable bowl and boil for 5 minutes. The condensation from the boiled mixture will enable the microwave to be wiped out easily, and will deodorize the oven.
  3. A paste of salt and lemon juice will clean and shine your sink while killing germs.
  4. Toss lemon rinds into the fireplace to freshen stale smells.
  5. Toss lemon rinds into simmering water along with cloves, cinnamon sticks, and orange peels to make a delightful aroma and humidify the air.
  6. Polish chrome faucets with a paste of baking soda and lemon juice.
  7. A few tablespoons added to the water in a humidifier will deodorize the air in the home.
  8. Cut a lemon in half and place in dishes for air fresheners.
  9. Stop potatoes or cauliflower from discoloring while cooking by placing 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in the water while cooking.
  10. Stop apples or guacamole from discoloring when preparing fruit salads by sprinkling lemon juice on them.
  11. Place a sponge or cotton ball dabbed with lemon juice in your fridge for several hours to displace foul odors. Do not forget to remove the spoiled food.
  12. By adding a teaspoon of lemon juice to rice while cooking you can prevent your rice from sticking.
  13. Freshen soggy lettuce by dipping lettuce in a bowl of cold water with the juice of ½ lemon. Place lettuce in fridge for 1 hour. Remove lettuce from the bowl and allow to dry. The lettuce can then be used for sandwiches or salad.
  14. Ant-proof the kitchen with lemon juice. Squirt lemon juice on thresholds and window sills. Squeeze lemon juice into any holes or cracks that the ants are entering. Scatter small slices of lemon peel around door entrances. Ants do not like the lemon fragrance and will not enter your home. Lemons are also effective against roaches and fleas. Reader’s Digest suggests a mixture of ½ gallon (2 liters) of water and the juice and rinds of four lemons. Wash the kitchen floor and the counters with this mixture and watch the insects leave.
  15. Lemon or orange peels tossed regularly into the garbage disposal will keep the garbage disposal smelling fresh.
  16. Make a paste of lemon juice and baking soda. Rub the solution on your aluminum pans, then buff and watch them shine.


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  1. Great article, Judy.
    There are many that I don’t know.
    Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Icy.

  3. Lots of good tips here. You can also use lemon juice diluted with water to relieve a sunburn.

  4. You are right, Ruby. How did I forget that one? Thanks.

  5. I heard on the show “Good Eats”, that in earlier times, the women would use lemons to keep the redness in their lips. Has anyone ever heard that, and if so, can you tell me where I can read more about it.

  6. Great advice fun and easy to use. Thank you!

  7. Jennifer, thank you for reading and commenting.

  8. I have been washing my face for a year with a mix of brown sugar and lemon juice. It helps with all sorts of skin problems. I also use in on my limbs to remove dry skin. Leaves evertrhing feeling very soft.

  9. Sas, thanks for the extra tips. I love natural products.

  10. Thankyou I’ve learned sooo much. But how long will it take for lemon juice to lighten dark underarms?

  11. Great article. I only knew 5% usefulness of Lemon. I’m using it for facial dark spot.

  12. Alyssa, Paulette, thanks for reading. Alyssa, I’m not sure of the time frame, but know that it lightens dark areas.

  13. So many uses that I wasn’t aware of! This article needs to be copied and placed on everyone’s refrigerator…starting with MINE!
    Wonderful info!

  14. pure lemon juice used as a toner on my face is the only thing that has really helped my acne!!

  15. Elaine, it helps to even out your complexion too. Thanks so much for your comment.

  16. this site has really helped me throughout my reaserch on lemons. i am thankful for this site also because it helps with everyday uses

  17. Alex, thank you for your kind support.

    Take care & God bless.

  18. Thank you for helping me appreciate lemons as they are a substitute for alot of things,are user friendly,no chemicals and are cheap and easy to find.

  19. Twambo, yes unlike my computer, half the time, they are user friendly! Thanks for the comment.

    Take care & God bless.

  20. i stumbled upon ur site. i love the idea about ridding of ants & roaches. will try it. ur great

  21. Vpsaroza, Thanks for your support.

    God bless & Happy New Years!

  22. How long would it take u to remove dark spots wit the lemons

  23. James, you should see a lightening within a week. Witch hazel also helps to fade spots.

  24. Cool Judy-savin’ this info-do you suppose citrus would do anything with ant hills-they’d probably just move cause you need to get the queen?-also you think citrus rinds? at the doors would ward off crickets? can’t use juice there-(have lemon/orange/grapefruit trees-my folks’)thank you much. Pamela

  25. Pamela, thanks for reading & commenting. You asked about crickets, and I read this tip: (paraphrased) Take a strip of (packaging) tape and place on the floor sticky side up. Later just take the strip outside far enough away from your home or feed to a cricket eating pet.

    As far as ants lemons repel them, but I think boric acid is toxic to them (it is also toxic to us!) Place boric acid in a baster and squirt it into base boards, and hard to reach places that are not accessible to your pets or children. I hope that helps.

  26. This was really helpful!

  27. Loretta, thank you for your support.

  28. good tips i will surly use some of them ;)

  29. about the dying your hair with lemons how long do you have to sit in the sun? will is damage me hair? have you heard of dying your hair with cool aid?? how do you do that?? n if i use ur tip how blonde will my hair get??? i have dark brown hair can some times look black*** in case u need to know

  30. Alexis, with dark hair, like yours it takes much longer to lighten. It will give you some highlights and a lovely shine though.

  31. I really love all these tips.

    Thanks Judy (:

  32. Nasihah, thanks for your support.

    Take care & God bless!

  33. Wow, this article is just chock full of info. Good job, I’ll have to try some of these out.

  34. Jedopi, thanks so much for your warm support.

    Take care & God bless!

  35. Wow really helpful. Thanks for the tips. I have dark brown hair. If i try to lighten my hair using lemons how long should i sit in the sun for and how long before I see results?? Also I have some acne scarring. Will the lemons help lighten them. If so, by how much and how long.(School starts soon)

  36. Lena, have you tried vitamin E for your scars? Internally and topically this vitamin will help heal and fade the scar.

    Lemon juice will not drastically lighten dark hair but will add wonderful shimmer and shine with highlights making it look natural and not artificial.

    Enjoy school. Thanks for your interest, take care & God bless.

  37. thnx u hlpd me thru my projct
    long live lemons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Prak, you are welcome. I’m glad it helped.

  39. Would u recommend using lemon juive around the eyes for dark circles – left on over night??

  40. Ashi, just take care not to get the juice in your eyes. Witch hazel will help with dark circles too.

    Thanks for your support. Take care.

  41. lots of helpful tips…i’m dark skinned, do u think leomon rinds will help me lighten my skin, if yes how long before i see results?

  42. Molly, I’m pretty sure it will lighten and even out your skin tone but I do not know how long it will take.

  43. thankyou… will go ahead and try it…by the way i super love ur site

  44. Molly, thanks again.

    Take care & God bless!

  45. Lots of experience and learning are comming out
    I have no idea on the importance of lemon!!!
    I appreciate and thank you for the all shared
    I will put these experince in practice BUT how lemon help us internally (taking as juice?)much shared was mostly extenally use?

  46. Glory, like other citrus fruits, lemons contain Vitamin C, but they also include antiseptic and antibacterial oils. When taken orally it assists the lymphatic system, aids in digestion, reduces wrinkles, and helps to disperse cellulite – The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood

    Thanks for reading and God bless!

  47. Great article Judy! I always knew there was something special and versatile about lemons. Call it an innate awareness I don’t know. I first started using it in my water to make it more refreshing and taste better, then I started to get in the habit of rubbing the residual juice that would get on my hands into my hair and face and it is the most refreshing and invigorating feeling. Then I got the feeling that it would probably be an effective cleaning agent, and sure enough it is as you have confirmed and validated here on this site. Thank God for lemons, I love them!!

    Great article Judy, I’ve now bookmarked this site.

  48. Also, I’ve read here that vinegar, baking soda and salt are helpful and natural cleaning agents. Wouldn’t it make sense to make an all purpose cleaner for the house with a mixture of lemons, vinegar, baking soda and salt? And if so, what should the proportions and measurements of each be?

  49. Enzo, thanks so much for your support and you are so right. Lemons are very good all around fruits for cleaning, beauty, nutrition, digestion…

  50. I’m 63, mty mom died when she was 82, or so. Real lemon juice was always used to lighten hair! And baby oil and benodine always “increased” the tan. I thing that lemon and peroxide kept bugs away while “blonding” body hair. It may be a natural deordant too, (maybe)?

    So, I have made quarts of lemon aide. I was hoping that the discards (rinds and pulp) would be useful – - – -besides using it as a dishwasher cleaner.

    Have any other suggestions? Can I use the pulp to keep away any varments, bugs, birds, or the like?

    And, if I added to the earth around my plantings, would it be helpful?

  51. Frank, grate the lemon and orange rinds and toss it on your salad, cook it in your baked goods, sprinkle it on your hot cereal – you get the idea. Of course, it will feed the garden. Many insects shy away from the lemon fragrance.

    Thanks for reading.

  52. Hi. I am doing a school project on natural pesticides on ants. I am wanting to know why the ants do not like lemons.

  53. Julia, many gardeners have learned that certain flowers in their gardens help to keep out the bad pests and others help to draw the good pests. I wrote another article about that. The reason to my understanding is the fragrance. Many insects and animals dislike strong odors.

    Also look into bay leaf, borax, chalk, cinnamon, dry mustard, flour, oranges, peppers, petrolem jelly, sage, salt, talcum powder, vinegar and whole cloves. This list was found in Reader’s Digest Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things.

    Good luck with your school project. Natural is best.

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