Keep Glassware From Breaking in the Dishwasher

After searching long and hard I finally found a product that keeps items secure in the dishwasher trays. No more broken dishes.

No matter how much they improve dishwashers, the design of the racks never keeps up with my need to be able to toss the dishes in quickly and still feel assured that the glassware won’t get dislodged and clank around and maybe break. Glass or even plastic may not crack or chip the first time, but every time it gets knocked, it is setting itself up for breaking down the road a piece.

Accordingly, I have bought and tried just about every kind of dishwasher accessory available, with very minimal success until now. An eternal optimist, however, I kept searching for new gadgets, and finally hit the jackpot.

A bag of dishwasher loops which have yellow plastic hooks on either end of what looks like an ordinary rubber band, were sitting in a scratch and dent bin at our local supermarket not long ago, when I came to a screeching halt to see what was being sold for 50 cents. Rubber bands? My first thought was that no way would rubber bands hold up in the dishwasher. Maybe they are made of something else and just look like rubber bands. Into my shopping cart they went.

It isn’t rocket science to use these bands. You just hook each end on a different wire of your dishwasher basket and place a glass or other lightweight item securely under one of the bands where it will stay firmly in place through all of your dishwasher cycles.

After testing this product out long enough to feel comfortable in knowing the bands wouldn’t come unhooked, deteriorate in a short time, or snap and break, I went on a serious seach to find out where to buy more of these puppies. They weren’t there the last time I looked, but now is selling them, as are and a handful of other online sellers. The loops are packaged in sets of two, averaging $2 or $3 a pair online, plus shipping. The bill thrill, however, came yesterday when we stumbled across them at our local Dollar Tree, where nothing costs more than a buck. I bought 6 packages, as we have more than one dishwasher.

The only manufacturer I have found for this type of product is Hold It Products in Walled Lake, MI, and they call their item the Band-It Dishwasher Loop.

Disadvantages of this gadget? I hate to mention any, considering that at the moment it seems to have no competition whatsover, but if there were a way that the length of the bands could be adjusted by retracting into some sort of protective gizmo, that would be icing on the cake.

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  1. I love those things. I always had trouble with my plastics flipping and filling with water but with these bands, no problem anymore. The bands do eventually break down but I think I had mine for a year before that happened. Now I am on the hunt to find more and sure missing them until I do.

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