How to Wash a Cashmere Sweater

A cashmere sweater can be an expensive investment so you want to take care of it. Dry cleaning can be expensive and can destroy the fabric over time. Here’s how to wash a cashmere sweater at home.

Have you recently purchased a new cashmere sweater? If so, you know how much these sweaters can cost. You don’t want to spend a fortune sending it to the cleaners every time it becomes dirty. Plus, the chemicals used in dry cleaning can gradually degrade the fibers of your beautiful sweater, shortening its lifespan. The ideal situation is to be able to use the less expensive alternative of washing your cashmere sweater at home. Fortunately, this is a viable option and it’s actually better for the health of your sweater’s fabric. Here’s how to wash a cashmere sweater at home:

Prepare to wash your cashmere sweater

First check your cashmere sweater to make sure there aren’t any trims or decorative elements that require dry cleaning. If not, your cashmere sweater should be a candidate for washing at home.

Choose an appropriate detergent.

To wash a cashmere sweater, you should choose a mild detergent designed for fine fabrics. A less expensive alternative that will also work is baby shampoo. Never use harsh detergents to wash a cashmere sweater.

Prepare your detergent and water.

Fill a sink with lukewarm water and add small amount of mild detergent or baby shampoo to the basin. Move your hands around to make sure the detergent is evenly distributed throughout the water.

Wash your cashmere sweater.

Lower your cashmere sweater into the water and gently swish it around while very lightly squeeze the sweater to distribute the detergent solution throughout its fibers. Don’t be too vigorous with your motions to avoid damaging the structure of your sweater.

Allow your sweater to soak.

Leave your sweater in the detergent solution for fifteen minutes.

Rinse your cashmere sweater.

After fifteen minutes has elapsed, drain the water from the sink and rinse the sweater with warm water from the faucet. It’s okay to lightly press the sweater to help remove the soap when rinsing. Never pull on or twist your sweater when rinsing.

Dry your sweater.

Once your cashmere sweater is free of soap, gently lift it from the sink and lay it flat on a towel. To remove any excess water, roll the sweater up in the towel and press gently. Allow your cashmere sweater to remain flat on a bath towel until dry. Avoid hanging your sweater since it can cause the fabric to stretch.

Try to avoid washing your cashmere sweaters more frequently than is necessary to help preserve the fabric. By washing your cashmere sweaters at home, you can save on your dry cleaning bills while prolonging the life of your new sweater. Plus, it’ll have a softer feel and a more pleasant smell than it would if you had it cleaned at the dry cleaners. Why not give it a try?

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