How to Erase Water Marks on Wood Furniture

I was caught once, and now, never again. My grandpa showed me how to get rid of the circular water marks my potted plants leave on wooden shelves and steps.

When I first started working at Andyne, part of my new job was the care and watering of about two dozen tropical plants in the boardroom. In my first week, I had no idea that the new plants’ pots still needed bottoms… When I moved the moist plants to prep for a meeting that afternoon, I noticed that my earlier negligence had left behind seven or eight very noticeable watermarks on this enormous antique wood table… Oh no.

Fortunately Malcolm was handy. This guy always seems to keep an eye on me.

Malcolm, as usual, knew exactly what to do. He used shaving cream. From his desk drawer he produced a travel’s shave kit and followed me into the boardroom. Malcolm sprayed his generic brand white shaving foam all over the stains on the surface of the table. He waited for about five minutes before he scooped it all off and wiping it down with a damp cloth – now only the “water-rings” remained.

Malcolm looked up at me and said only “In the kitchen area, there is a jar of real mayonnaise, do not bring the Miracle Whip. And another cloth if you can find one…”

I walked briskly through the office and passed several directors mingling before the meeting in the boardroom. When I returned to Malcolm I watched in fascination as he spread a dab of the white sauce all over the water “ring marks” on the wood. When Malcolm wiped that mess away you couldn’t even tell where the water rings had been – and the magnificent oak table had a very impressive shine.

Malcolm and I finished the job with lemon pledge and the room smelled delicious as the Andyne company’s directors filed in for their meeting.

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