HOW to Eliminate THE Stain Clothes


A. Turmeric stains

Deh difficult if we eat the soup or keciprat then spilled on clothes, especially if the sauce is like curry or turmeric pake opportunistic because it is usually difficult ngilanginnya.

If the stain has just got so quickly scrubbed with soap and then dry in the sun to dry then washed again until clean. If the stain has long been attached to the subject rubbing the stain with water and drying whiting to dry freshly washed until clean. Turmeric stain may not disappear at once and still seem vague, the washing can be repeated in the same way until it is completely clean. Good luck.

2. Oil stains

Wash clothes soiled with oil shampoo. Then rinse with plain water. In the blink of an oil stain is gone.

3. Fat stains

Place the cloth over the ugly clothes ironed and fat stains. Furthermore cepet fast-washed with hot water and lathered.

4. Ink blot

Clothes that get ink soaked with water first. Then rub with lemon and whiting (Java = injet). Subsequently washed with warm water and soap.

5. Stain fungi

Mildew stains on clothing (java = endok kremak) can be eliminated by using a solution of vinegar. Rub in the mold with the solution, repeated several times. After it soaked with hot soapy water and wash as usual.

6. Stains on underwear

Nyebutinnya difficult because I do not know what the name suggests. To be sure this is usually experienced by women, perhaps because the active operations of nature to or is already so. soak / wet stained panties first then brush or rubbing the stained / spots with the rest of the little soap that has been washed / kucek as usual. Could you use soap that is still used, but unfortunately it anyways wasteful, mending the remaining life of a small soap that has not let go to waste. In addition to underwear, in the same way the rest of the soap can also be to remove stubborn stains on his shirt collar.

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