How to Create a Farmhouse Style Kitchen

A farmhouse style kitchen revives memories of simpler times when the family gathered in a warm, cozy kitchen to rehash the events of the day. The good news is you can create your own country kitchen with a few decorating tips.

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen you want the space to be friendly and inviting. A sparse, minimalistic kitchen just doesn’t create the warm and cozy feeling you get when you gather in a farmhouse style kitchen. A farmhouse style kitchen conjures up warm memories of the past when times were simpler but you’ll still have modern day appliances and conveniences to make your life easier. It’s the best of both worlds. Here are some ideas for farmhouse kitchen designs:

Add Farmhouse Character to your Walls

One way to give your walls a farmhouse flair is to sponge paint the walls of your kitchen to give the look of old enamelware. To do this, apply a base coat in a white or cream shade and allow it to dry. Choose a shade for your sponged walls. Mix one part of your chosen latex paint color shade with one part latex glaze. Use a damp sponge to lightly pounce the surface of your walls to create a spongeware design. Other ideas for giving your walls a farmhouse look is to use country themed wall paper borders or stencil a quaint border.

Accessories your Walls

A farmhouse style kitchen needs character and one way to get is to add farm accessories to the walls. You can do this by hanging old fashioned, weathered wood signs, vintage pots and pans, frames holding old farm recipes. You can also hang, old vintage spice hooks and iron hooks on the walls to add interest.

Don’t Forget the Floors

A beautiful braided rug provides a cozy accent for old farmhouse kitchens. You can also add floor mats in country colors or rag rugs to add character to your farmhouse style kitchen. Strategically placed gingham patterned floor mats can play up the vintage farmhouse look you’re trying to achieve.

Add some Furniture

Strong, sturdy pine pieces in the form of tables and chairs can add character to an old farmhouse kitchen. Country cabinets for displaying farmhouse collectibles add a nice touch if you have sufficient room. Before paying a fortune for pine furniture for your kitchen, check local yard and estate sales and see if you can find some inexpensive pieces you can refinish.

Accessories your windows.

How about adding some curtain swags in a country colored plaid pattern? You can also use country colored curtain valences to give your windows that farmhouse country look. Hopefully the sun will shine brightly through your country decorated windows making your country kitchen warm and homey.

Other Accessories

Some other ways to accessories your farmhouse style kitchen is to decorate with country style plaid tablecloths or place mats or even placemats with a farm animal theme such as a rooster.This can be played up with rooster salt and pepper shakers or plates with a farm animal design imprinted on them. Groups of vintage cookbooks prominently displayed on shelves add an old fashioned touch to a farmhouse kitchen design. Don’t forget about placing a hanging pot rack on the ceiling to hold vintage cookware.

The possibilities for creating a warm farmhouse style kitchen are endless. You spend the weekends searching yard and garage sales for unique pieces to give your old farmhouse kitchen character. Then you can enjoy inviting friends to share a cup of tea with you in your cozy new quarters.

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  2. I love farmhouse kitchens, they just make me want to bake!

    I have added a wonderful oilcloth on my kitchen table, it has large faded roses, and instantly feel country kitchen

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