How I Paid Just $36.00 for $800 Worth of Downey, Tide, Dawn, and Other P&g Products

That’s right, I actually just paid 36.00 for almost $800.00 dollars worth of P&G products.

I’ve watched TLC‘s “Extreme Couponing” religiously for the last few years, and I’ve been making my best attempt to emulate the show’s couponers for some time, but I’ve never even come close to the 95%-100% savings that most of the show‘s couponers have enjoyed.  I’d take my coupon binder to Wal-Mart full of coupons. I’d ad match items for the lowest possible price. Yet, despite all my efforts, I’d pay some portion for everything I bought. Sure, I’d save a $40.00 or $50.00 dollars with the coupons alone, but free items were few and far between.

So how do TLC’s extreme couponers do it?

I can’t speak for all the show’s couponers, but one couponer in particular, Jamie Kirlew, was filmed using coupon family codes. For those unfamiliar with coupon family codes, these are the bar codes on the coupons that correlate with one or more product’s bar code. So the “family code” means that often multiple products will have the same bar code; for example, Crest White Strips, a Proctor & Gamble product that cost anywhere from $18.00 to $40.00 has the same bar code as Dawn dishwashing liquid, a Proctor & Gamble product that may cost anywhere from .99 cents to a few dollars.  So, a coupon for the higher costing strips is commonly a $7.00 – $10.00 and a lower valued Dawn coupon is commonly no more than .50 cents.

However, as Jamie discovered, the register at some stores only ensures that a product with the coupon’s code has been purchased, not whether or not the product specified on the coupon has been bought.

Jamie decoded the UPC’s on various products and used higher valued coupons for cheaper products with the same barcode. An example was seen when she purchased .99 cent Pillsbury dinner rolls using .50 cent Pillsbury French Bread coupons that doubled to a dollar, making the much cheaper dinner rolls free. Whereas, a typical coupon for Pillsbury dinner rolls would be .25 to .40 cents off two or three packages. Jamie continued the same coupon family strategy for individual Yoplait yogurts verses a multi-pack box of Yoplait, General Mills cereal, lunch meat, and so on.

Again, I’m not making an allegation that all the show’s couponers use this strategy, but film documentation proves this is how extreme couponer Jamie was able to get her groceries for near nothing.   Many have called this fraud, as it clearly indicates on most coupons that the specified product, in the specified amount and size, must be purchased for the coupon to be valid.

This brings me to my savings.

I noticed that shoppers at my local Winn Dixie grocery store had buggy loads of expensive Bounty paper towels, Charmin toilet paper, Oil of Olay soap, Cascade dishwashing supplies, and so on. When I say buggy loads, I’m talking about cases… to the point some people were pushing a second and third buggy! I’m an avid couponer, but even with the rare 2.00 off Bounty coupon, each package would have still cost 11.99 each.

After a little probing, I discovered that the store was knowingly and willingly allowing customers to use any Proctor and Gamble (P&G) coupon on any item so long as the barcodes from the coupon corresponded with the product being purchased. In other words, a coupon with a 3700 barcode for $10.00 off a box of $45.00 Align could be used on any other product with a 3700 barcode – Bounty (13.99), Cascade (5.99), Downey ($4.99), Bounce ($4.99) Febreeze Air Effects (2.99), Febreeze candles ($5.99), Charmin, Oil of Olay soap ($5.99), and so on. Using the higher value coupon for products like Align and Crest White Strips allowed the shoppers to not only get the item free, but make an overage to apply toward other products.

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  1. Very interesting information – I have not followed this show, but I have wondered how a legal and ethical use of coupons could result in such huge savings. I did not know that bar code numbers are duplicated – although I have heard that bar codes are in process of being replaced with a new system.

  2. nice share

  3. well written

  4. You’re a smart consumer.

  5. Shazam!!!! I was a little skeptical, but the receipts do all the talking.

  6. How do I find out if this will work in my area?- just call various stores, perhaps?

  7. You definitely got my attention Jo. I am going give this another read to make sure I get all the details. Thanks for sharing and God Bless. Chris

  8. very interest

  9. My problem is around here off brands are much cheaper than name brands so the coupons don’t save me much of anything although we do a lot of those buy $25.00 and get $5.00 off and figure we save close to $150.00 a year. Which while not extreme definitely helps.

  10. You do know this is coupon fraud and you can go to jail for this! Omg! And to post it for the world to know what you’re doing … Wow. Just. Wow. There are ways to get high savings and do it legally. I’ve been doing it for years.
    I’m sorry you feel the need to commit fraud and brag about it!

  11. I hardly doubt that P&G is on board with fraudulent coupon use. This is exactly why they are moving to the new barcode system so that family codes go bye bye and people will have a harder time committing fraud because they will not go through.

  12. Wow. It makes me very sad that anyone would knowingly advocate fraud. Jaime Kirlew is a joke and a fraud to the ethical couponing community, but sadly she gets away with what she does, and teaches it to others.
    Whether or not the store approves misuse is beside the point…any ethical couponer would walk away in a heartbeat. And I seriously doubt Winn-Dixie called P&G and got approval for this activity. Maybe you should ask P&G and see what they tell you? Coupons are only intended for the item listed on the coupon. Just because a Crest Whitestrips q works on Dawn doesn’t mean it’s OK to do so. There are limits in the current coding system that allow the coupon to seemingly work, but that doesn’t make it proper usage. Sadly, the manufacturers don’t crack down on this sort of usage, and frankly, it would be difficult for them to do so, because they can’t see what a a customer bought in a particular transaction. As long as WD is buying 100 Whitestrips kits, they can turn in 100 Whitestrips coupons, even if those coupons were really used on Tide or Dawn or Bounty. The new barcoding system that is currently being rolled out will supposedly curtail most of these activities, so enjoy your ill gotten gains while you can.
    I have plenty of free paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, etc, and I didn’t have to misuse coupons to get them. Ethical couponers will survive the barcode change just fine…will you?

  13. I say if your store is okay with it, then go for it. A friend of mine actually had a CVS store that allowed those coupons as well. They also accepted the more expensive olay brand coupons to be used on cheaper olay products.

    The stores will get reimbursed for the coupons amount plus .08 for each coupon, so they are happy. Plus, it will boost sales for them.

  14. This is disgusting and you should be ashamed.

  15. Stores actually lose more money than they make on coupons in many cases, due to all sorts of fraudulent activity. Accepting coupons on the wrong product is one of them.

    I found out a year or so ago that my CVS store was condoning such activity as well. Then Loss Prevention came in and fired everyone and coupon rules tightened. I didn’t know that store had been so lenient in its rules, since I play by the real rules…what I noticed was the change in staff. So…go ahead and play lose and free, even with the store’s permission. Corporate is watching and taking notes…

  16. Hey J, you should try this when the p & g inserts come out just buy 20 sunday papers sell the inserts to winn-dixie for 20.00 a piece make 400.00 profit!!!!!

  17. What’s pathetic is that there is NO NEED to be fraudulent. You can get tons of free stuff by playing by the rules. You’re just lazy.

  18. Congrats on condoning fraud. I’ve copied and pasted this “article” into an email and sent it off to P&G. If you think they don’t care about these types of fraud, you are sadly mistaken. Enjoy your free ride…it’s about to come to a screeching halt.

  19. Guys, CALM DOWN Please. I totally understand your frustration with J’amie and her lot but before you go bashing the author of this article and his/her reputation, did you ever think of communicating with them privately and finding out if they would retract this article and denounce what was written.

    I myself fell prey to this tactic a few years ago when I was a newbie and some employees of a two national stores showed me how it worked. At first I was so excited but then after doing a little digging of my own that I realized it that no matter what the employee or even the head store manager (as was the case at one of my stores) said it didn’t make it right.

    My point…. I completely agree we need to set the record straight about this not being legal but come on at least attempt to do it politely first.

  20. This is not legitimate and you are passing along bad information. You give couponers a bad name. The other stores won’t accept what you do because it is incorrect and fraudulent use of coupons.

  21. this is total coupon fraud.

  22. My anger is towards whoever is committing the coupon fraud. and this “author” should not be posting fraudulent activity.

  23. This is so bad. It’s people like you that make it difficult for us legit coupon users to shop. I am so tired of being held up by cashiers scrutinizing every coupon like I am a common criminal. This is the kind of stuff ruins it for all of us. Shame on you!

  24. Do you have proof that P&G approves this?? According to the coupon information center, this type of couponing is fraud similar to shoplifting. I would make sure to get proof in writing from P&G before doing this!!!

  25. But you will be the one held responsible for commiting fraud. It punishable with fines up to $200,000 and jail time. You get in trouble, not the store employee.

  26. Great idea..

  27. Wow. Nothing better to do with your time??

    Kinda reminds me of a kindergarten class snitching on the other students.

  28. From a financial/couponing point of view, you should advocate *legal* uses of coupons to save 50-70% each time you shop for years and years, rather than flaunt fraudulent use that saves you 90-100% until your advocacy causes others to mimic this behavior and the whole system crashes down because stores put more restraints on couponing.

  29. Diane, She is posting to people how to commit coupon fraud. If this article was telling people how to shoplift or how to make fake money would you be defending her too?

    Her ethics are in the toilet, that is no ones fault but her own.

    And for anyone wondering do the manufactures actually notice? P&G is actually one of the top manufactures that do audits LOL..and Walgreens just got hit with a huge audit by a manufacture and is getting sued. So yup they do.

  30. Thank you for a well written and perfect documentery that intelligent people make the best thieves. Now I understand why more and more grocery stores are setting limits on perfectly legal coupon, which makes it difficult for those of us that aren’t interested in committing fraud. I pity you, if you are actually ignorant; but really, shouldn’t you have done your research before starting to use coupons?

  31. The whole time I’m reading this article, I can’t get the tune “If I Only Had a Brain” out of my head.

  32. The whole time I\’m reading this article, I can\’t get the tune \”If I Only Had a Brain\” out of my head.

  33. The whole time I\\\’m reading this article, I can\\\’t get the tune \\\”If I Only Had a Brain\\\” out of my head.

  34. Thank you all for the comments and contributing to the conversation. However, I would urge those accusing me of coupon fraud to read the article again. As I mentioned, I’ve been couponing for years and have always used my coupons according to both manufacturer’s and retailer’s policy. In this case, however, the store, WinnDixie, had P&G’s approval to take the coupons under the conditions that the barcode for x product matched the barcode of the coupon. I did not contact P&G to confirm this, but feel comfortable that the manager of Winn would’nt be taking coupons that he (the store) would’nt get paid for as coupons clearly state that they (the store) will not be paid when a coupon int used per the terms & conditions (size, amount, etc). In any event, fraud is what Jamie did…using a loophole in how a store’s register reads coupon codes to trick a store into taking a coupon. There was not any tricks involved here.

  35. No tricks, but the fraud is exactly the same. Using coupons on incorrect items. Most likely your store is part of the fraud and is bilking P&G. I can’t see a store manager calling and asking to use incorrect coupons, and have P&G agree to reimburse for items not bought. Use your head, your store manager is wrong to tell you this is ok, and isn’t any different than Jamie. You should know better, even if your store doesn’t.

  36. What is everyone so upset about the article says thestore is allrigjt with what the author is doing. All the stores I shop at are real particular about how a couponn is used cause they wont get pd if they didnt actually sell the item on the couponnn. So I just dont see winndixie doing this if they dodnt have an okay from proctor.

  37. J do you use a clipping service, buy inserts, or otherwise get buy coupons?

  38. I guess that would account for you having to post the same idiotic statement three times,aye? If only_

  39. Nice-now my interest in coupons just went up a few mega notches..

  40. LOL. The “trick” is using the a coupon on a wrong item… so YES you did use “tricks” and those “tricks” are illegal. Your store manager will likely be fired and lawsuits will be brought for both them and you.

  41. I’ve found a better trick that doesn’t even require clipping coupons. You can take merchandise, and instead of putting it in your shopping cart, put it under a heavy coat. Nobody notices, and the manager doesn’t seem to care. You can walk right out of the store!

  42. Jo – just because your store’s manager is uninformed, does not mean you should capitalize on his mistake, especially when it is fraud. As mentioned in other comments, similar stores have allowed egregious coupon fraud to take place, and people have lost their jobs, let alone encourage more stores to adhere to stricter coupon-use policy. It doesn’t take long before companies realize that the number of high-dollar coupons submitted by stores do not match the number of high-value products that store has sold during the same time period.

    And then *blogging* about it to encourage others to do the same seems almost as irresponsible as the act of fraud itself. (and I’d be curious if encouraging fraud would put you in future legal jeopardy, as web page caches are kept for years….)

  43. Can I put two of the same items under my ooat or do I have to make two trips?

  44. I work in a uk supermarket and we have to check the coupon against the products on the till screen. This is to ensure the product the coupon is for has been purchased.

  45. Well, the not so good news is that you’ve posted receipts that indicate the store location and transaction number (I’m sure many a screen shot has been taken by now).

    It’s pretty obvious that this store’s manager knows that a coupon audit is highly unlikely and he/she is padding sales by allowing and encouraging this type of fraudulent coupon use.

  46. This Is Fraud & Illegal!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Store Details
    Columbia Marketplace
    771 Us. Hwy. 98
    Columbia, Mississippi 39429
    Phone: 601-736-0551

  48. As an ethical couponer, I have a HUGE problem with this. No store I shop at would allow this to happen as it is clearly FRAUD. Unless the store is accepting all the coupons and taking an extreme loss??? Coupons state that for reimbursement, the store must have adequate stock in that item. In other words, they cannot sell 100 packages of Crest Whitestrips if they don’t have them in stock. It’s not rocket science. If the store was actually allowing this, they are taking a HUGE risk. I wouldn’t recommend this activity for any couponer, much less a newbie. Be careful who you listen to….:(

  49. ROFL “Want to be Wise ” you just made me laugh so hard. :-)

    I run a LEGIT coupon site and am appauled by the people who BRAG about being a fraud.

  50. The store is committing fraud. You are committing fraud .

    If the manager is walking around taking product to his car without ringing it up and then comes to you and says go ahead take items to your car without paying, would you follow his lead?.

    Would you use your same logic to “knowingly” steal product without ringing it up?

    Just because a store or manager is saying that its okay to do, doesnt mean its okay.

    Read your article. You are basically saying its okay and a free for all a long as your store says okay.

    That is not true for any store, even the uninformed stores.

    Many store managers and cashiers are unaware how coupons are used and how redemption works.

    Go to the link someone posted above and read where P&G themselves have stated this type of coupon abuse is fraud.

    If a manager or a store gives the okay to abuse, its still not okay to abuse.

    Its definitely not okay to “brag” or boast about committing fraud either.

    Please remove this article. You have given false information to your readers. Based on several posts here, some are willing to follow your fraudulent logic and abuse coupons as well.

    If this isn’t enough for you to pull this article then consider what many of us will do with this info that you gave.

    I know half of the bloggers here have reported J’aime Kirlew. I am one of them. We contacted P&G, and many several chain stores. By providing your receipt you gave us enough info to track your store down and report them as well.

    We were able to save all of J’aime’s fraudulent Target How-To videos and report them to the authorities.

    While J’aime isn’t in jail, we do know that many stores are watching her every move as well as P&G, and the authorities are currently putting a case together on her.

    The industry itself has made several changes to coupon terms as well as the new barcode changes because of this type of abuse.

    Do some research and get your facts straight before posting about how to abuse coupons and commit fraud.

  51. I came upon an article not too long ago that I think has some pretty relevant points to add to this debate:

    “One of the main problems that I encounter with couponing and ad matching is that the store’s employees often don’t know the store policy.”

    “The bottom line is that it’s up to you, the thrifty saver, to know your store’s policy on coupons, ad matching, rewards, discounts, and the alike. This is the only way that you can ensure that you are not only getting all you can with your saving methods, but abiding by the store’s policy so that they will and can continue offering such saving portals.”

    “If your store is a large chain market, then they should have an internet site and a tab for their policy on coupons, price guarantees, and other potential portals for savings.”

    “So read carefully, and do abide by the rules so that the store won’t decide that irate, cheating customers aren’t worth the trouble that comes with accepting coupons.”

    by Jo Oliver in Issues, December 14, 2011

    So a month ago, the author/OP showed their intelligence and knowledge of couponing practices and procedures, They acknowledged store level employees may not always be as knowledgeable and informed as they should be. They acknowledged the responsibility is on the couponer to know the rules and follow them. They point out large chains (like say, Winn-Dixie) should have corporate policies and couponer should seek the information directly from the top. They realize that not following the rules of coupons isn’t worth “the trouble” that breaking the rules brings.

    So Jo, I ask you. What changed from a month ago that makes you now feel all your previous (great) points are no longer valid? Or is it those points only apply when the stores are abusing/misusing the system to your DISADVANAGE; and when they turn a blind eye or abuse/misuse the system in a way that suits you, then ignoring the rules is suddenly ok?

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If it sounds like en employee/manager is making stuff up on the spot, go up the chain of command until someone with reading comprehension hears the situation and sets the record straight in a logical manner (like you did in your wal-mart price matching post when the CSM clearly didn’t want to follow the rules…). Maybe before you do such a odd sounding thing like using a crest coupon to purchase dish soap (and definitely before you post it on the internet for all to read and copy), you double check the story this manager fed you by contacting the WD chain of command. Or reach out to P&G and find out what brought about the complete 180 they supposedly pulled on their previously strict reading of coupon wording and where you can find it in writing so you can do the same at other stores.

    The bottom line is you got mixed up in a fraudulent situation, and got caught up in the excitement of it all, and now have to face the music that what you did was wrong. The right thing to do would be contact WD to point it out before they lose their shirts over this, donate your ill gotten gains to charity, and rewrite this story as a warning about coupon fraud and how to avoid following your footsteps so others may think twice and commit fraud just because someone told them it was ok.

    I’m very eager to hear your response and how you can justify these two clearly contradictory posts and methods, as well as what you plan to do about it in the future.

    And to the commenters who suggest contacting the author privately about the story rather than publicly in the comments: perhaps the author should have contacted the companies involved privately before publicly showcasing how to abuse their systems and defraud them.

  52. I came upon an article not too long ago that I think has some pretty relevant points to add to this debate:

    “One of the main problems that I encounter with couponing and ad matching is that the store’s employees often don’t know the store policy.”

    “The bottom line is that it’s up to you, the thrifty saver, to know your store’s policy on coupons, ad matching, rewards, discounts, and the alike. This is the only way that you can ensure that you are not only getting all you can with your saving methods, but abiding by the store’s policy so that they will and can continue offering such saving portals.”

    “If your store is a large chain market, then they should have an internet site and a tab for their policy on coupons, price guarantees, and other potential portals for savings.”

    “So read carefully, and do abide by the rules so that the store won’t decide that irate, cheating customers aren’t worth the trouble that comes with accepting coupons.”

    by Jo Oliver in Issues, December 14, 2011

    So a month ago, the author/OP showed their intelligence and knowledge of couponing practices and procedures, They acknowledged store level employees may not always be as knowledgeable and informed as they should be. They acknowledged the responsibility is on the couponer to know the rules and follow them. They point out large chains (like say, Winn-Dixie) should have corporate policies and couponer should seek the information directly from the top. They realize that not following the rules of coupons isn”t worth “the trouble” that breaking the rules brings.

    So Jo, I ask you. What changed from a month ago that makes you now feel all your previous (great) points are no longer valid? Or is it those points only apply when the stores are abusing/misusing the system to your DISADVANAGE; and when they turn a blind eye or abuse/misuse the system in a way that suits you, then ignoring the rules is suddenly ok?

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If it sounds like en employee/manager is making stuff up on the spot, go up the chain of command until someone with reading comprehension hears the situation and sets the record straight in a logical manner (like you did in your wal-mart price matching post when the CSM clearly didn’t want to follow the rules…). Maybe before you do such a odd sounding thing like using a crest coupon to purchase dish soap (and definitely before you post it on the internet for all to read and copy), you double check the story this manager fed you by contacting the WD chain of command. Or reach out to P&G and find out what brought about the complete 180 they supposedly pulled on their previously strict reading of coupon wording and where you can find it in writing so you can do the same at other stores.

    The bottom line is you got mixed up in a fraudulent situation, and got caught up in the excitement of it all, and now have to face the music that what you did was wrong. The right thing to do would be contact WD to point it out before they lose their shirts over this, donate your ill gotten gains to charity, and rewrite this story as a warning about coupon fraud and how to avoid following your footsteps so others may think twice and commit fraud just because someone told them it was ok.

    I’m very eager to hear your response and how you can justify these two clearly contradictory posts and methods, as well as what you plan to do about it in the future.

    And to the commenters who suggest contacting the author privately about the story rather than publicly in the comments: perhaps the author should have contacted the companies involved privately before publicly showcasing how to abuse their systems and defraud them.

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  54. sorry for double post, got an error saying posting failed, so I tried again.

  55. This is why stores are cracking down so much on coupon use and manufacturers are switching to a new barcode system and lowering coupon values! Please pull this down and teach people have to use coupons properly instead of spreading coupon fraud!

  56. There is NO way that P&G approved this. Sorry but NO WAY IN HADES. They’re very proactive in regards to coupons. They are so strict — they don’t even offer printable coupons. What you’re doing is fraud – whether WinDixie allows or not, is not the point. Again I flat out do NOT believe that P&G authorized this. I am sending this article to P&G so they can see that people are stealing from them by engaging in coupon fraud. Jail’me Kirlew is the bottom of the barrel – I can NOT believe that people actually admit to illegal activities and post about them online. People DO get charged with coupon fraud – it is fraud, theft, “under-ringing”..

    You may not go to jail but you’ll be spending a fortune on lawyers and court costs/fines, etc — if they decide to indict you.. SHAME ON YOU for engaging in this illegal theft ring.. and for encouraging others to do so..

  57. A coupon is a legal binding contract. When you use it, you’re agreeing to the fine print. Coupon decoding, which is what you’re describing here (e.g. using a coupon on a product not included in the coupon text), is illegal regardless of if the coupon scans or not. A little elderly woman in my neighborhood was buying a ton of regular Cheerios using a high-value coupon for Honey-Nut Cheerios. That’s just one example, but she was doing other similar coupon decoding to get products free or cheap. It’s the responsibility of the couponer to make sure they are following the contract they are agreeing to. She was taken to court and escaped jail time (which could have been up to 5 years), but did get a $5,000 fine.

    Basically, it’s like using counterfeit money to pay for your purchase. The cashier may not notice, but does that make it right or legal?

    Here’s an article from the CIC, who hasn’t lost a case in 60 years and are the police of coupons. They are the people who will be filing the case against you if you get on their radar, so what they say matters a lot.

    They say:

    “Miller further noted, ”CIC receives numerous questions from retailers, consumers and even academics on a daily basis and have found that many of them have been misinformed about the basics of couponing, including some fundamental issues such as coupon decoding and the unauthorized sale of coupons.”

    And in their new guidelines, they clearly state this:

    “Coupon Decoding. Each coupon is a contract and should be used only for the item described in writing on the coupon itself. Using a coupon for any product other than the one intended is a type of fraud similar to shoplifting.”


    If you want to brag about your experience with coupon decoding, that’s up to you. But I do think you should include a disclaimer on the article saying that use of coupons in this manner could result in a fine or jail time, just so people are aware. As a writer, you have a responsibility to share all the facts and consequences with your readers, so they are well informed and can make educated decisions about their own actions.

  58. By the way, just because a store or cashier allows you to engage in coupon fraud – does not mean you should. You’re supposed to abide by the terms and conditions of the coupon — and it clearly states — any other uses constitute as fraud. P&G did NOT approve this – I can guarantee it.. So if they decide to pursue this matter in the courts and get their money back and/or place a criminal complaint against someone — the person passing off the coupons for the wrong items (IE person committing coupon fraud) will be the one who gets busted.

    If you pass off a fraudulent check or use someone else’s credit card who you’re not authorized to us… YOU are the one who gets in trouble. You’re the one committing the coupon fraud.

    If P&G wanted to give away their products for free and allow people to use $10 coupons on the items, then they wouldn’t have wasted time writing the restrictions on the coupons and wasted the ink…

    Do you realize how much money this would cost them if everyone buying Bounty or Tide used $10 white strips coupons to purchase them? Or even worse – you said that the overages paid for your grocery items.. Do you think P&G really wants to pay for all your groceries in addition to giving you their products for free?

    Come on.. use some common sense.. What you’re doing is not only immoral and shows you have major character flaws — but it is ILLEGAL…

  59. Whether the store is OK with it or not, it is still wrong.

  60. J, it’s only fraud if P&G does not know about it. Do you have any proof that P&G does’nt?My WinnDixie could not even get the products out of the boxes and on the shelves. The store just started rolling the boxes out, and they were gone in 30 seconds. I was waiting seven hours to get checked out. Furthermore, every Winn Dixie in Ms and La were doing this, meaning millions of “fraudulent” coupons. Considering WinnDixie is in the media hard and heavy from being bought by BiLo, I don’t think 50 plus managers would add fraud to thier resumes. I was told that P&G allowe Winn Dixie to do this to remove all the old barcodes from the stores. I tend to believe this all the Scope mouthwash, for example, was sold out with the coUpons, but, when a new shipment of Scope arrived, these no longer had a 3700 barcode and were no longer part of the “use any coupon” thing. In any event, Im trusting that my store and all the others partcipating did in fact have P&G’s okay. On another note, a readee bring up a subject that most “honest” couponers dont like to talk about…coupon clipping services and the alike. Using such services is actually coupon fraud because the transfer, copy, selling, and buying of coupons is illegal, which is why I only use manu direct and newspaper coupons. I’ve seen hundreds of couponing sites barking about fraudulent use of coupons only to further down the page encourage couponers to use services like clipping, which is just as much fraud as knowingly using the coupons the wrong way. Hypocrisy at its best.

  61. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the products aren’t getting new barcodes…the coupons are

  62. Quote from the article
    “I do want to stress that both my store, Winn Dixie, and the distributor, P&G, are aware and willing participants in this extraordinary P&G coupon family swapping. As per usual protocol and despite Winn Dixie’s acceptance, my local Wal-Mart, Piggly Wiggly, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Kroger, etc.. will only accept coupons when congruent with the product and amount specified on the coupon.

    I have no idea why Winn Dixie and P&G are allowing this crazy, absurd amount of savings, but they are. Do check with your store to determine if they will allow this type of coupon transaction, as doing so without the store’s knowledge would indeed be fraud.”

    So you are saying that you contacted Proctor & Gamble and Winn Dixie corporate offices and they said that this was proper coupon usage? I find that highly unlikely. This is blatant coupon misuse and fraud. If this was how coupons were meant to be used it would work at all stores. I akin this to walking in picking up a wide screen TV and walking out of the store with it. Just because the security system did not sound and alarm does not mean you did not steal that TV.

    If the Crest Whitestrips coupon was meant to be used on Bounty then why would the coupon SAY right on the coupon that it was for Crest Whitestrips. If the manufacture wanted you to use their coupons on whatever product why go to the trouble of printing 20 coupons for each of their different products and not just issue a big fat coupon for $10 off any P&G product.

    This is fraud and it does hurt the coupon community at large. Anyone who says they started couponing when they saw Extreme Couponing and claim to be some sort of coupon expert are full of themselves. That show does not, has not and will not portray a realistic view of how couponing works. I have been couponing long before (and teaching others to save the right way on my website) that stupid show came out and I know for a fact that this article is wrong and the author is a theif who is bragging about stealing.

  63. This is fraudulent use of coupons… PERIOD. And the fact that you are sharing it with people makes it worse. Couponing rules at stores will continue to become more stringent because of this kind of misuse, so you are impacting everyone, including those of us who use coupons correctly. I agree with previous posters that there is NO WAY that P&G condoned this, and I’m certain based on your writing skills that you are intelligent enough to know this.
    This article should be pulled – posting instructions on fraudulently using coupons is ludicrous. Perhaps write a book on how to rob a bank and get away with it? As long as the bank employees are in on it and tell you it’s OK, it should be fine!

  64. Jo Oliver,

    Do you have PROOF in writing that P&G stated it was okay?

    Did you ask for written correspondence frome P&G before you went on your fraudulent shopping spree?

    It doesn’t matter if an entire region is doing so to clear shelves, it is still a fraudulent practice.

    If this was an IN STORE region wide promo and the stores did not send the coupons in for redemption then your article about your coupon experience can not be duplicated anywhere .

    Your article is flawed and you are not backing up your article with Proof from P&G by stating that they gave permission,

    Your article is going on hearsay based on what you witnessed and were told.

    There is not any proof that P&G gave permission for one store or entire region to redeem the coupons in this manner.

    To state that P&G gave permission is wrong, unless you have proof in writing that was the case in your situation.

    You cannot type here in the comments and state that you had permission from a manager to commit fraud and that its okay because P&G gave the store(s) permission.

    Please get your facts straight before posting that coupon abuse is okay with permissionand.

    Show us a Winn Dixie corporate letterhead with permission from P&G stating that its okay for their coupons to be used in this manner at that particular region.

    Until you can PROVE that this was approved by P&G then it is still coupon abuse and fraudulent activity by many stores.

  65. Jo and others,

    P&G does not support this behavior. It is sick that you think people support fraud and you are truly delusional. Here are the P&G policies regarding coupon redemption. In the first line, they clearly state you must purchase the BRAND & SIZE. Read on.

    I have sent a copy of this to P&G and your grocery headquarters to report your fraud.

  66. Steve, I thank you for the comment, and, as I said in this article, no one should do this without ensuring all involved are willing participantes. The manager of my local Winn Dixie has held hi position since I was a child -30 years. I\’ve never seen this done before, and trust his word when he says P&G is okay with what went on. I did call other Winn Dixie stores. The Winn Dixies in Poplarville, Ms; Hattiesburg, Ms; Laural, Ms; Gulfport, Ms; Slidell, La; Bogalousa, La; and so on all confirmed they had permission to do the \”coupon swapping.\” From my understanding, this was somerhing between Winn corp and P&G to clear out old barcodes.

  67. Jo, one does not need to provide proof they don’t allow it, you need proof that they do.

    That’s like telling bank teller to empty joe smith’s account and when they balk you start asking them “do you have proof that they aren’t allowing me to empty their account?”. No, they don’t. But you don’t have proof you’re supposed to do that either, and that’s more important…

    still waiting to hear how and why your opinions on couponers following the written rules for coupons has changed from your 12/11/11 article to this this one.

    you had several well written and helpful stories prior to this. Why you’re willing to let your reputation get destroyed over a couple hundred dollars worth of P&G products is beyond comprehension…

  68. The barcodes on the products aren’t changing so your theory doesn’t make any sense!

  69. Jo, Your bar-code theory is full of holes. The bar codes that are changing are the ones on the coupons not the codes on the products.

    Also your story is now flip flopping all over the place. All off a sudden the allowance of using the incorrect coupons has turned into a one-time special event to clear out merchandise that has old bar-codes. And now that the new bar-codes are on the products (they aren’t – you are lying) you cannot do this. So why the heck did you take the time to write a 2 page article on how to defraud the system for a one time special event that only happened in a couple towns in Mississippi and Louisiana (or just in the fragment of your imagination)?

  70. for what its worth – just got off the phone with 1-866-WINN-DIXIE. held for 15 minutes because first csr had no idea what was going on. ended up on conference with csr supervisor and loss prevention department. they had no idea what was going on and said theyll be looking into it today, but they sounded very concerned that it didn’t sound legit and that they knew nothing about it.

  71. This is fraud. P&G does not allow coupon coding nor do any other companies. Following Jaime Kirlew was your first mistake. Thanks for making it harder on the rest of us couponers by knowingly committing fraud.

  72. that is so wrong! ruins it for alot of people

  73. Hedi… The barcode on scope did change. It was 3700, but now it isnt. As to the other comments, I just sent an email to P&G to determine if they were indeed aware of Winn Dixie’s coupon thing. I will let readers know when I hear back from them. As i have said a dozen times now, I was simply sharing what happened here at my store. Ive let the readers now both in the article and comments to ensure both the store and manu are okay with any event of coupon swapping. I was told by multiple Winn Dixie stores that both they and P&G were fully aware. Btw the new scope barcode is 37440.

  74. As a blog owner, I am sick over this article. We, as a coupon community depend on those coupons to feed our family! People like this, who scam and cheat ruin it for all of us. You should be in jail beside Jail’me Kirlew.

    Did you not think about the response you would get? Your not only putting yourself at risk but now the store where you commited fraud.

    If you have any sense; You would delete this and write an apology. You STOLE over $1000 in merchandise plain and simple. There is no “legal” way this was done. You stole.

  75. The author is not guilty of coupon fraud when the store and manufacturer of the coupons is okay with the process. The author is using coupons to save for her family-not stealing. For all you so-called legal couponers: Have you checked out every store with whom you do business and use coupons? If not, they could be using you to defraud companies. Some of you need to get off your high-horse and be glad someone is auctually using and working at using coupons at a store that accepts this practice–instead of REALLY doing something dishonest-like defrauding the governemnt for food stamps, welfare,etc.The author should not write and apology–far from it. She should be commended.

  76. Decoding coupons is not only unethical, it’s extremely illegal. Keep it up and you’ll find out just how illegal. People who do this kind of thing make couponing hard on everyone. We can’t thank you enough. *insert sarcasm*

  77. People Warning, this is coupon fraud don’t do it. Seriously I don’t know where in the world this person thinks this is acceptable. Check with any store. The coupon specifies a certain product for a REASON. If they wanted you to get 5 off dawn they’d make it that way. By doing this sort of fraud you are hurting HONEST couponers and stores are cracking down on this BS. When it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Please do not attempt doing this

  78. Contact P&G and ask them if they’re ok with this. Bet I know the answer!!

  79. No she’s an unethical couponer using illegal couponing tactics which can get you in legal trouble if stores catch you.

  80. Congrats on stirring up some controversy. I suspect your Triond income will soar this month!

  81. Simply put, this person is committing coupon fraud. There’s no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it; and no one, no one, should be following her example. I hope this person is caught and jailed before she ruins it for the rest of us. As a matter of fact, this page is an admission of her guilt and the link to it can be forwarded to the proper authorities.

  82. Jo, I’ve been “hardcore couponing” for 10+ years. In the last 3 years I’ve noticed a steady decline in coupon values and deals and I blame it a lot on the coupon fraud taking place and instigated by people like you.

    “Coupon decoding” as it’s called, has taken place for years and years by *some* idiot couponers. Now that it has become more widely known due to articles like yours, YouTube videos etc manufacturers are being forced to change how they distribute coupons– new barcodes, shorter exp dates, lower values, limits on how many can be used in a transaction etc.

    PLEASE remove this article. You’re not only hurting yourself, you’re hurting everyone else who tries to save money clipping coupons and doing so honestly and with integrity.

  83. Not sure if my last comment “stuck…” I was commending you on stirring up controversy and increasing your Triond income this month. I look forward to seeing how this thread plays out. I am surprised such a show would still be on the air if they are promoting illegal practices.

  84. This page is clear-cut admission of coupon fraud and should be reported to the proper authorities.

  85. I’m sorry, but if the coupon says Dawn 20 ounce, it MEANS Dawn 20 ounce, not a trial size. Not only are you (and the stores themselves) cheating the store, but the companies that put out the coupons. These companies put out coupons to entice the consumer to buy the specified EXACT product on the coupon, not different size or product. Frankly, you should be ashamed of doing this. Be thankful you weren’t caught in the act. I have no idea of the penalties of coupon fraud, but the store may be banned from ever accepting coupons if everybody keeps doing that. It’s not fair to people like me who follow couponing to the exact. Maybe that’s why companies don’t send out high value coupons anymore.


    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  87. I agree 100%

  88. People like you just make me sick. I’m sure your moms happy she raised a thief.

  89. I have been couponing for over 3 years. It always makes me sick when I see people promoting anything like this. There is NO reason to do this. Couponing isn’t that hard anymore. there are plenty of websites that help you to find deals, coupons and use them in the right way.

    This is not something P&G condones and never will be. You can try to justify it in your mind all you want but it will never be true. It would be better at this point to take down the article, put up an apology, say you didn’t know what you were doing and leave it at that. many people have already contacted P&G about this and they have forwarded it on to the authorities to investigate the coupon fraud. many people will be out of jobs and policies will be changed as a result of this I am sure.

  90. Exercise some common sense people. This is coupon fraud and P&G is NOT on board with this. I contacted them to advise them of this post and received an email back that they are advising their Coupon Security Team. A manufacturer would never condone or advocate this practice.

  91. @Nan Spiers,

    what about the families of people that work at WD that may be out an income if/when P&G comes down, audits the stores and finds the fraud, refuses to reimburse WD so they end up firing the staff and managers?

    or the families of employees at P&G (who perhaps reimbursed before catching the fraud) who lose stock value (for 401k’s) or annual raises to cover the losses. There’s certainly not going to take it from the CEO’s bonuses or something like that.

    If the cashier said the secret service had ok’d the use of counterfeit bills at this store because they want to test something, would that make it ok to go home and scan your money? Just because they say P&G ok’d it doesn’t mean they did. Something this outrageous, get independent confirmation. it’s that simple.

    No, I don’t check to ensure my stores and their staff aren’t committing fraud because that’s not my concern. I used my coupons legitimately so I’m in the clear.

    SOMEONE somewhere is paying for all those “savings”. Just because it’s not your family doesn’t mean it’s not going to end up hurting someone or several someones.

    If I defraud you, or Winn-Dixie, or the government… it’s all fraud and all wrong. Cheating welfare isn’t worse than cheating a corporation, it’s all equally illegal.

  92. My nickel’s worth–I’m not even entirely convinced that this person did this. But boy, imagine what her adsense income is today! How many clicks is she getting over this? I bet she already has her apology post in queue and ready to post……….after she’s gotten thousands of hits.

  93. My nickel\’s worth–I\’m not even entirely convinced that this person did this. But boy, imagine what her adsense income is today! How many clicks is she getting over this? I bet she already has her apology post in queue and ready to post……….after she\’s gotten thousands of hits. Good idea, though, it worked!

  94. And a MLK quote to go with your story:

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

  95. Just let P&G know about your article. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say.

    Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us, loser.

  96. Want to be Wise – Thank you! Coupon fraud makes me a bit nuts, since it hurts us all. I needed a laugh.

    And, I think it depends on how big your coat is.

  97. by posting this is legit, you yourself are in danger of getting into trouble yourself. as of right now i am posting all your information to the \”coupoing police\” as i like to call the government position. good day, good luck, and thank you from the rest of us for being one who is making our lives harder. ENJOY.

  98. Seriously? I don’t care what your receipts say. I’m sure Jamie can produce receipts with her products, too. What you did is coupon fraud. Trying to justify it is pathetic. I can’t believe you would post online that you did that.

  99. I noticed in one of your comments that you mentioned that you contacted the store in Slidell, La. and that they confirmed to you that it was acceptable to do this.

    Well, I happen to live in Slidell and I shop at both of the Winn-Dixies here regularly. I just now contacted the store managers at both stores just to see what they would tell me and they had absolutely no idea, whatsoever, what you are talking about.

    Telling lies to cover up your illegal activities, what a shocker.

  100. I would simply ask the following question: If your store manager said it was ok to steal, would you?

  101. You are disgusting and you are no F*cking better than a damn shoplifter. I hope you get caught by admitting on the INTERNET that you commit fraud!! If you were to look up stupid bitch in the dictionary, I am positive your face would be right there!!!

  102. Oh geez. All u ethical, honest, and all-knowing coupon ppl have most likely used a coupon and commited fraud yourselves. How many have neverswapped a coupon with someone or bought coupons off the net? Read ur coupons cause that is FRAUD¡ This person said she/he got approval, which is more than swappers, buyers, and sellers of coupons have. All theses threats areridículos too. When have any of you seen any person convicted of coupon fraud? If i send u 10 dollars and tell u that u can only use it to buy x,y,and z theres no legal recourse i can take if u decide to spend it on something else. All they can do is not pay the store in this circumstance. And obviuoslly the store knew or tge writer wouldn.t have walked out with 800 dollars worth of thier merchandice for a few bucks.

  103. One more thing to Paula- i live in NOLA and called WinnD in Slidell. They said they had thought about doing it, but decided not to since upper management wasn.t reqyiring all WinnD to do it and they told me to check with other locarions around S. Miss. Dont lie on the writer just because u dont like what she is doing.

  104. Jo Oliver,

    I live in MS. Not far from Columbia, actually. I have 3 WD’s where I live and I just spoke with management in all three stores. NONE knew anything about what you have described as an “agreement” between WD and P&G.

    Two even informed me that a cashier could be held responsible and possibly lose their job if LP got involved and saw that this had been allowed. Cashiers are supposed to read the coupons, EVEN IF THEY SCAN.

    Either you were duped by an ignorant WD manager or this is an attempt to publicly justify what you have done here … commit blatant coupon fraud.

  105. And you wonder why prices go up on items. It’s because people scam the system. Sad. Maybe buy off brands more so the quality products like P&G start to come down on their prices. Again, this is sad.

  106. Nice way to teach coupon fraud to others. If you really wanted to make sure that the store managers and P&G weren\’t yanking your chain, you should have started the transaction to see if it was true but then have the transaction canceled before completing it. Nice of you to ruin it for those of us who use coupons legitimately!

  107. You are knowingly committing fraud! That can get you jail time. Insane that you are advocating breaking the rules and laws! You should be ashamed! THIS is why honest couponers are having a hard time, because of people like you ruining it!

  108. *Raises hand* Nope, never swapped nor bought coupons from the net, thank you very much!

    *Raises hand again* I would very much love to see someone who is blatantly ripping the stores (and manufacturers) off prosecuted for theft. Just because it hasn’t happened YET doesn’t mean that it won’t (hopefully sometime in the near future).

  109. Nifty idea — you can probably use all the money you saved to pay for your legal fees.

    I have been couponing for almost a year — more so after loosing my job due to a mass reduction in force. While I have yet to reach under a 50% discount for my grocery bill, I am proud that I reached this “level” in saving legally and legitimately.

  110. What Winn Dixie is “Allowing” With the PG coupons is FRAUD plain and simple not only will the store get in trouble YOU will land in jail AND with a hefty fine!!!

  111. Jo’s the type of person who willingly joins a riot, smashes windows, and steals tvs. After all, everyone else was doing it, and the police clearly allowed it as they were busy elsewhere.

    Next week’s blog is titled “Unlocked Backdoors, and How Homeowners Want You to Take Their Stuff”

  112. Be sure to let TLC know so they can do a show about this once you get hauled off to jail. We will all be watching.

  113. “The manager of my local Winn Dixie has held his position since I was a child – 30 years.” Any chance you’ll re-think your position on coupon fraud once he gets fired because of your actions?

  114. Agreed

  115. @Honest Couponer

    Coupon fraud is prosecuted. Here’s a very recent story dateline 1/14/12.

    Just because you never heard of it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

  116. This kind of fraudulent coupon use is detrimental to the entire couponing community as a whole. It encourages stores to crack down on coupon usage, set limits to “like” coupons, and look toward digital coupon services as an alternative to paper coupons. This hurts the stores, the manufacturers, and your fellow couponers. Please use common sense and remove this irresponsible “how-to”.

  117. “When have any of you seen any person convicted of coupon fraud?”

    Well, there was FBI arrest in May of Lucas Townsend Henderson, 22.

    In Portland, April 2010, Nancy Yun was arrested for fraudulent use of coupons used to get thousands of dollars of stolen property.

    John Stottlemire, 42, was arrested in 2007 for allegedly posting codes and instructions on how to circumvent the maximum printable coupons allowed from Coupon Inc.’s proprietary software.

    Cynthia Madej, 40, was arrested in 2007 for running a counterfeit coupon operation out of her home.

    Arrest of Glenn Rodgers, 66, who created fake coupons for national brands including Gillette, Olay and Norelco

    But these are just the ones that made national headlines. For local stuff, you have to visit couponing discussion boards. Such as which talks about a few people arrested in Tampa for fraudulent use of coupons at a Winn Dixie (smilar to what was advocated on this blog). They were charged with
    1- Cheating felony charge
    2- intenting to commit fraud -misdemeanor
    3- petty theft

  118. Wow, just wow! You are committing fraud!!!!! It is the same as stealing. I don\’t care if the idiot manager at the store says it\’s okay. I can assure you it isn\’t. And I hardly doubt that P&G would go along with it too. The store is losing out because they won\’t get paid for those items. You are going to ruin it for the rest of us who are honest coupon users. I hope the right people see this and put an end to it. You belong in jail!

  119. @ Steve

    I didn’t say business. I said person. If Winn Dixie was really fooling Jo into fraudulently using coupons, then I’m sure P&G will take action against the store.

    Find me any news story where a person misused coupons and was sent to jail or fined. The above examples are of people faking coupons and running scams. Jo was doing neither. Seems to me this is just an account of a phenomenon she experienced at her store. Damn she even warned people about doing what she did without permission from the store and manufacturer. The above comments are starting to sound like sour grapes and people straining at a gnat while they swallow the camel.

    P&G and other manufacturers can sue a store for coupon fraud because the manufacturer pays the store for the coupon and handling fee only when the coupon was taken as per its’ conditions. When a store sends their coupons in under the guise of having taking them as per conditions and receives money from the manufacturer, but knowingly didn’t take the coupons as specified, then the manufacturer has legal grounds for fraud litigation. On the other hand, a manufacturer doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on when it comes to a consumer being ALLOWED by a store to use coupons in a manner not congruent with its’ terms and conditions. Why do you think Jamie from TLC is still walking the streets ~ Read a coupon’s notes to the consumer prohibiting the buy, sell, or trade of coupons. Then look around ebay and Google clipping services and you’ll see people selling, trading, buying, and purchasing coupons. Coupon fraud is all over the internet and some of these sites have been operational for years. P&G can’t stop two people from trading coupons any more than they
    can hold this writer accountable for Winn Dixie obviously letting its’ customers use coupons on items they didn’t buy.

    Some of the comments have accused the author of duping the store. I’ve looked at the receipts on the second page, and I find it extremely difficult to believe that this happened to this degree and this many times without the store being involved. Jo would have had to use dozens or more high-dollar coupons to end up with a 13 cent bill. No way that went unnoticed.

  120. Coupon Police –

    Not that I am in any way condoning what Jo Oliver did, as it is completely and utterly unethical, but to cite those three cases that you did about arrests for coupon fraud are apples and oranges. All 3 cases involved people using counterfeit coupons to purchase products, not legimate coupons that they used on the wrong product. I stumbled upon the story about the Dealideal girl way back when J’aime Kirlew came on the scene, and although most of the specifics are now gone from that story, I always felt there was more to the story than she let on. If you have any further specifics, such as a news article, please feel free to pass along.

    From a true law enforcement perspective, I’d for once like someone to point out which law is exactly broken when someone does this kind of thing. Is there a local ordinance, a state law, federal law? Everyone points to what is written on the coupon, and that’s fine – but as others have mentioned, if you even dare to trade coupons with friends (as I know many of us do), you’re technically in violation of the wording written on the coupon. If this were in fact a punishable offense, why has the biggest scam artist of them all, J’aime Kirlew, not yet been prosecuted or even brought up on charges?

    Again, I don’t adovcate what she’s done, nor do I do what’s she done. I think these type of practices, combined with that god awful show, are what have made those of us who legitimately use coupons start to seeing negative repercussions. I just don’t like to see “facts” thrown out there that aren’t representative of the issue being discussed.

  121. As someone who coupons daily this is why the different stores have really gotten crazy about different policy’s thanks for making it harder on those who follow the rules

  122. People throw away thousands of dollars in coupons every year. Shop till you drop!
    Why look a gift horse in the mouth?

  123. YOU are the reason coupon policies are so strict now. YOU are the reason stores are starting to turn away couponers. YOU are the reason couponers have a bad name. SHAME ON YOU. You are a horrible person and I can only hope you go to jail. Yes, I said jail. Because what you are doing is knowingly committing FRAUD.

  124. nice goog job

  125. I cannot believe what I’ve just read. You’ve dedicated an entire article admitting to coupon fraud?! You are the very reason every store is tightening the rules, limiting quantities and refusing legitimate coupons. You should be ashamed of yourself.



  127. Better stock up for soap on a rope for your stint in jail. You just openly admitted this to everyone that you committed coupon fraud.

    What viewers of that show don’t realize is they tape 2 twelve hour days, edit the portions that they want you to see to make it look so dramatic. The shoppers have months before they tape and they take that time to buy free product coupons from others, buy large quantity of coupons from eBay just so they can have that large haul at the end. TLC also has you send in photos of your stockpile before hand and if it isn’t ‘extreme’ enough, they tell you to go out and buy more stuff if you want to be on the show.

    That isn’t what couponing is all about. Just because JK got away with it, doesn’t mean that you will, if you get caught, you will be prosecuted. Learn to coupon the right way. There are avenues in which you can learn.

  128. Bad Idea for a Blog – The previous person had said that he had never heard of anyone being arrested for coupon fraud. I provided a bunch of examples. Yes, these were extreme cases of coupon fraud, and not related to what this blog is advocating, but those are the types of cases that make national news.

    Smaller scale arrests/charges, for actions similar to what this blog advocates, would barely make the local news. I have heard of them, and provided one example. Again, you’d probably have to go into couponing discussion forums to get the smaller stories.

  129. Wow..If I were you, I would pull this post. You are admitting to committing fraud. I certainly wouldn’t get my couponing tips from Jamie either. She’s the biggest joke in the coupon community. Shame on you! It is people like you that are hurting it for everyone else. When it’s all said and done at the end of the day, you’re the one that has to live with the fact that you broke the law. But I guess you don’t care right, because you got $800 worth of goods for pennies….

    What a joke you are!

  130. Trying to replicate Extreme Cheaters show is your first problem.

    The show gets permission from the stores to allow the “couponer” to order cases of items far in advance of the show. The store then agrees to break many of their rules for “just the taping”. They forgo item limits, coupon terms, store policy, and also override the heck out of coupons.

    The day after taping Corporate sends out a New Policy for that chain of stores and has item limits, coupon policies, coupon limits and no overriding of coupons.

    During taping Managers and cashiers throw out all sensibility out the window and ignore the coupon terms, limits or BEEPING OF THE REGISTER each flipping time a coupon is scanned “DOES NOT MATCH ITEM”!!!!!!!

    Many honest couponers have spent relentless hours meticulously going over EC footage and counting how many misused coupons, how many store policies “overlooked”, how many times the coupons are alllowed to go thru even though they dont match the item scanned or in cart.

    This is all staged and for show. If anyone thinks this is “reality” based then you must not get out much.

    You can save big at the grocery store and drugstores and at times pay less to nothing out of pocket for smaller purchases , but it takes time, patience, hours and hours of research and going to many stores to get the deals.

    Do some research on EC, you will see how much fraud is committed, how many people are outraged that the stores even allowed this to be taped and the apologizies afterwards or immediate policy overhauls that take place after taping.

    Chances of anyone replicating what you see on EC= 0

    If you believe what you see on TV to be real, then you have a problem.

    If you believe that your store managers and cashiers know their own store policy or even how to use coupons or understand their terms, then you have another problem.

    If you blindly trust someone enough to take their word to committ fraud , then you have a serious problem.

    If you go on your blog and brag to the world that you outright used coupons for items they were not intended for upwards of $800 and during many shopping trips, then you have obviously have real problems.

    It doesn’t matter if one manager or many managers agreed to do an in-store promo. Maybe they are not turning the coupons in to a national clearing house but their own company clearinghouse and taking the loss. Maybe your entire region is clearing out older product. Maybe you got lucky and were able to get in on a legit deal. Maybe.

    But if this is the case, coming here and telling people HOW TO CIRCUMVENT the terms on a coupon, is not okay.

    Telling your readers that its “okay” to do this if a Manager gives permission – NOT OKAY

    Telling your readers that P&G gave permission- NOT OKAY
    (especially if you do not have actual proof)

    No matter what, whether you willingly followed your manager blindly or decided to play ignorant and greedy, this article is wrong.

    You did not do any research to find out IN WRITING, the actual details of this so called event.

    We can all call and get several different responses from different mgrs so that should never be taken as gospel.

    Stating here many times that P&G gave permission, you gave the impression that you knew as fact that P&G was aware of scheme and was directly involved in scheme

    You never mention whether you spoke to a P&G rep, saw it in Corporate memo, or the stores had flyers that were a special P&G/Winn Dixie “sale/Promo”.

    You took your manager and the others that you supposedly called for their “word” (Something YOU , yourself, clearly advised against) and went against your own morality blog post and did not ask for terms in writing.

    You let greed get the best of you and then you came here to boast about not only how you did it, but how many times you did it and how much you scored.

  131. Gee coupon fraud much? You can go to jail or at the very least by a huge fine. While it be essentially be a vicitimless crime, in the end it hurts everyone, what you did is no better than shoplifting and will result in less coupons, stricter policies at the stores. Thank god so many many coupons are going to a different type of “bar code” so people like you can’t keep ruining it.

  132. I am shocked at what I just read. I have been couponing since I was 17. Never once have I commented fraud. WTF is wrong with you?!?!? You must look up to J’amie or something because you two are just alike. Hey next time, make a youtube video too! Let’s see you commit fraud in action! That would be awesome! I hope they arrest you.

  133. Emails and copys of this article have been sent to winn dixie main office, P&G headquaters and Bud Miller.

  134. You dumb cunt. It’s people like you ruining it for the rest of us.

    If you’d like to personally discuss this with me, and allow me to tell you how I truly feel about a piece of trash like you, come over to my FB and message me.

  135. WOW on two counts:

    1) The store is making a huge profit with this policy – if it is true. It must be making record profits when it buys an item for $1, marks it up to $2 for sale but actually gets $10 for it by taking a fraudulent coupon and redeeming it from the manufacturer to create an immense profit $8).

    No wonder the manager is happy — if he gets bonuses based on profit margins.

    2) As coupon bloggers and someone that people look to for guidance on this increasingly popular issue, it’s our job to point out LEGAL ways to help people save money for their families – not easy ways to bilk the system.

    Fraud is fraud. If you think something might not be right, it probably isn’t. I would love to see that store’s printed coupon policy…..and if it really matches up with what you say you were told.

    You refer to J’aime – so you know this issue and how it is wrong, yet you do the same thing?


  136. Idiiiiiiiioooooooot (sing song voice)


    Here is where she is trying to defend her FRAUDULENT actions.

  138. so.. now all you have to do is return your merchandise to the store and get cash back for it… then you’ve made easy money right? if that doesn’t tell you your a thief i don’t know what does… seriously, and the fact that others are right on! good score with you is shameful to our society

  139. Every Needs To Calm Down

    She’s just explaining what she did. It doesn’t mean you need to rush out and copy her. Plus I’m sure lots of you people screaming for Jo’s head are happily buying coupons on ebay or craiglist like the hypocrites you are. The crying & whining you see here are from those people who aren’t smart enough to figure out how beat these manufacturers at their own game – they screw people with overpriced products. You think that bottle of Dawn is really worth $1? It’s probably worth one cent, but they mark everything up. Go email P&G, see if they really give a hoot. They just want your money, and coupons are the same as cash to manufacturers. So if they get legit coupons for a different product they also manufacture, THEY DON’T CARE b/c they are still being paid for their product.

  140. youre getting a LOOOOOT of shit from other coupon sites but this is totally awesome!! ive never once heard of someone getting arrested for using a coupon… the coupon police?? come on, plus there are thousands of coupons that dont get used anyways so the companies arent losing any money they werent already expecting to lose… i used to work at cvs and the rule was “if the registers accepts it…” its not the employee’s fault that the computer software doesnt recognize the difference. KEEP UP THE SAVING!! =]

  141. This is coupon fraud do not use this practice soon people will nolonger be able to use coupons because of the fraudulent acts

  142. Coupon fraud has increased as the number of coupons available online has increased. Printing more coupons than allowed and altering coupons are examples of coupon fraud. Coupon fraud may seem like a victimless crime, but it adversely affects consumers whether they use coupons or not. Stores that accept coupons and manufacturers that issue coupons are also affected. Coupon fraud drives up the price of consumer items, as manufacturers are forced to pass costs to consumers, and stores must make up lost revenue due to inability to obtain reimbursement on fraudulent coupons.

    Related Searches:
    Tide CouponGroceries Coupons
    Difficulty: Moderately Easy

    Gather all evidence linked to the suspected coupon fraud.

    Mail a letter detailing the suspected fraud to: The Coupon Information Corporation, 115-D South Saint Asaph Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. All correspondence is confidential. The Coupon Information Corporation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the manufacturers’ coupon system.

    Contact one of the following law enforcement agencies to report suspected coupon fraud: Federal Trade Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Internal Revenue Service and the United States Postal Inspection Services

  143. I Hope the Person that did this Fraud get arrested and also the Store that let this people use coupons on Fraudulent way, If you use the coupons wrong you are Committing FRAUD and you will be arrested, I hate lazy people that just want to take shortcuts,
    Obviously the person that publicated this article does not know anything about coupons, or store policies, i hope the person that committed Fraud and the person who posted this Article get taken down by police. Your IP Address has been recorded.

  144. Welcome to the world of clipping coupons. Great article!!!

  145. And this is why they will probably end up making stricter rules for using coupons or get rid of them all together. I coupon to make ends meet and have more money to pay bills not to steal from the manufacturers that are nice enough to give us coupons. And I highly doubt that P&G is okay with this procedure.

  146. I contacted P&G..this is such BS…

  147. WOW. I still could not do that it feels like fraud to me. I am new at couponing and will stick to the coupon going to the item it calls for. I am not willing to risk my families well-being to save money that could in the ned turn into fraud. I would contact P&G to make sure they are ok with that, it doesn’t seem like they would be ok with that. A coupon is made for a particular item not something else.

  148. Ok so I just read the first article and the second and I was taken back AT FIRST… Now I understand everyone’s hatred over the use of these coupons HOWEVER is it hatred over the use of them or jealousy that they too could not do it? Now jaime of TLC she used her fraudulently everyone knows that, it was done on national t.v. and she repulses me in all honesty. BUT if the store allowed those coupons to be use in that matter then it falls on the store and not the shoppers im sorry. Let the hate responses to this commence it’s fine but in all reality if your in a position to use the coupons in a different manor that was approved by the store manager and the company (if the company does come back and say it was approved) then it is not this ladies fault, she was using the coupons correctly and therefore should not be attacked in this way. And if P&G replies and says NO this is not acceptable then necessary action will fall on the Manager and that store will lose all that money not the company because the company will deny payment on those coupons if they were not used correctly. I personally would of made sure P&G was on board because it could fall back on the couponers who used them as well. Coupon sharing is not allowed according the coupons and that is just plain ridiculous in my book. We should be allowed to share coupons with people who will use the coupons for the products indicated. I don’t have babies but why am I not allowed to print off a 10.00 off coupon for formula for a friend who needs it? It’s about helping our community save money when times are hard. Anyway I just feel like everyone jumped to a harsh conclusion without really thinking of the whole story. Now if she used those coupons without the consent of the manager to do that then by all means she is the horrible person you all claim her to be but she didn’t therefore you all should be writing hate mail to P&G for allowing certain stores to do this and not making it and equal right to all of us.

  149. First, I seriously hope that you have read all these comments and realized that P&G DOES NOT condone this behavior and you just posted proof enough to land yourself in jail on coupon fraud. I hope that enough people forward this to the CIC that they take action against you.

    Worse than committing the fraud- you lay out a blue print as how to do it!

    As a blogger many people read what we write and think it\’s the truth- you just posted numerous lies and mistruths for the world. Please edit your post and acknowledge that you just STOLE $800 worth of products from P&G and Winn Dixie.

  150. Excellent work. I always wondered how the couponers were able to save so much. I am an avid coupon user and the most I ever saved was $90 but still spent $100.00. I guess I do not know all of the tricks yet. Thanks for sharing.

  151. I want to say thank you for being an idiot and posting this. Its idiots like you Jo Oliver , that make me so angry. I just started couponing in Aug 2011. I love it . Saves THIS family of 4 money on food , diapers etc. and when my hubby is laid off for weeks because of lack of work, I turn to my coupon binder to find the best deals *LEGALLY* and when idiots like you come out and post stuff like this, you are hurting working class families the most who need to save and cut corners with coupons *LEGALLY*

  152. Does anyone realize that ya’ll are just giving this what it does not need ” attention” seriously. Just turn and walk away and know you are an ethical couponer with Morals. So the right thing and the good willl prevail.

  153. Jo,
    You are using the FAMILY code on the coupon and product, not the PRODUCT code! This is fraudulent and is NOT ok, no matter what your store manager of 30 years tells you. And if you keep this up and encourage others in your community to do so, your store manger will be facing a problem when P&G ask them to prove they bought and sold XXX number of products.

    Ignorance does not equal immunity. It just means as a person that is trying to portray yourself as a legal and ethical saver and blogger, you should educate yourself to the legalities of what you are doing.

    According to conversations I’ve had myself with the CIC, coupons not used to the letter printed on them makes the use fraudulent. Just because 7oz Softsoap rings in with a coupon doesn’t make it ok if the coupon CLEARLY STATES 8.5 oz or larger. This means you are KNOWINGLY misusing the coupons and now you are telling others to do the same.

  154. I am completely confused about what was written here lol. What $10 coupon? lol. I see people saying it’s fraudulent, however I’m surprised the stores allowed it if it’s against the law, hmmmm. I’d have to know more to make that assumption but for now I have no idea what this article is talking about lol.

  155. OMG you people are pathetic, reporting her to winn dixie and P&G, do you idiots really have nothing better to do than get other people in trouble, does that make you happy you sick F&*CKS? I don’t use coupons this way but I wouldn’t go so far as to try and get this woman and her store manager in trouble. PATHETIC

  156. Nice! Now you have proof of coupon fraud and can go to jail! I hope this post makes it big so you can get caught! ;)

  157. Sweetie, she’s getting herself into trouble. Especially if she gets caught doing this. And since she just posted proof of this, there is an even bigger chance of her going to jail. It’s really quite sad.

  158. You call yourself a couponer-this IS NOT couponing. This is FRAUD! You’re gonna ruin it for the rest of us honest and ethical people.

  159. I worked quite a few years in retail, Krogers, Rite Aid, Family Dollar and Dollar General and we would not accept a coupon for anything other than the product intended. In a few of those companies the cash register was actually set up to reject the coupon if the item was not purchased so I did not know this was possible and would not feel right trying it myself.

  160. wow this is coupon fraud and shame on you! It shouldn’t matter what the store says you should abide by what the coupon says and I am sure P&G wouldn’t appreciate you using their coupons in the wrong way! This just goes to show people like you are making it harder for those of us who actually follow the coupon rules on the coupon! I would never encourage readers to do this! Wow thats all I got to say!

  161. Please read and when they stop letting us use coupons it will all be because of these very people! We have a girl in our area that does this as well!!

  162. This is coupon !!!!! Why would you want to risk going,to jail for free toilet paper… should be ashamed of yourself….do us all a,favor and stop couponing!!!!

  163. I guess Winn Dixie lied to you.

    P&G Facebook response to question about this article:

    P&G Everyday Solutions Hi @Holly! Thanks for sharing the article. For clarification, at Procter & Gamble, we do not have special coupon redemption policies for different retailers. Coupons are redeemable only by a consumer purchasing the brand and size indicated on the coupon. Great question!
    2 hours ago · Like.P&G Facebook

  164. It seems to me as though all of this “EXTREME COUPONING”
    will eventually end with the companies stopping ALL coupons. And so the homemakers who are normal people, watching their pennies and hoping to provide a little something extra…or just trying to make ends meet in an economically depressed era, will eventually suffer. So, here’s a big shout out to y’all…THANK YOU LITTLE PIGGIES!!!

  165. How about this – I am not one to normally take the time to comment on things like this or even read nearly as much as I have of the comments on this article but they became entertaining and gave me food for thought.

    When you find something like this and you don\’t like it or agree with it and its not about something horrible such as murder, child pornography, etc. etc. why not just NOT continue reading it – move on and go to what it is you were looking for in the first place.

    Your comments mean nothing – if its something that needs changing or someone needs to be called on it and fined, punished, sued, etc. believe me it will occur whether or not you all waste your precious time leaving these long and drawn out and repeated comments. Trust me this issue was already being looked into and many things were and are in the works long before you stumbled upon this article.

    It makes you look like pesty, bored, noisy, trouble makers who have little in life other than to make this your due diligence for the day. You look far more like a classy person who has other important and interesting things to do in your daily life when you simply don\’t give it your attention.

  166. I believe they call these types of people who leave these kind of comments liberals.

  167. @ Michelle/ Holly G

    Went to look at your post on P&G’s page. Do you think some internet dude monitoring P&G’s Facebook page, whose probably from India anyway, is really going to know what is going on. You can’t be that dense. Whatever happened, that is assuming that the author’s story is truthful, was most likely between the store’s district manager and districts P&G rep or vendor. Chain grocery stores often tailor offers and promotions per district. That’s why it’s necessary to type in your zip code when trying to access circulars, ads, and promotions offered by most any chain store.

  168. People have gone to jail for coupon fraud. Have fun in the big house. And you wonder why the cashiers and stores hate the couponers. How more strict can coupon policies become before we are only allowed to use 2 coupons per day per visit per store. Thank you. You are a thief if you participate is this coupon method or anything like it.

  169. Ok so when I go to the store with a coupon for Crest white strips 7.00 off and buy the trial size crest tooth paste for 1.00 and a six pack of beer Do I tell the cashier anything like I Do not understand english or will she just take the coupon and say Thank You come again.? Also do I really need to buy toothpaste?

  170. I forgot to ask what about clothing I need a bigger coat can i use 30 of the tide 2.00 off coupons and buy one box of tide and a Coat with the money left over? Keep up the good work Jo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. Jo I need one more piece of advice. My car is too small I need something larger like a SUV so I was thinking if i got a money order for 100.00 dollars and put two more zeros on it myself I would now have 10,000.00 right? Again thanks for all your help Jo, your the best maybe next week you can tell me how to buy a house ta ta for now XOXO

  172. @lawyered up
    I didn’t write the Facebook ques. Thanks for the laugh and the compliment though. Idiot.

  173. FRAUD.

  174. Some of the holier than thou couponers are misplacing their anger and are alos misinformed. Why would some 9 or 10 Winn Dixie managers get together and decide to commit fraud? Answer: they didnot. I used the process that the auther describes. After using the coupons for some $150. woth of merchandise and paying about a $1.00, I was issued a $5.00 voucher for more merchandise-the coupon stated on the front”compliments of P&G. So, if P&G is issuing the coupon after my transcaction using Jo’s process, it would seem that Winn Dixie and P&G have some sort of agreement. Otherwise, Winn Dixie would be very bold( and stupid since they would be out of product and unable to redeem coupons withP&G) to not only accept the coupon process Jo refers to, but also issue a $ from P&G.

  175. I don’t think Proctor and Gamble allows this because over the past 2 years, they have been making a lot of changes in terms of use of their coupons found in Sunday papers. There used to be no limits to use of PG coupons but now they’re limiting it to 4 per SHOPPING TRIP, not per transaction so people can buy them in sets of 4 and hog the registers (ever wonder why some hate couponers?) all day OR since the registers can’t count and cashiers don’t bother to read terms, they check out hundreds of those items in ONE transaction. Does PG care? I bet they do and I will not be surprised if one of these days, they incorporate the LIMITS to their barcodes so that people who choose cashiers will no longer be able to abuse the limits.

  176. dia98 – So the “classy person” turns a blind eye to fraud, and just assumes authorities will eventually catch on. Nice. Some of us actually care about others, and the impact this crook will have on them.

    Nannie Pink – Sad to see you’ve gotten suckered into the scheme as well. It is faulty logic to point to the register spitting out a $5 coupon as proof that P&G condones this sort of coupon use. The register spit out the coupon because you fooled it into thinking you deserved a $5 coupon for buying their higher end products, which you did not.

  177. Thanks for posting this, I’ll be sure to report you and this article to CIC that reports coupon fraud. Oh and I’ll also be contacting P&G too, they have a loss prevention division that would be interested in this, you dumb a** cheat.

  178. A lot of comments!!
    I agree, you don’t use coupons fraudulently. It’s making it harder for all of us.
    I’ve seen couponers save a ‘lot’ of money, working hard at it.
    Some stores do double coupons which makes it easieer to get your products at a lower price.
    Sad that people are taking advantage and abusing the situation.
    Enjoy couponing as it isnow, soon it will be harder to save.
    Sad that a few have to ruin it for the rest of us.

  179. It is a great discovery and I’m so glad you explained it well in great details. I will definitely examine all my high valued coupons to get the same type of savings. Again Thank you very much for sharing with us because not many people would go and explain the real reasons for their savings.

    Thank you,

  180. Shame! Shame! Where are your morals?

  181. “Many have called this fraud, as it clearly indicates on most coupons that the specified product, in the specified amount and size, must be purchased for the coupon to be valid.”

    This is a quote from this person’s article. They knew it was coupon fraud and continued to do it. All of you people whom are so excited about the amazing savings by committing fraud, which by the way is illegal and punishable with up to 17yrs in prison and a fine of up to $5million. You guys are ignorant for thanking this person. Have fun getting caught.


    An HONEST coupon user.

  182. At first I was going to say that it was fraud, but if P&G authorized it, how can it be? I can see this causing problems at the stores if the checkers and managers don’t know anything about it.

  183. Well, where do I begin? Its a shame you didn’t buy your own domain, with all those coupon savings. Giving people the impression your some experienced coupon blogger, or something. Do you have any idea how many people have shared this? What about your tags? Is teaching or promoting illegal instructions your goal? That’s fine, whatever. But where’s your disclaimer, blogger?

  184. this is the most disturbing thing i have read!!! Are you seriously advising people to commit coupon fraud!! Shame on you! i am so tempted to write some very nasty things to you over this but i am going to walk away. I sure hope everyone knows that this is wrong and could get them put in jail and pay lots of fines!!!

  185. So you are basically buying a $1 bottle of Dawn, using a $10 CWS coupon on it and using the overage to buy meat? And P&G is ok with that? I don\’t think so. The store may or may not receive the money for the illegally used coupon, but P&G LOSES money with each of these transactions.

  186. There is nothing “smart” about this method of couponing. It is illegal whether the store’s allowing it to happen or not. Even if the store allows it, you should know it is immoral and YOU should know better as an adult. Coupons are all being recoded and every coupon used properly is being scrutinized because of people like you with the theory “it works so it’s ok”. Because of people like YOU, stores are changing their coupon policies all the time and some stores are even refusing to accept coupons at all. I just think you should be a little less selfish and think of what it’s going to do to other people.

  187. It is NOT ok to use a coupon on a product that it wasn’t written for. That is the same as walking in a store and rolling out a cart full bypassing the checkout lane entirely. There are MANY of us who coupon in a legit fashion. The show has been on for exactally 13 months…so I am not sure how you have been “watching” it for several YEARS! one more piece of wrong information in this article….and if you went and used coupons incorrectly just to make a point…you are not better than the folks you are putting down!

  188. Whether the idiot manager allowed it to happen or not this is fraud. I hope you go to jail for theft. Couponers like you will ruin it for everyone.

  189. Yeah sent this to PG and they are NOT okay with it, here is the email from them Thanks for contacting P&G.

    We appreciate your taking the time to write. Please be assured our coupons are meant to be used as it’s intended in its description and you can be sure I’m sharing your comments with the appropriate people in the company.

    Thanks again for getting in touch with us.

  190. Thanks for contacting P&G.

    We appreciate your taking the time to write. Please be assured our coupons are meant to be used as it’s intended in its description and you can be sure I’m sharing your comments with the appropriate people in the company.

    Thanks again for getting in touch with us.

    They are NOT okay with this type of behavior please don’t do it

  191. And you are a moron…the manufacturers aren’t paid for the coupon’s and the stores lose money when idoits like this pull crap like this and the manu’s find out about it…and if you on down the comments, yes P&G apparently care about it.

  192. I posted this to their FB they are good at replying, we shall see what they have to say about this. Deleting will do you know good Screen shots taken.


    This is what P&G had to say about this!

  194. I do not believe that P&G would allow people to use coupons for fraud. Someone is lying here.

  195. Here is what I think happened… The regional or district manager of your WD and the others you mentioned told the stores it was ok. Maybe they were misinformed… But didn’t it occur to you to at least double check? Contact WD corporate at the very least?

    You say in a comment that nobody should do this without ensuring all involved are willing participants. It seems to me that you didn’t follow your own advice, just went by a manager’s word. Granted, you say you have known this manager for 30 years, but believe me – people lie. Especially when it comes to money. If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, well, you know…

    I understand you got caught up in the excitement. But unfortunately it appears like the thrill – dare I say greed – took over. You knew this was a fast way to get a great deal and that it wouldn’t last, but you didn’t listen to that little voice in your head that was saying “don’t do it! It doesn’t seem right!”. Instead you joined in, assuming it was fine because so-and-so said it was. Maybe you figured you didn’t have the time to double check.

    I’m not going to say shame on you for committing fraud. I think that’s been said enough. I will say shame for not trusting your instincts (which a seasoned couponer like you must have had) and instead jumping on the greed bandwagon that WD was apparently condoning.

    I’m am absolutely positive that this issue is on the radar of PG and WD now. Don’t be too surprised to see some major changes, most definitely in policy, and probably in staff.

  196. i think u people should comment on this article

  197. sounds illegal to me, coupon fraud

  198. wow…

  199. Did you receive an answer to your question? I’m very interested in the same. thanks

  200. Here is the response that I just got from P&G. I didn’t think they would be ok with it.

    Thank you for contacting Charmin, Melissa!

    Using a coupon for a product that is not consistent with the offer is fraud. This practice is not endorsed or approved by P&G. Coupon fraud hurts consumers, retailers and manufacturers. For further advice on coupon fraud and etiquette, please refer to the Coupon Information Center website and click on “Considerate Couponing”

    Also we want to thank you for bringing this to our attention, please know I will be letting our Fraud Department know of this website’s blog.

    I hope this helps!

    Charmin Team

  201. Really surprised you are condoning this behavior, Jo! I enjoy couponing and read some great blogs about it but I am just disgusted by your ethics and trying to justify your illegal activity. Not sure you should be giving anyone advice about anything with those ethics. How about you donate some of these products to those who just can’t catch a break and don’t have time for this nonsense.

  202. Not sure which is worse, the hateful vitriol aimed at the OP, her self-incrimination, or my wasting the time to read the thread and post this reply? A rhetorical question this is.

  203. thanks for sharing

  204. You people who think she did nothing wrong are a joke. You’re all a bunch of theives. Maybe you can all lather each others backs when you’re in the prison shower together.

  205. You HAVE GOT to be kidding me!! P&G does not support this in any way shape or form! That is major coupon fraud and they will catch on very soon. Im actually going to inform them of this fraud asap. Morons ripping off manufacturers are whTat is ruining it for eveyone else!!

  206. Just wanted to say that maybe while you dont think you were commiting fraud I do believe you had to have been aware that you were helping your store commit fraud. You commented that the store manager said it was ok…when you already know this not be good couponing etiquette…Good thing you stocked up once this store gets audited (which im guessing it will after mulitple people have posted this on the P&G facebook page) you may have a hard time even using a legit coupon on a legit product

  207. Wow. So much negative feedback. There is a television show about extreme couponing. Everyone is trying to save money today. Give the author a break, seriously. It’s the stores fault if they accept the coupons.

  208. Where do I begin? First and foremost “Reality Television” is nothing short of reality. Our city was selected for a charity event sponsored by “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. They just finished filming this week even though the houses are not yet finished. The volunteers are remaining on site to complete the project for a deserving charity. I digress. The film crew staged a Thanksgiving Day parade with volunteers that included floats, bands, and other dramatic components that our city NEVER has sponsored in the past. It was a miniature Macy’s Day parade. This “parade” was filmed less than two weeks ago. The family was filmed watching the parade and cheering. I am not sure if that part of the show will be before the “surprise” megaphone announcement, or at the end of the show for the surprise reveal. Mind you, the volunteers are real, the construction is real, the weather-related setbacks are real. The hype is not real, the parade is not real, and the dramatic moments which boost ratings are not real.

    When a shopper plays the “Family Code” game by buying product X which is made by the same manufacturer, but the coupon is for product Y with a specified product size, type, etc, then fraud has been committed. There is a fine print at the bottom of the coupon. Those defending the OP should do well to read that fine print. I have never purchased a coupon from an online site, never subscribed to a clipping service, nor have I participated in redeeming a “gang cut” coupon. The most I have ever saved was 80%, but that was for free product coupons received by House Party or directly from the manufacturer for a special Facebook Fan promotion. I have had overage from a coupon that was printed for $5 off, and the item was on sale or clearance. I have never received cash back from a register, and I have always had to pay sales tax on the gross amount of the transaction, not the net savings less coupons.

    As a Christian and a conservative voter with values I will say this, if that small voice in your head is warning you that what you are doing is not right then please listen to that voice as it is your conscious. Please do the right thing and recant this article. Return the merchandise, do not keep the money for it and publicly apologize to your family, readers, store, WD corporate, and Proctor and Gamble.


    A stay at home mother who is working with a tight grocery budget

  209. Very good article. I have tried to get coupons and save money, but there is not too much that we need. I can see how they can save money by using coupons, but not saving $500-600 per trip. They are the reason the prices have jumped and if they are stealing, by cheating stores, I now understand. This was a well written and good article. Thank you for sharing.

  210. I just have to say,OK this is fraud,and all you guys saying shes ruining and making things change so much about values going down and so forth well its really the people who run and tell on all these fraudsters,granted its wrong but when thousands or hundreds ofpeople are bombarding the manufactures about so and so used your coupon on this or that is it wrong, well thats what alerts them to all this crap, you may think you are doing a good deed well guess again you are the people alerting them and causing them to change things and crack down,people go to the mfgs. Facebook pages an question other peoples use of a coupon and it just goes on and on,its the old saying you are cuttingyor nose off to spite your face! Sure its wrong and its going to continue to happen you cant stop it and the only way it could be stopped is if coupons were no longer around and you will have your selfs to hank not the person for committing fraud!

  211. I just have to say,OK this is fraud,and all you guys saying shes ruining and making things change so much about values going down and so forth well its really the people who run and tell on all these fraudsters,granted its wrong but when thousands or hundreds ofpeople are bombarding the manufactures about so and so used your coupon on this or that is it wrong, well thats what alerts them to all this crap, you may think you are doing a good deed well guess again you are the people alerting them and causing them to change things and crack down,people go to the mfgs. Facebook pages an question other peoples use of a coupon and it just goes on and on,its the old saying you are cuttingyor nose off to spite your face! Sure its wrong and its going to continue to happen you cant stop it and the only way it could be stopped is if coupons were no longer around and you will have your selfs to hank not the person for committing fraud!

  212. You guys are crazy! She is not going to go to jail for this! But you guys keep complaining to higer ups about people like her and you willnot be getting any good coupons in the near future! Its you people not the people comitting fraud!

  213. maybe because BI-LO bought WD

  214. @janie – While you might be able to turn a blind eye towards fraud, most Americans have some semblance of a moral compass.

  215. It does appear they bend the rules but if product companys cared and know this wouldnt they just change barcodes to be different it might be cheaper for them to eat that cost than overhaul their coupon codes so i dont call it fraud if the product companys allow it

  216. hawynstud

    You’re an idiot by condoning it and saying “everyone is trying to save money”… Shoplifters are also trying to save money — are you condoning that as well? The author is a greedy, shameful fraudster. P&G has said coupons are only to be used on the items they’re intended for and everything else would be considered fraud.

    The author of this post, Jo – is a fraudster and rip-off artist, who decided to post about her crime for everyone to see.

    I’ve forwarded this blog to P&G and they told me they absolutely did NOT give WinnDixie or any other store the go ahead to use their coupons in a fraudulent manner.

    Why in the world do you think P&G would be cool with people using high value coupons to pay for cheap P&G products to get them free and/or cause overage, so they could pay for the rest of your groceries..??

    Are you really that idiotic?

    I hope P&G goes after Jo and all the other fraudster criminals.. This is absolutely disgusting! I can’t believe she hasn’t deleted this yet.

    I have saved copies of this blog though, so even if she does take it down – P&G will have access to the material if they decide to prosecute her.

  217. I wanted you to say “I spent $36, then stole $764 of laundry related products….sadly thats not what you said :(

    Oh btw, anyone who reads my comment should check out my recently written article ———–> CLICK IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


  219. It’s called stealing, plain and simple and it makes it harder for those of us who are trying to feed our families using coupons correctly. You should be ashamed not only that you did this multiple times but that you felt the need to write an article announcing to the world that you are a thief.

  220. This is very illegal because that is coupon fraud!!! Do not take lessons from this person on how to coupon because you can go to jail for coupon fraud…as I’m sure this person will learn soon!!! Learn from responsible, ethical, and LEGAL couponers!

  221. Its people like you, who break the rules and then have the nerve to teach others how to break the rules that give us ALL a bad name. What you are doing is illegal and YOU KNOW IT! You should be ashamed! Anyone who feels you are an appropriate advocate for couponing should seriously consider finding a more legitimate site to follow. I hope PG comes DOWN HARD on you since you have an admission of guilt IN WRITING!

  222. I am very disappointed as a 17 year couponer to see that you are posting this brag because you are doing something completely illegal. You are defrauding the companies that issue coupons which is stealing. Doing this is doing more damage in the long run for your short term gains. Very disappointed in this blog posting.

  223. Why would you openly advocate fraudulent use of coupons??! You are an idiot, and hopefully you are prosecuted for it. Really. You not only ripped off the store you got the items from, but also make retailers look down on the rest of us who LEGITIMATELY use coupons. YOU are NOT one of those people.

    As for Jamie Kirkelew – she is a fraud and a joke. Good luck trying to be her! Dumbass.

  224. You seriously made a post ONLINE bragging about how you used coupons fraudulently? Wow. Enjoy your upcoming court date and impending news article.

  225. I say this article’s title should be changed to “How I Cheated the System and Saved Using a Method I Should Be Imprisoned For!” This is just plain wrong. On a scale of 1 to 10, your ethics bomb into the negatives.

  226. This is so WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS! and for the people who are intrested in doing this SHAME ON YOU!!! SHAME!!!!!!

  227. ILLEGAL, ILLEGAL, ILLEGAL. Jaime is known for coupon fraud and the method you describe IS FRAUD! This post should be removed!! Be careful because if you did use this method the CIC will probably come after you like they are going after Jaime, it’s ALSO why they are changing the coding on coupons now, and is another reason why it is so difficult to coupon!! How stupid.

  228. Just sent this on to P&G. Thanks for committing coupon fraud and ruining it for those of us who use coupons legitimately and legally. Wow, can’t believe you were dumb enough to post this. Did you seriously think P&G was on board with this? Why would it say what product it was for if it could be used for any product? I’m sure Winn Dixie is really going to appreciate the investigation and subsequent punishment coming it’s way. Congrats on the stupidest person of the day award.

  229. I don’t think people realize that it’s fraud when they knowingly use a coupon to buy one product when the coupon is actually for another product. P&G is an ethical company and wouldn’t approve of or encourage fraud. If you still have questions about using coupons, you may want to check out the Coupon Information Corporation’s site.


    From the P&G Everyday Solutions Community

  230. Very sad you felt the need to write p & g

  231. It does work i did it at CVS through their u-scan. I got Tide,Dawn,Gain,Charmin,Bounty Pringles,Pampers and Downy on that deal

  232. People like you are going to force stores to not allow coupons. this actually sounds like fraud, hopefully you get in trouble someday. oh and btw… this is probably part of the reason why prices are getting so ridiculous. way to go, good luck using your “extreme coupons” when the prices are even more extreme than the coupon value.

  233. There was absolutely no reason for that kind of language. If you disagreed with her post, then fine. But this is not even ladylike or respectable. Grow UP!!

  234. Regardless if it is legal or illegal; It’s UNETHICAL.

  235. Regardless if it is legal or illegal; It\’s UNETHICAL.

  236. Get real people, if any of u went in the store and was told by manager and everyone else that it was a special going, the family coding of the coupons was good for any product as long as it is applied to a P & G product, you would get in line and buy the product also. The coupons are in numerous papers and honored this way by other stores also. So if you are using coupons on sale items what is the difference. Don’t hate, congratulate and P & G had more products sold that ever. Prices have been high before now and will be high after this. So please don’t judge. BIG C.

  237. Wow! My winndixie inLa had been doing this same thing for the past 5 or 6 weeks. It stopped and I wad trying to find out why when I came across your article. I guess p&g must just be letting a few stores at a time take the coupons this way and when that set of stores quit a new set starts? Don’t know but thanks pg and winn this has helped my community. All the haters by the way need to stop being stupid. Pg wouldn’t be paying the stores for rge coupons if they hadn’t been allowed to use them this way.

  238. I was wondering why the most current Crest Whitestrips coupon had gone from it’s usual 7-10 dollar amount to $1.00 (big deal) I, until this month, had regularly bought about 15-20 packages a month to hand out at the women’s shelter. These woman are trying to enter the work force (sometimes after a very long time and no proper dental care) and so it helps their confidence and self esteem to improve their smiles. It was a huge savings for me to use the coupons. I can no longer afford to do it with only a $1 savings. Now, I understand why P&G feels a need to lower my savings. I hope this woman is pleased with herself.

  239. They definitely did not have P&G’s approval,I have no qualms stating that. As a store mgr., I can tell you that P&G have denied my store reimbursement for coupons that they “think” may have been used fraudulently. I have had to have my company provide invoices proving my store sold the inventory that people used coupons for. This is exactly the reason that stores are tightening their policies and cashiers are scrutinizing all coupons more closely. People like this are killing the golden goose, so to speak, and making it tough on everyone, customers and store personnel as well. Do us all a huge favor and adhere to the rules and stop trying to emulate a show that is fake and the worst thing that could have ever happened to people who use coupons. Thank you

  240. While many of the above comments make little sense, I guess I’ll adress the one eight before me. “A store manager”, sid u not read the story and comments by others confirming that this particular winn dixie(s) were allowing the coupons to be used like that. Just because you qre a store manager doesn’t mean u know whats going on between pg and this particular store. I actually called the number on the recipt shown and talked to an assist manager named steve. He not only confirmed that og coupons were taken ( with pg approval) this way for 5wks last year, but told me they had just done it againin march2012and the first wk of april. I guess the author was too shell-shocked to write about it again, but my point remains that ppl need to actually do some research beforejymping to rhe conclusion that the writer did something wrong.

  241. Jo Oliver as you can see these people take couponing very seriously BUT I say whatever to all of them! I have witnessed a person using 100 $7 Crest Whitestrip coupons on a 100 $1 tube of the tooth paste and left the store with $600 in gift cards from a store that gave overages!!! And I was fascinated by the stunt!!! Heck times are hard… And to all you COUPON NUTSO’s calm down YOU doing all this reporting is what is causing the problems!!! Heck do you all own stock at P&G it seems that way…


  242. I could agree with you more good Q. Tell them to go sit down somewhere! If you dont like it. Dont do it.

  243. Yes but you can’t get overages that way. LMAO

  244. Just goes to show that it’s the store managers behind most of the coupon fraud. I live in Mesa, Arizona and there are never any peelie / peel-off coupons on any of the packages at any of the grocery stores here and it’s exactly that, that the store managers are in on with their own employees. They steal all the good ones, hundreds of the peelies either already on the boxes or that they are given to put on the packages, like Kelloggs and Pepsi products. . How could a regular customer get hundreds of peelies at a time, there aren’t even that many packages on the shelves. The employees steal the whole rolls Pepsi gives them with about 800 to 1000 coupons on one roll. There’s an ebay seller in Arizona named 4rober4 who’s a store employee. He has hundreds of the best peelies and he has never gotten in trouble where he works because he gives the management a cut.

  245. If the manager told me to do it then HELL YA I’d do it!!!! Lol. You coupon ladies need to pull the sticks out of your butts and calm down.

  246. I have been doing this for over 2 years now and its AWESOME!!! It tickles me to see you crazy coupon ladies get your panties in a bunch. Lol. You can also do this with aveeno products, and a few others. You better be careful though, the coupon police might get you. Lmao. Really? Pull the sticks out of your butts. I dedicate this afternoons shopping trip to you coupon ladies! Off to commit fraud!!! :) you rock Jo!

  247. I feel so sad to see that not only one person is doing this, but them teaching others, and that others actually want to be taught. (shaking my head) What is this world coming to?? Stealing, and posting that you did it!!! Remember the saying everyone…”One bad apple spoils the whole bunch”. Someday, she and others like her will ruin couponing for us all. Sincerely, a girl who coupons legitimately!!!

  248. The real reason that Winn-Dixie is letting you get by with this isn’t because it’s okay, the real reason is because they don’t want to spend a lot of time verifying the coupons (particularly if it’s a busy store), and even if they do catch it, they don’t want to tick you off. Keep in mind this is the same company that only allows “salary managers” to stop or say anything to shoplifters (and won’t even let them grab them if they try to flee). Saying that P&G is okay with it probably means they pay for the coupons, not that P&G has actually said that it’s okay. That’s just like when people tell me that Publix allows WIC customers to buy whole milk when the check says 1% or fat free, or that other stores/cashiers don’t verify their signature or check their ID with credit card and check transactions; no, it’s not okay, the employees just don’t want to argue with you and cause you to shop somewhere else.

  249. Im just starting to get into couponing..these shit scares the hell out of me… think that some people actually think its ok to do such things really makes me angry

  250. So you really think PG does not care because they know of the problem? I wish that was true. Why would it be fraud only if the store doesn’t know your doing it, if PG doesn’t care and is reembursing the amount of the coupon to the store. Sounds like someone is fooling themself!!

  251. It’s been over a year now since this post…I have to wonder if this person has been prosecuted….

  252. It\’s been over a year now since this post…I have to wonder if this person has been prosecuted….

  253. It\\\’s been over a year now since this post…I have to wonder if this person has been prosecuted….

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