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Lately, I have seen some really great household lists that have passed through the pages of Gomestic. They have been useful and innovative applications for many products and items that we have in our homes. Many times the tips will recommend using something that we had never considered before to solve our problems. We are constantly surprised with simple break-through solutions that we hadn’t known about, and most in most cases, already have in the house.

One of the first things that I would like to make sense of, is to organize the best of these tips into one handy page so that everyone can get a chance to see them, and have a handy place to bookmark them for easy access. I take off my hat to the writers of these articles and thank them for their constant investigations of the easiest and most creative household solutions for day-to-day life’s day-to-day problems.

Here is a selection of my favorite lists, I hope you like them. If you think that I might have missed one of the good ones, you are invited to leave a link in the comments so that we can all see it.

  1. Ten Surprising Uses For Aspirin

    For such a popular product, aspirin sure holds a lot of secrets. It can be useful with plants as well as humans, and is also highly effective in the laundry room as well. Aspirin can be an excellent painkiller and anti-inflammatory – now find out many more hidden household uses.

  2. 12 Things To Do With Coca-Cola

    Who knew that a can of cola had so many interesting uses, besides drinking it? It seems that Coca-Cola can be used as a cleaner in the kitchen, as an artistic lacquer that will give nice sepia effect to old photographs, on rusty bolts in the garage, and you can add it to BBQ sauce. Come check out some more interesting uses for that bottle of ‘flat’ Coca-Cola!

  3. Fifteen Household Uses for Table Salt

    Salt is known mostly for it’s ability to enhance the flavor of our food. It happens to have many other surprising uses as well. Check out these 15 remarkable and surprising uses for common table salt.

  4. 18 Simple and Practical Applications for Olive Oil Not Including Salad

    Olive oil has been used by mankind since the days of antiquity for innumerable tasks, but recently health experts have also begun to praise the ancient oil for its high quality nutritional value. Here are some useful alternative modern solutions for olive oil that highlight its special qualities.

  5. 10 Remarkable Home Made Cleaning Supplies

    Would you like to save some money on all of those expensive cleaning supplies? Here are some ways to have a very clean house and save yourself lots of money as well by simply using these homespun cleaning products.

  6. Ten Uses For A Used Dryer Sheet

    Instead of throwing out your dryer sheets, use them as a natural bug repellent, or a dusters, or slip one over a hanger in your closet to help drive away bugs and keep a fresh scent. Here are some smart uses for something that would normally be tossed.

  7. Cleaning With Vinegar

    Today’s homes contain an alarming variety of harmful household cleaners. White vinegar can be used to disinfect, clean and shine nearly every surface in and around your home without a lingering vinegar smell. It can clean as well as most chemical products without giving off dangerous toxins, it is highly competent and cost far less than name brand cleaners.

  8. 20 More Ways To Use Vinegar

    Vinegar is not just for cooking anymore. Vinegar can keep flowers in a vase fresher longer and it can also be added to your own bath water. For a great cleaning supply from the bathroom to the kitchen, and a weed killer in the garden, vinegar has a number of uses that you just never thought about.

  9. 22 Wonderful Uses For Petroleum Jelly

    Today, Vaseline is found in nearly every medicine chest, glove compartment, purse, desk drawer, garage, emergency kit and winter coat pocket. It is still used for cuts and scrapes, but over the years the list has grown by leaps and bounds.

  10. Five Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

    If you are interested in a natural approach to insecticides, consider these attractive garden plants that repel mosquitoes and will keep those pesky creatures far, far away!

  11. 15 Uses For WD-40

    WD-40 comes in handy when you need to fix squeaky doors, but did you ever think to remove chewing gum with it? Here are some great unexpected uses for some of those tricky jobs around the house. Go with the WD-40!

  12. 15 Uses for Baking Soda

    You know that little old box of baking soda hiding in the back of your cupboard? It is a very amazing product with a load of home applications for some surprising tasks. Take a look to find out more about the many extraordinary uses for baking soda.

  13. 30 0ther Uses For Dental Floss

    Here are some great uses for all of that dental floss you’ve got laying around your bathroom. Besides keeping your teeth and gums healthy, here are 30 other uses for dental floss.

  14. 20 Other Amazing Uses For Beer And Vodka

    Excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks can be hazardous to one’s health. Instead, put your beer and vodka for other household or emergency uses. You’ll be amazed of what they can do…

  15. I Use Toothpaste As A First Aid

    Does the first-aid kit really help in burns and scalds? I don’t know: I never use it. I use toothpaste instead…

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  3. Thank you for the mention: Fifteen Household Uses For Table Salt, Cleaning With Vinegar, 20 More Ways To Use Vinegar and 22 Wonderful Uses For Petroleum Jelly.

  4. Darlene McFarlane`s articles ROCK!!!! They are always well researched and beautifully written. I am glad that you thought so too.

  5. Onflame….you spend WAY too much time making comments. Perhaps your time would be better spent actually writing articles rather than picking them apart!!!! Also, I think that it is quite rude to post your links in the comment section. There are social bookmarking sites that are there for exactly what you are trying to do here!!! If your content is interesting…people will click it. By leaving the kind of comments that you leave, you are actually making people not want to read your content!

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  8. You did not mention how to specifically use or apply them, e.g., where can you use vinegar as a cleaning material. For plants which can repel mosquitoes, what are these plants?

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