Five Great Uses for Jelly Jars

Many times we either recycle something or throw it away. Why not find a way to reuse something we’ve all got around the house? Here are five ways to re-use jelly jars.

You know how you buy jelly or jam in the little half-pint jars? Many people throw them away, but I have five great uses for them that keep them out of the garbage and the recycling bin.

Pen/Pencil Holder

Everybody knows this trick, but it bears keeping in mind. I like to use the smaller jars for this rather than the taller thinner ones because it makes the pens or pencils more accessible. Now, if you’re into the arts and crafts side of things it’s easy to decorate up your jar. Take a piece of paper exactly the width of the main part of the jar and draw designs on it. It’s a great way to spend time with your kids having them design neat things to put in the pen/pencil jar. If you like working on the computer, make a design there the same width as the main part of the jar, print it out roll it up and put it inside the jar. It works great! A ribbon tied around the upper part of the jar looks nice too.

On the go, Cheerio!

My little guy loves to take the lids off and put the lids on things. He also loves Cheerios. So, if we are in an environment where he can’t break a glass jar (playtime on the carpet, watching educational TV or in the car) I give him a small half pint jar of Cheerios. Make sure that the jar is very clean and very dry, and then just add your little ones favorite cereal. Screw on the lid and now you have the ultimate item. A two in one; toy and healthful snack.

Piggy Bank

One of the things that parents need to do more is teach our children to save money. A very good way to do this is to have a piggy bank. When we go on our walks, once in a while my little guy will find a coin. Sometimes, he’ll pick up a coin that his mother or I have left lying around. He’s too little to play with them, so what is a parent to do? Well, take your jelly jar, clean it out thoroughly and cut a slot in the lid. Hey, presto, instant piggy bank. Now, you must use caution when cutting the slot in the lid and you also should be very careful to make sure that the lid can’t come off. I have had a great deal of success with hot gluing the threads on the jar right before I put on the lid. It’s strong enough to keep my son out of the bank, but not so strong that I can’t break the glue later.

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  1. I have used jelly jars with handles for salt and pepper shakers. Also I have homemade items gifts such as gifts in a jar and used these jars. I get jelly from a bread store where I shop and get my jelly there these jars as I mentioned have handles. I use these jars for many other things also.

  2. These are some food ideas for re-using glass jelly jars, however, I would not promote putting Cheerios into a glass jar for a child in a ’safe’ environment, or any environment. The child can fall on the jar, resulting in breakage and injuries.

  3. those are weard uses but u can do better. you crap head

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