Extraordinarily Useful Things to Do with Used Teabags

Don’t thrown your used teabags away. You might be able to re-use them around the house and garden.

  1. Water Your Plants

  2. Split used teabags and put them into the pots with house-plants. They make great compost and the plants will grow strong and healthy. Water plants with cold tea. Ferns and roses love this.

  3. Soothe Your Eyes

  4. Let used teabags cool and then use as a compress to soothe tired eyes. They will reduce puffiness too.

  5. Cure Warts

  6. The tannin in tea is also said to help cure warts. Press a used teabag onto the area where the wart is, remove it and let the skin dry naturally. Do this for a few days.

  7. Dye Fabric

  8. Teabags can be used to stain white cotton, or muslin fabrics. Use very strong tea for a darker colour. It is a natural dye that won’t run or wash out. It gives an older, light brown look to fabric.

  9. Scent a Drawer

  10. Take two, or three used teabags that have been dried and add a couple of drops of essential oil. Put this into a small bag, or cloth packet and use to scent drawers. This works well with lavender, or lemon oil.

  11. Marinate Meat

  12. Use cold tea to marinate meat. Remove the teabags and soak the meat in the cold tea as the tannic acid will tenderise the meat. For a change add some fresh lemon juice too.

  13. Remove Old Polish

  14. Soak a couple of teabags in boiling water. Allow the water to cool for a while and then soak a soft cloth in in it. This can be used to wipe away old polish and dirt from furniture.

  15. Clean Mirrors

  16. Cold tea will bring a great shine to mirrors and tiles. Wipe and then polish up with a soft cloth.

  17. Soothe Insect Bites

  18. Put a cold used teabag on insect bites. The tannin will neutralise them.

  19. Make Ice for Iced Tea

  20. Freeze leftover tea as cubes and use the next time you want to make iced tea. Pour the tea over them for instant chilling.

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  1. The plant watering is a great idea!

  2. Good idea for iced tea. Keeps the iced tea cold without watering it down.

  3. There are more uses for used tsea bags than I knew about. I will try some of these uses. Best wishes, Ruby

  4. Dab a warm wet used tea bag on your skin and let it dry before applying makeup. Your skin will feel smoother and look more natural.
    It also enhances the smell of your perfume.
    Don’t use herbal tea or Chinese type tea.

  5. if only i saw this when i had a wart on my thumb

  6. it’s not only to dye fabrics with,it’s good to stain watercolor paper with if you want a warm, old-style tint. if you really feel the need, a drop of food coloring or even some diluted jam can help it have a different tint.

  7. niice tips.

  8. I cleaned my hardwood floors with tea, worked wonders! My floors looked brand new again.

  9. jodo…lol
    likewise..if only i had seen this when i had this bug bite that itched me for a MONTH!! it only recently stopped irritating me.

  10. we should always try too use everything we can without having to buy extra things. This is awsome about tea. Banna peels, and coffee can be put to use as well.

  11. I know why not do tea bag folding?!?!

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