Deodorizing Smelly Shoes

Generally speaking, if your feet stink, your shoes smell bad. Food odor is caused by a combination of bad diet, poor hygiene, wet environments and human perspiration. Years ago my grandpa showed me how to make anyone’s shoes smell like beautiful flowers.

My cousin Jake has smelly feet. Its not his fault, and for years we thought there was nothing to be done about it. Jake would go through several pairs of shoes each year and it seemed as though the odor was destroying them.


One of the problems of course was that Jake was always getting his shoes soaking wet . Shoes need to be dried occasionally to prevent mold and bacteria build up. The best policy is to remove the laces and or open up the shoe as wide as possible and leave in it in the sunshine on a hot day.


One easy remedy for killing bacteria is to put the shoes in a plastic bag and stick them in the freezer for a spell.


When Jake visits my Grandpa however, the wise old man slips a strange insert into the young man’s shoes. Grandpa fills a white cotton tube sock with equal parts kitty litter, baking soda, and peppermint tea leaves. He ties the end of the sock closed so it’s just a cotton envelope full of sweet swelling herbs and powder – it won’t come apart when he jams the tube sock into Jake’s malodorous sneakers.

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  1. i tried every thing to get rid of the odor, putting theme in the freezer works until the shoe is at room temperature and when i put the shoes on my feet gets hot and the hotness of my feet make the shoe hot and revealing the bad nasty 2smell. i have running shoe with lots of hole but the hole are the smelliest. please i have tried many foot powders and insole please tell me something i can do before i can go to school and people think that i smell but its my shoe. please respond to this question because i have been trying for 2 years to get rid of smell. get me at 888undertaker at youtube.

  2. Roberrific makes a statement but fails to back it up. I was most interested in his claim of bad diet! He never addresses it in his writing. Does he make groundless accusations? Does he merely have an opinion? Where are his facts? His evidence? His references? Apparently he does not suffer as some of us do. His “monitor” should be “Hypocricy” not Roberrific.

  3. @simon

    Bathe them in Rubbing Alcohol, then let it dry. If that doesn’t kill backteria, nothing will.

  4. I know exactly what to do! Fear not guys. I thought about it.. Its bacteria right? Go to yuor drug store get antibacterial hand sanitizer. Most shoes will smell more if they are not expensive correct? When my shoes really start to smell, i squirt a lot of hand sanitizer into the sole and all over the inside then leave to dry for a couple of days. It evaporates and kills the bacteria and your shoes wont smell fo about six months! You will have to decide wether you want to do this to your shoes. I have never done this to leather just running shoes. TRY IT!

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