Coupon Myths Debunked!

Save money without becoming a hoarder!

Coupon Myths Debunked

     Most of us have seen the show “Extreme Couponing”, where some people take coupon collecting to the extreme, using hundreds of coupons per shopping trip and often purchasing hundreds of dollars of groceries for mere pennies. Any who has seen the show will remember the massive stockpiles they have collected, often filling entire rooms stacked floor to ceiling.

     Most of us cannot imagine couponing like this. The very thought can be overwhelming and exhausting, and many people shy away from hoarding like behaviour. So what is “normal” couponing?

     The main purpose of couponing is simply this- to save a few dollars. Most people will not buy $800 worth of groceries for $30; but in this economy, all of us can appreciate saving even a little money on items we are going to buy anyway. If you save $20 per trip, that’s an extra $20 to put towards your kid’s school clothes, vacation, bills, or simply to buy more groceries you otherwise couldn’t afford.

And here are some myths about couponing that need to be debunked.

  1. Coupon collecting takes too much time.

    Not so! Coupons are everywhere now, including magazines, newspapers, on the backs of receipts, online, manufacturers websites, and on your cell phone. Also, some stores will have a rack of coupons right as you come in, and others will place coupons in the aisles next to the corresponding items.

  2. Coupons only save on processed foods.

    Not at all. Yes, there are many coupons for processed foods, but there are just as many coupons for cleaning supplies, lean meats, bagged salads, dairy products, frozen vegetables, diapers, household items such as batteries, etc. What’s great about coupons is that you can pick which ones you want to use.

  3. You’ll only save with coupons if you go to several stores.

    Nope! No matter how remote your area, your store is bound to have offers that can be combined with coupons. And buying cleaning supplies elsewhere may save you a couple bucks- but you’ll pay more in gas to get there. But if you bring coupons for those cleaning supplies, you save both gas and money.

  4. Dollar stores are cheaper.

    Not true. Most dollar stores now price items at more than a dollar, and their prices are similar to other store’s prices. And if you have a coupon, usually you will still save money.

  5. Generic brands are cheaper than name brands with a coupon.

    Untrue. Sometimes it is less expensive at regular prices to buy generic brands, but with good coupon usage you will normally save money. The trick is comparison shopping- use coupons with in-store specials, double coupon day, etc.

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