Common Household Products to Remove Clothing Stains

Here are some ideas of common household products that can be used to remove rust, grease, blood, grass, ketchup, make-up, lipstick, crayon, tomato sauce, red wine, gum, and coffee stains from clothing.

When it comes to any clothing stain, getting to it as quickly as possible improves the chances of successfully removing the stain.

Rust – Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice onto the stain or use bottled lemon juice.  Lay the clothing in the sun to dry the lemon juice.  If the rust is removed once dry, wash and dry as usual.  If not, repeat the process.

Grease – Try rubbing alcohol or a dish detergent such as Dawn to get grease stains out of clothing.

Blood – Soak the garment in cold water, the colder the better.  While the item is in the cold water, scrub the stain and it should all come out, but if there is a bit remaining, apply some stain remover and launder in cold water.

Grass Stains – Rubbing alcohol or dish detergent should do the trick if scrubbed onto stubborn grass stains.

Ketchup – Soak in cold water and then wash in hot water.

Make-up – Rub shampoo or dish detergent into the stain.

Lipstick – Apply some non-gel toothpaste to the stain.

Crayon – It is important to remove as much of the crayon as you can by scraping it off.  Apply non-gel toothpaste to what is left of the stain and rub it on.  Allow it to soak before laundering as usual.

Tomato Sauce – Soak clothing in cold water and wash in cold water.

Red Wine – Club soda will remove red wine if the stain is fresh.  Otherwise, try a combination of equal parts dishwashing liquid and vinegar.

Gum – If you get gum stuck on an article of clothing, try freezing it and chipping the gum off with a butter knife.  If that doesn’t work, wait until the gum is back to room temperature and try using peanut butter to remove it.

Coffee – Blot with cold water as quickly after the spill as you can.  If this does not remove the stain, try Club Soda or vinegar.

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