A Simple and Safe Way to Get Rid of Cockroaches

My short guide will show an easy method of killing roaches.

Cockroaches are an annoying pest that invades your home and lives in cracks and other places. Insecticides are what most people use to kill these annoying and disgusting creatures though bug spray for cockroaches are quite hazardous to everyone because of the chemicals and poisons used to kill cockroaches. Insecticides are also very poisonous to small children too so I will tell you a safer yet simple option. You won’t even have to go to a store for the safe roach killer solution.

You just have to simply get soap from bathroom or wherever and get a spray bottle or just a normal bottle and fill it with water and some soap into a mixture. Don’t go mixing your whole chunk of soap since it you just need a light amount and the chunk will take too long to dissolve. When you see a roach spray the whole body and the roach will be unable to breathe. This is because the soap water creates a layer over the pores of the roach effectively killing it.

Or you can just simply splash soap water on the cockroach which is also effective so the mess will only be a dead cockroach though sometimes they live so I suggest throwing the cockroach down the toilet and not the trash can and some soap water on the floor. So you just have to soak up the water with towels or a rag. Such a simple and money saving option than poisonous insecticides.

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  1. I am not sure this solution works. Think of how many roaches come from drains that are constantly filled with soap water?!? I think the best way to kill a roach is actually to get a can of RAID.


  2. Yeah, I agree with Vic. Soapwater . . . I don’t know what kind of roaches you have encountered, but mine can seriously spend the whole day dying and frying in 100+F degree heat. Hate to say it, but I think soap isn’t gonna do the trick for me.

  3. How about just squishing it with a papertowel? I was hoping for something quicker than a “one at a time” method.

  4. The spray cans are very bad for your health. You should try other methods first. These are suggestions from other websites. Baking soda, gels, glue traps, soap water. Keep your place clean and free from water. Roaches can survive a a long time w/o food but can’t survive as long w/o water, so don’t leave water in the sink.

  5. Get some old newspaper.
    Roll them up into a stick.
    Walk around the cockroach so it get used to having you around.
    When in striking distance,
    Bring down the newspaper roll on the cockroach.
    The cockroach is stunned because of the shockwave.
    Use some tissue paper to crush the cockroach and throw it in the dustbin.

    Helpful to keep newspaper rolls ready for swatting cockroaches.
    Roll them in a conical fashion so that the striking end is not too solid.
    Because you don’t want the cockroach splattering when you hit it.

    No insecticide needed.
    Works like a dream.
    Try this method, and you can avoid using toxic insecticides in your home.
    It is highly effective in controlling the cockroach population.

  6. i cant stand the sprays because i have breathing problems and when we spray i start coughing until i get real sick sometimes i cough so much i vomit

  7. Soap absolutely works. Just try it. Drop a blob of soap lather on a roach and they scurry around for a few seconds before flipping over and dying.

    Also, it doesn’t work mechanically as suggested. Soap chemically disrupts insect respiratory systems. Soap has been evolved numerous time by different plants in order to protect against parasitic insects. Soapwort is an example.

    Note that organic farmers often use natural soaps as an organic alternative to insecticides. If you do this on your plants, rinse off the soap film a few hours afterwards.

    Detergent is probably the most powerful household ’soap’ to use in a spray. A 5% solution is probably enough.

  8. Ive tried every thing to kill my roaches and it onley seems to make them worse.Iwont let any one come to my home.What can I do?

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