30 Unique Uses for Dental Floss

Besides keeping your teeth and gums healthy, here are 30 other uses for dental floss.

  1. Hang things : Dental floss is made of durable and strong material. Instead of using wire or string, you can use dental floss to hang picture frames, wind chimes and so on.
  2. D.I.Y. clothes line : If you are on vacation or if you are at a camping site, you can make you own makeshift clothes line to hang wet clothes using dental floss.
  3. Cut food into thin slices or pieces : Just wrap around your finger with dental floss and wrap the other end of the floss around your finger on your other hand. You can cut through cakes, cheese and also hard:boiled egg to slice them into thin or small pieces, cleaner and neater than using knife.
  4. Cut food which has delicate texture : It is difficult to cut food like jelly and soft cheese. You can use dental floss to make a clean cut for such food.
  5. Patch holes : You can sew up holes on your swimsuit by sewing up back and forth over the holes until the holes are covered with the dental floss patch. If possible, find the dental floss that has the same colour as the material of your swimsuit.
  6. Sew buttons, hooks, etc. : Use dental floss the same way you use thread to sew buttons, hooks, etc on your clothes.
  7. Separate photographs : Slide the dental floss underneath the corner of a photograph that is stuck to another photograph or the page of an album and work through across the surfaces to separate them without damaging the photographs.
  8. Lift off food from baking tray : Slide through a strand of dental floss between the cookies or the pastries and the baking tray, and you will be able to lift off the food without damaging them.
  9. Tie up packages : Use dental floss instead of strings to tie up small packages to secure the lid.
  10. D.I.Y. fishing rod : In case you break your fishing line, you can use dental floss to replace it.
  11. Remove tight ring from finger : Wrap waxed dental floss from the tip of your finger until you reach the ring. Slide the ring over the waxed floss and you will be able to remove it easily.
  12. Repair umbrella : You can fix your umbrella by using dental floss to secure the loose fabric to the umbrella ribs by sewing them up neatly.
  13. Give support to climbing plants : You can tie up vine plants to a stick using dental floss to support them.
  14. Fix loose parts : You can fix loose hose attached to the tap by wrapping it up with dental floss. Tie up the floss tightly to secure the hose.
  15. Repair outdoor equipment : Since dental floss is made of a strong, durable material, you can use it to fix outdoor equipment like tent, windbreaker, backpack, etc. Use floss to patch up holes, sew the torn seams and secure loose hooks attached to your outdoor gear.
  16. String beaded fashion accessories : Instead of using normal thread, use dental floss to string beads to make necklaces and bracelets. You can also use floss to repair and restring your jewelery and pearls.
  17. Cooking aid : Unwaxed dental floss can also be used to truss poultry or to tie up rolled pieces of meat or bacon in cooking.
  18. String garland : Dental floss is also good for making flower garlands.
  19. Seal gaps : Sometimes when you remove the nail or screw on the wall, it will leave small gaps on the wall. Wind dental floss and roll it in some glue and fill up the gaps with the fiber. Cover it up with some paint.
  20. Repair wood : You can also repair wood cracks by using a length of stretched dental floss which is rolled in some glue. Work into the wood by sliding it through the fissure and you will be able to fill the slit with the adhesive.
  21. Clean in between cracks of furniture : You can floss in between the cracks of your furniture to remove dirt.
  22. Clean crevices between tools : You can also floss the crevices in between tools to remove dirt.
  23. Emergency shoe lace : Use dental floss to temporarily replace your broken shoe lace.
  24. Prison break? : I bet you have heard of this. There were cases where prisoners had escaped by using dental floss to cut through steel and in a separate case, a prisoner climbed down the prison wall using dental floss woven into long rope (Don’t ever try these at home!).
  25. Chew toy for pets : Dental floss tied up together in the shape of bone had been made as chew toy for dogs. This is also beneficial for the pet as it can remove its plague and tartar.
  26. Emergency medical uses : In emergency cases, dental floss had been used to tie up severed arteries as a result of a freak accident and to tie up umbilical cord in an emergency delivery.
  27. Repair shoes : You can replace worn stitches on your shoes by stitching through the shoes using dental floss.
  28. Tie hair : If you are out of hair band, you can use dental floss to tie up your hair.
  29. Make a small net : Dental floss can be threaded into small nets to catch small fish in the river.
  30. Hang Christmas decorations : You can use dental floss to hang up your Christmas decorations and ornaments on the Christmas tree.
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  1. You have a lot of great uses here. I like the one about removing a ring. I would never have thought of that and it is a problem we all run into at least once. I will be sure to remember it.

  2. Hi Darlene. Got the tips from a friend of mine. Thank you very much for your support.

  3. i like the prison break part….it’s so cool….

  4. Heard that the prisoners who climbed down the rope made of dental floss suffered massive injuries and cuts on their arteries.

  5. Here is a use you have never heard of: Is you dog having puppies? Use dental floss to tie off the puppy’s umbilical cord.

  6. A little concern about the “chew toy” for dog item… What if the bundle unravels and the dog swallows all that string? That could cause a serious blockage in digestive tract and mean a visit to the vet!

  7. Thank you for your support and comments. I will try to improve my articles in future.

  8. a good chewtoy idea for my teeething cat

  9. Interesting ideas…very creative and ingenius!

    Best wishes.


    -Liane Schmidt.

  10. repairing umbrella huh? very useful to ppl who hs to replace umbrellas every month

  11. Unusual uses indeed. Feeling like a Mc Gyver now

  12. U r sooo ol skool, Good Floss.

  13. For the archers out there: you can also use dental floss to make a nock on your bowstring. It stops the arrow from running up or down the string.

  14. The brides train hook broke and she had to hold the train over her arm the rest of the night!!! To avoid this potential disaster, BEFORE the wedding…replace the thread that holds the hooks with dental floss. Also the wrist strap could benefit too if the gown is made with one.

  15. I just used the dental floss to remove the ring of of my son’s finger. He just received his class ring, his first ring ever. He was messing around and put it on his middle finger. Well, he couldn’t get it off and kept saying that how can it go on so easy and not come off the same way…I think we all wonder that! The oil and the ice didn’t do anything got on the net and found the dental floss. It did work with some pain, but it did the job

  16. I’m with Tochol about the chew toy problems. My dog has swallowed a length of string before, and though it made it most of the way through, he was not a happy camper when I had to pull the out the rest that didn’t come.

  17. Wow! I searched for something helpful and I found this one. I just have one question here. Can I use dental floss when committing suicide?

  18. Great list! I would advise just using it for your teeth!

  19. Hahaha, this is amazing. My teacher told us that he used dental floss to sew up a cut on his hand. We all thought he was joking but now i see that he probably actually did it. Amazing! Haha, hes a smart guy i see. :)

  20. To Kent Gomez comment………….What the hello are you saying here about dental floss and suicide. We have enough disturbing issues in this world as it is. This is for “Useful” advice as suicide is not a joke or should ever be joked upon.

  21. When access is limited, I wrap some around the nut, balance the nut on my finger tip, line it up with the bolt, pull the string and spin it on similar to a toy top.

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