22 Wonderful Uses For Petroleum Jelly

Today, Vaseline is found in nearly every medicine chest, glove compartment, purse, desk drawer, garage, emergency kit and winter coat pocket. It is still used for cuts and scrapes, but over the years the list has grown by leaps and bounds.

Petroleum Jelly in it’s raw form was a curse to U.S. oil drillers in the late 1800’s. It had a paraffin like consistency that stuck to the shaft of their rigs and caused them to seize up. The chemist, Robert Cheseborough created a gel by distilling thin oil rendered from the raw material the drillers liked to call “rod wax.”

In 1870 Cheseborough opened his first factory in Brooklyn, New York, under the brand name “Vaseline” as an ointment for skin injuries.

Below are but a few of the many uses people have found for the wonder ointment, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly:

  1. Water Rings on Wood Furniture:

    Rub petroleum into damaged area with your fingers and let stand for a few hours or if possible overnight. In the morning remove excess jelly with a paper towel and buff with a soft cloth.

  2. Super Glue Cap:

    Often after it’s first use, the super glue cap ends up stuck fast to the tube and can’t be used again. Put a thick coating of jelly inside the cap threads to keep it from gluing itself shut. This will work on any cap or lid that may stick.

  3. To Shine Shoes:

    A thin coating of jelly on shoes, boots and purses will keep them looking great and repel water and road salt. Wipe on a thin layer and wipe off excess with a soft cloth.

  4. Squeaky Doors:

    Quiet a squeaky door hinge with a coating of petroleum jelly on the hinge pin. Your door will be quiet and you don’t have to worry about messy drips.

  5. Keep Your Hands Clean:

    No matter what the chore, if it is messy rub on Petroleum Jelly before you begin. It will keep paint, stain, car grease, and garden dirt from embedding in your skin. It will soften your hands while protecting your skin. Just wipe off with paper towel or an old rag for clean up.

  6. Hair Coloring:

    To keep hair color from staining your skin, apply Petroleum Jelly along hairline and ears before you begin.

  7. Cuts and Sores:

    When Petroleum Jelly first hit the market, it’s purpose was for protecting cuts and scrapes by acting as a barrier to keep out moisture and bacteria.

  8. Moisturizer:

    If you have sensitive skin Petroleum Jelly can be used as an all over body moisturizer. It contains no chemicals or perfumes.

  9. Car Battery Posts:

    Stop battery post corrosion by applying Petroleum Jelly on the terminals.

  10. Outdoor Lights:

    A thin coating of Petroleum Jelly on light bulb threads will prevent them from sticking when they need to be replaced.

  11. Nail Polish:

    Rub Petroleum Jelly on the skin around your nails before polishing. If you make a mistake it can be wiped off when your nails are dry and it softens cuticles at the same time.

  12. Paint Cans:

    Petroleum Jelly forms an air tight seal when applied around the inside edge of the can.

  13. Frozen Locks:

    To keep your locks from freezing, smear Petroleum Jelly on the shaft of the key and insert it into the lock. Work the key and lock 4 or 5 times to lubricate the tumblers. This is also a good remedy for keys and locks that just don’t seem to work smoothly together.

  14. Sticky Drawers:

    Apply petroleum Jelly along the runner on a sticky drawer to make it slide more freely.

  15. Rough Feet:

    If you are like so many people, your feet are hard, calloused and dry. Apply petroleum Jelly to your feet after bathing or showering. Apply within the first three minutes of bathing before the moisture on your skin evaporates. It will make your feet softer, and act as a moisture barrier to keep your feet from drying out.

  16. Garbage Can Lids:

    In the winter rubber garbage can lids can freeze to the can. A thin coat of Petroleum Jelly will keep it from sticking.

  17. Chapped Lips:

    Apply as needed.

  18. Makeup Remover:

    Use as you would any makeup remover. It removes makeup safely while softening your skin.

  19. Diaper Rash:

    Use in place of expensive ointments and creams to prevent rash.

  20. Tight Finger Rings:

    Apply to your finger and the ring will slide off.

  21. Grandpa’s Bald Head:

    Gives a glistening shine for those special occasions. Just apply and polish.

  22. Nuts and Bolts:

    Keep nuts, bolts and screws from rusting by coating with Petroleum before using.

Why spend unnecessary money on countless bottles, cans and jars of chemical products when one inexpensive jar of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly can do it all? It’s easy on the environment, contains no allergens or chemicals and is easy on the pocket book!

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  1. Good info!

  2. Good tips! I think I will try the one for hair coloring. I dye my hair all of the time and I think this tip will be useful.

  3. Another great piece of work, though I’m so late in saying so.

  4. she forgot one of the best uses of petroleum jelly…..jerk. ehh you know what i mean

  5. You have no couth. Most people don’t need to be told.

  6. This is GREAT! I love the one about grandpa’s bald head! LOL!! But, like aspirin, this enduring product keeps surprising us. Thank you for writing this article. It get’s posted on the ‘fridge for sure!

  7. Use on your refrigerator door, to keep the seal lasting longer. Also apply on your storm windows to slide better and not stick.

  8. If your rings on the shower curtain rod stick when you try and pull the shower curtain across…apply a little PJ to the rod.
    Aplly to the runners of your sliding glass doors and for the sliding screen door especially.

  9. Wonderful. Many Thanks.

  10. Also great for keeping the rubber around removable car tops from becoming brittle.

  11. I applied it to a bird feeder pole to keep the squirrels from climbing it. Was fun to watch them try to get up that slick pole…

  12. This is no new news for the African American crowd. We’ve known its uses for generations.

  13. Awesome work Darlene! You’re back on the list of Hot Content!

  14. Great tip about putting it on my fingers before I polish them! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve messed up and had to remove then re-polish a nail. Now I don’t have to spend $10 on a polish correction pen! Thanks!


  16. I detail cars and use it lightgly on all the weatherstriping around doors and trunk to prevent drying

  17. Fire hazard warning– just a reminder that clothing that has been touched by the PJ can set your dryer on fire–and PJ is dangerous for people who need oxygen by cannula to their nose because it can catch on fire as well–

  18. What about, sex, sex, sex? it works for that too. Grease it up and ram it in

  19. My father used it on his garden tools to keep them from rusting after he washed them off, and my husband uses it for his boat and camper hitch-ball


  21. i use it when installing o rings on fuel injectors. it is harmless to the motors fuel system and prevents nicks in the tiny or ing

  22. Thanks everyone for your input! It amazes me how many uses people have for Petroleum Jelly. I love to hear all the new ideas.

    Looks like I could write another article with all this info.

  23. I have found that it also works great when shaving. I apply a coat of it before the Barbasol and then shave. After shaving I apply another layer of Petroleum Jelly with face cream and rub it in really good and then splash it down with water. My face looks pretty shiny at this point so I take a hair dryer and haze my skin just a bit, then grab a paper towel and pat the excess off. Works great for a close smooth shave.

  24. Ladies, mix pj with any powder makeup ( eye shadow, blush) to make it into a cream makeup. I’ve been using it in my favorite wine-color eyeshadow to make it into a lip stain. works great.

  25. For you golfer’s that can’t get rid of that slice. This is probably illegal but it works great. Rub the face of your driver with a thin layer of vaseline and swing normal. It keeps the ball from spinning and goes straight.If you can’t hide the vaseline jar from your opponents chap stick works just as well and you can hide it better.

  26. Have a screen door that you have to hit the inside latch to open? Put a little PJ on the striker plate,, problem solved!

  27. I apply a small dab to the top of the front paw of my cat. It helps with the dry cough caused from hairballs. Helps my cat with his hairball problems. Haven’t heard that dry cough in years after starting this. Snuffy, my cat is 18! Is very large and hairy, you can imagine the hair he licks.

  28. Very useful and innovative!

  29. i have found it useful by smearing a small amount around the drains at home – catches the clogging mess

  30. fantastic for fishing gear – lines and gears

  31. Wow Darlene, comments are pouring in and I guess so are views. When viewed this article 2 hours back, it had 78 “LIKE ITs” and now its 115! Amazing! Really fantastic!

  32. I use it to slide by at work. It is hard to see and the boss never knows differently.

  33. I use it on my daughter’s hair before I braid or comb it to give it shine. It also helps the hair to grow. I use it around the hairline before I perm. I also use it on my brows in the winter to give it a little shine and keep it soft.

  34. I use it on my daughter’s hair before I braid or comb it to give it shine. It also helps the hair to grow. I use it around the hairline before I perm. I also use it on my brows in the winter to give it a little shine and keep it soft.

  35. great for minor burns

  36. Wow Anita……..did you use PJ when you lived in Africa, or just after you came to America to live?

  37. oil is an electrical insulator–if you put it on battery terminals, it WILL suppress rust, but it will also impede the electrical flow..everything else sounds great!

  38. These are all great uses for the jelly….however….it is basically napalm….it can be used for improvised explosive devices….which i will not elaborate here…however…realize it is extremely flammable….so DON’T use it around candles etc.

  39. Another use for Petroleum Jelly is T-tops on a car. Apply a thin coat of PJ to the seals on your t-tops and this will help to keep the seals from cracking and drying out. It will also help keep the t-tops from leaking.

  40. I use it on my hummingbird feeder to keep the ants away. I apply it to the hook, the top, and around the tip of each feeding cup. It also keeps the syrup from dripping out. Thanks all for the great tips. I’ll have to go out and buy more.

  41. I use Vaseline as a night time moisturizer. It’s a bit heavy and takes some getting used to, but works a lot better than the expensive night creams that I’ve tried. I’m in my 60’s and have been told many times that I have beautiful skin with few wrinkles- heredity or Vaseline? Who knows, but I intend to keep using it.

  42. I use PJ on my lips. Apply a layer on the top and bottom lip. Wait a minute or two and lightly rub lips with an old toothbrush. Wipe off with a wet, warm napkin or rag. It leaves your lips soft and crust free.

  43. Also, if you’ve got sensitive scalp, part the hair in 4 sections and apply in the scalp before you perm your hair. This prevents scalp irritation from the chemicals.

  44. Beth on comment #39, that was beyond ignorant. That shows how useless you are in life. By the way, I loved this article. It was cool to see all the uses.

  45. You are not suppose to use Vaseline for internal use in your body, because it is not water soluble, and the body has difficulty eliminating it. So using it for sex is wrong. You need to use a waterbased soluble like ky jelly, etc. So if the men out there are having problems, don’t use Vaseline.

  46. #18 & #42, I’m gonna try it on my sunroof seals. Thumbs up!

  47. I once babysat for a beautiful woman who swore that Vaseline helped the regrowth of her eye lashes and used it liberally both on her eye lids and also as a facial moisturizer. As she was an avid golfer and was exposed to plenty of sun, this also acted as a barrier to the sun and prevented her skin from drying out. Last I heard, she retired to Hawaii and still boasts the values of Vaseline and youthful skin.

  48. Good grief, does racism have to enter every single topic in life? Commenters #13, 39, and 47 just add to the divide. I guess this comment will, too. If only petroleum jelly could somehow gum up any mouth that utters anything to do with race. That would be a really good use of the stuff.

  49. Good ideas except #13, which is a very bad idea. The petroleum jelly will collect soot and grit each time you use a key in the lock and ultimately gum up the works. Graphite is the lubricant locksmiths use for sticky locks.

  50. here here to #50. shut up about it everybody. this is about pt. no race uses it more, or less. it’s about family. i’m white and my mom and i use it on our skin about once a week to moisturize and prevent aging. and my bestfriend gabbi who is black and mexican, well she uses it on her eyebrows. learned behavoir. don’t be silly. all humans are the same. petty and quibbling. relaaaaax. enjoy the internet. have something refreshing. pet an animal or go learn something new on wikipedia, eh?

  51. Can’t believe no one mentioned this yet. I use it all the time when replacing washing machine hoses. Put a little on the inside and outside of each end. Goes on the machine and the pipe easily. No more rust or corrosion, even if you have hard water. And, if you ever need to take it off, comes off easily also.

  52. PJ is appropriate for cats with hairball issues, though you can also use Laxatone, Petromalt or Laxastat as PJ is its primary ingredient. However, I’ve known people who just take a fingerful of PJ and apply it to the side of kitty’s mouth (towards the back of the throat), and it works wonders. Some vets feel that PJ — without the additives found in the above-mentioned products — is too harsh for a cat’s digestive system but others say it’s fine if it’s done once per week.

  53. Love lube

  54. Beth’s comment was number 38, not 39, Megara. And it was terrific!!

  55. my dad would use PJ on car door handles and other car parts when he would paint a car so he wouldn’t have 2 take them off u just goop it on & paint the car & then wipe it off when the car would dry

  56. i once got oil base paint in my hair while painting took a litte pj it remove the paint fast and after a few shampoos hair wasn’t even oily

  57. Well everybody, I think all the people who get on here and post stupid comments that has nothing to do with the topic are lame and have no substantial meaning to their life. Therefore, they must satisfy their urge for attention and “popularity” by stirring the pot on issues obiviously more exciting than their own lives. So, I think we should start a post on the number of ways these idiots could improve their own misfortuned situations . They could start by acting like adults. They could also stop dressing up in their obi-wan-kenobi outfits and quit pretending their bathroom is a space ship and they are conquering space aliens. These are just a few ways, ladies and gentleman, we could avoid absolutely mind numbing retarted posts like, #50, #5, #20, #46 and of course #52. Thank You.

  58. I play the flute and I use PJ to lubricate the parts that are put together. It works great.

  59. Thanks Logic for the good laugh!

  60. hee hee
    still laughing Logic!!!!!!!!!

  61. I use pj on small rust areas protects from rusting too fast

  62. I used pj on my daughter’s bottom after every diaper change she is now 15 months and she as never developed a rash.

  63. Just like my moms vaselin jar that is still around since 1980-I bought my own in 2003! And I still use it, when I dye my hair…

  64. Fishing/Boating/Diving:
    Smear it on anything with a zipper (even the plastic zippers) Works great on tackle bags, Bimini top zippers, etc. Never have a stuck zipper again! Smear a thin coat on your fishing knives before storage and they will be rust free the next time you reach for them…even if it’s not unitl next Spring! Divers…pack the sheath of your dive knife with it and your knife will stay rust free for years! (old Navy Diver trick I learned years ago.)

  65. I never knew that. Good to know. Thanks

  66. Put PJ on a band-aid and apply to tha sore and it won’t stick and the wound will heel much faster and scab less

  67. Thanks Darlene, always a fountain of knowledge! I find it a useful product too.

  68. i use it for sumething different rofl u could only imagine………………..looool

  69. Thumbs up to Logic. And to Darlene!!!! It was a great article. Why do so many feel the need to post a comment that has nothing to do with what they have read? You are bright enough to read : cant you think???

  70. GOOD ONE DARLENE!!!!! Nice to see you back on top!!!

  71. Put a coat of PJ in your nostrils before bed and it helps you breathe easier and it keeps your sinuses from drying out. This is especailly helpful in a dry climate. As for applying PJ before you shave, what a pain in the butt! It’s almost impossible to wash off of your hands, the razor gets clogged up and there are little globs of shaven beard all over the place!

  72. PJ is also good for reducing acne. It softens your skin, causing the pores to flow normal amounts of oil through the skin

  73. #20 Tyler that is so not appropriate

  74. #74 I agree with you 110%. I have cystic acne and for years I’ve used RX and started using PJ and it started to cleared my face up the first night. Even if I have break outs, I use it 2 times a day and it clears it up. The best stuff in the world!!!

  75. #39 by jb, Oct 7, 2007

    that is so very wrong. it will not impede current flow. battery terminals are connected via the wire (or any metallic conductor) and current flows from the path which has the least resistance.

  76. I have cystic acne and for awhile it was causing problems on my inner thighs. I used PJ to lessen abrasion and it worked great, but my doc claims that it traps bacteria and other no no’s … therefore it is not recomended by doctors in todays vast bacterial and fungal outgrowth worldwide.

  77. while in the USMC i used PJ on my under arm areas and inner thighs and all abrasive areas for those nitty gritty 8 mile runs everyday.

  78. Darlene, very good information – but wow what controversy!

  79. I was on crutches for a little bit, and I know it bothers me when I had the crutches constantly irritating my skin. I wish I would’ve thought about this sooner, but the pj would probably reduce the rubbing away of the skin with crutches underneath the arms.

  80. Thanks for some info. We also use PJ in all kinds of electronic equipment and appliances that we repair. You can also use it in cable wires to easily insert it to a pipe. It’s so useful. It helps a lot in your everyday life.

  81. I would like to comment to those people that are trying to pollute this column. If you have nothing to say nice or you just want to input dirty thoughts, just dont say anything…
    “Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile. Psalm 34:13″
    “The tongue of the wise use knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools pour out fooloishness. Proverbs 15:2 “

  82. I have been using pj for many, many years. It always kept my skin moisturized and shiny. It was always better than any lotion that I have ever used. Then, when I discovered the organic/natural websites, they terrified me into thinking that pj was bad for the skin. So, I stopped using it and bought their expensive lotion. The lotion smells nice, but it disappears so fast into the skin that 5 seconds later, my skin looks dry again. I am so mad that I threw out my pj. I am going right back to the store and getting me another jar so that my skin can stop looking dry and cracked up.

  83. I have many uses for it. I use it as the best ever foot cream. I am a jogger and my feet are nice and never torn up. I just put some on every day after my shower and right before I put my socks on. No more torn up feet or cracked heels. I use it as an under eye cream and I am virtually wrinkle free. It plumps up the fine lines around crows feet and diminishes them. I use it when I am painting and put some on my brushes when I put them away for storage. It helps keep the bristles from drying out and keeps my brushes like new. It also makes them easier to clean. I have dry skin and it eats up fragrance like crazy. So I put a little on my wrists and neck before applying fragrance and it makes the fragrance last longer and acts like a fixative. There are so many uses for this inexpensive product. I always keep a big jar of it in my medicine cabinet and it gets used daily.

  84. I used pj to lube my Rubik’s Cube

  85. Could you please tell me if petroleum jelly has any form of silk in it

    Thank You

  86. #87
    Hi Robin. I have never heard of silk in any form being used in petroleum jelly. I have found a few brands with fragrance lately though. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is pure. As long as you stick to that, you will be fine.


  87. Get er done! Get er done! Get er done!

  88. My sister had breast cancer. At the Mayo Clinic in New York they told her to use Petroleum Jelly under her arms as deoderant. I have been using it for two years and it works fantastic. I have tried the essential oils, almond oils but vaseline works really well. Try it you will be surprised. I have never had a problem with my clothes either.

  89. Hi,
    I have a budgie, it has a disease called scaly face(caused due to the scaly borrowing mite). I have started to apply vaseline on its beak, cere, area near the eye and its legs. i just read in another site saying that vaseline and petroleum jelly are toxic for birds. Please let me know about your comments for it so that I know that I am not toxicating my bird.

  90. ZMD #91

    I have never heard of Vaseline being toxic but, I am not an authority. I can tell you what I do know that may help some. Vaseline should be spread thinly so the bird can’t ingest it. Don’t use scented Vaseline. The scent may irritate the animal or make it sick.
    My Lovebird plucks her feathers. When new feathers grow in they are sharp and catch on things so I put a thin coating of Vaseline over the new growth to keep them close to her skin. It keeps them from catching, causing her to pluck them before they have a chance to grow. If you are worried about toxicity, you can talk to your pharmacist, health store owner, doctor, or someone who raises birds.

    Good luck,

  91. Its realy great

  92. Its realy great

  93. Its realy great

  94. Yes, it’s all very interesting but does anyone know vaseline’s:

    1. Dielectric strength
    2. Electrical resistivity
    3. Melting point
    4. Thermal expansion coefficient

    I want to use it in transformers.


  95. I used it as a topic for my paper at school, a good idea indeed

  96. my friend also says that petroleum jelly can also be used for lubricating a rubik’s cube. she does so herself.:)

  97. I see someone already mentioned squirrels and bird feeders. When you slick the pole with PJ you can pretty much guarantee that the squirrels will have to find another way. They hate the stuff. It is funny to see one scrubbing his paws with dirt to try to remove the grease. Their reaction is similar to someone who has stepped in dogdoo. I guess if you are a creature who leaps and climbs all days to make a dangerous living you don\’t want grease on you soles.

  98. Woah! This made me felt the urge to go shopping again. I bought my first Vaseline petroleum jelly load today :P

    I found that it also helps fight nail fungus, which I had cus when I was little, I didn’t dry my hands and feet well enough after swimming :( . And I also had the habit of biting my nails. We’ll see, hope it will help my nail fungus. (In my school – major peer pressure, lol)

    Thanks for the article. I learnt a lot more. :)

  99. i use it to lubricate my rubiks cube it great REALLY REALLY REALL REALLY great r u single

  100. you know chuck norris uses pj on everything he does

  101. #39 Was a great help, thanks jb!
    I have always used it on battery terminals, but when I used it on an earth connection which was corroded – so cleaned with wire wool) it completely killed the speedo, rev counter & dashboard!!!)
    cleaned it off with isopropyl alcohol (switch cleaner), put the joint together dry, covered with copperease and all is well.

    so one thing not to use it is eletrical stuff – use coppease instead, or just clean the joints.

    I reckon the reason it worked with battery terminals is that the old post ones used to twist on, so they would cut through and give metal to metal contact despite the PJ

  102. is petroleum jelly helpful in treating scars? thank you..

  103. i love petroleum jelly! i have mild acne and i used benzoyl peroxide to treat it but my face turned red and very very flaky. im using PJ to moisturize it and now it’s better.. :)

  104. I use PJ inside (outside) electrical sockets that are exposed to the elements; on humming bird lines to keep the ants out; to lubricate o rings, screws, plastic & rubber, and pretty much anything I don’t want to stick shut…

    #104 for scars…it may be too late, but while the cut or injury is fresh, I use the sap or juice from an aloe vera plant. I simply cut off a leaf from my plant and wipe the sap on the injury. I usually cut off a 4-12 inch leaf and keep the cut portion in a glass of water to keep it fresh. My son has had some pretty nasty falls and he has NO scars when I apply often… Good luck to you :-)

  105. These comments have helped me be at ease with pj, I have been using it as a moisturizer for the whole body, and someone told me the pores would be clogged and it was toxic.
    I have an alergy to the sun, and since I started using pj, I can play golf and swim in the ocean again.
    thank you

  106. Yeah, it does work great for rubiks cubes
    take one peice out of the rubiks cube and out PJ on the inside to make it have a “smoother” feel while turning it
    and you can turn the sides faster making it take less time to solve it :D

  107. I found using a small dab on a shaving cut will stop the bleeding
    and help the cut to heal more quickly. Much better than using pieces of torn bathroom tissue.

  108. wow.. i have learn also in our survival training that you can use vaseline to cook eggs in just small amount. all you to do is get a cotton a coat it with vaseline, light it and its ready for cooking. usually the fire last for 3 mins or 4 which is enough to cook the eggs..

  109. I’ve learned some new uses for PJ. Thanks! Also, to #81, Great comment!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. This informationis really good but i was wondering about what was in it thanks good one on grandpar

  111. pj is wonderful, but whats its melting point?

  112. Hi anonymous prestidigitator,

    Petrolatum is a flammable, semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons, having a melting-point usually ranging from a little below to a few degrees above 100°F (37°C).



  113. Petroleum jelly is safe. Been using it for years. I am from Spain, and the women over here rub a light layer of PJ on their face at night. Keeps the skin looking young and supple. Its actually a good anti-wrinkle remedy. Thats why a lot of spanish women have such great looking skin. I also make bath & body products and use this in my product and cosmetics. Works great and it melts in a double boiler nicely within 2 minutes. NO FLAMES. It’s not as flammable as some think it is. It’s used in many lotions and ointment on the market. Listed as Petrolatum.

  114. Can PJ also be used on window glass when painting to keep paint from sticking?

  115. Be careful with using petroleum jelly around your eyes. From what I’ve heard, it can clog your tear ducts, and since it’s not water soluble it’s really difficult to remove, and obviously would cause a lot of problems with keeping your eyes hydrated.

    I’ve only heard this from other people who don’t necessarily know the scientific facts; maybe it’s just a myth. It makes sense though, and you won’t regret being careful (especially if using it as a makeup remover or facial moisturizer). :)

  116. does any one know of an effective way to clean up after pj. like off glass surfaces, clothes, my pesky 2yo who decided to to use it every where when she found my jar!!!! If there are any suggestions please respond to my post. Thanks

  117. contains no chemicals? Actually it is made up of many chemicals. I found this out because I have multiple allergies and had to know what’s in it. Here’s a page.

    Active Ingredients: Petrolatum.
    Other Ingredients: Water, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, C12-15 Alkyl Lactate, Myreth-3 Myristate, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Microcrystalline Wax, Tocopheryl Acetate Ceteareth-20, Carbomer, Tea, Ethylene Brassylate, Methylparaben, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate.

    now look up each of those chemicals….

  118. #102 by carrie, I don’t know if PJ is good for scars, but vitamin E is. At least that’s what my wife uses for hers.

    Darlene this is a great post that got lots of comments.


  119. thanks for all the info, some of it was funny, sadly I don`t have a grandad anymore, and can`t try it,maybe I`ll ask dad, some years from now…:)ok JUNMENDEZ82, I`ll bite, why do they inject it? :)

  120. OMG! i am 14 years old and was just surfing the net when i found this.. this is amazing! so many useful uses!!! rlly good i tell u matey…
    i don’t even think n e one is going to read this….i mean, it is #121…
    way at the bottom..so i don’t even know y i am writing this

  121. Hi, petel lover,

    You would be surprised to know who reads to the bottom of these articles. Thank you for commenting and I am glad you liked the article.


  122. I know these are but just a few of the uses for this amazing stuff. It really does work wonders and the best part is it is all natural! Great article

  123. Hi, Jan!

    Nice to see you here. Thanks for the comment. I am thinking of doing a second article on P/J to revise it after getting so many tips from readers.

  124. Excellent article. I sometimes use it on the pads of my dogs feet in the winter.

    God bless you, Darlene, on another success.

  125. I also use vaseline for my eye lashes. Vaseline helps eyelashes grow longer. :)

  126. can vaseline petroleum gely can be used as a lubricant for anal sex

  127. i don like using vaseline as it makes my lips uncomfortable. after that i learned about most lip balms contain petroleum jelly. “It is a derivative of crude oil, mineral oil forms an oily film over skin to lock in moisture. Initially it will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. However it traps in toxins and hinders normal respiration by keeping oxygen out. This can exacerbate skin disorders such as eczema. “

  128. thank you for sharing!!! it’s a greet help

  129. Hello, I need a solution to remove it from pillowcases
    has been washed into the fabric. Help Please

  130. my lips are really chapped and i used it for the last couple days and they feel way better.

    thanks aquaphor by eucerin

    (petroleum jelly) :)

  131. VASLINE

    IS T







  132. i just wanna ask if vaseline jelly if i can apply to my breast?

  133. I use pj to coat my stepping stone molds before pouring in my cement mix. Once the concrete has hardened in the mold, the pj acts as a releasing agent and the stepping stone slips right out of the mold.

  134. using pj on your entire body in the sun,can it cause you to burn? Also what about on your face? Does it clog your pores?

  135. Was doing some research on this stuff. happy to come across a great triond article. Love it. lol

  136. Thanks, David.
    I hope the article helped.

  137. I used to use PJ on my rubicks cube, it works great bt then i discovered white lithium Greece. u need less of it and its VERY smooth. it brought my best time down 15 seconds. u can find some at any good auto store

  138. is it safe to apply it intenal places?

  139. Hi latina,
    I think it would depend on where you use it.

  140. vagina purpose

  141. i love PJ. its awesome on my eyelashes. i put it on before i go to sleep for 3 nights. already, i see my my lashes longer and more full. i dont know what happens when PJ goes in to the eyes…but i guess we just flush it out with water.

  142. latina,
    For external use only means just that. PJ is oil based and become quite sticky. You should look for something water based which is thinner and lighter.

  143. there is some really good advice here.. thanks!

    i use it around my eyes, works amazingly well.. i love it! i dont look so tired now…and ofcourse, i use it when i have chapped lips, makes them soo soft.

  144. i luv this

  145. Could anyone please tell me What is the shelf life of Vaseline Petrolem Jelly. Thank you

  146. Hi Sara,
    I have been told the shelf life of Petroleum Jelly is 8 to 10 years.

  147. Is it a good idea to use pj to keep a baseball glove soft?

  148. awesome.does it help fake jewlrey-like my gold plastic locket heart necklace

  149. PJ can also used in penis Enlargement, like i do.

  150. I really enjoy the read. It was so informative. Thanks

  151. petroleum jelly is a miracle, i think so

  152. may i get chemical composition of petrolium gelly ?

  153. In the 1950\\\’s, Vaseline had no warning, \\\”for external use only\\\”. Some doctors proscribed a tablespoon a day to prevent constipation and keep the digestive system flowing, particularly for older people which is a common problem for them. My parents took it for many, many years and I did for a period of time in those days. I do not do this today and would not recommend anyone to use it internally. It sounds terrible to swallow but it was not that bad at all. It appears that this use was dropped over the years and possibly the content of Vaseline was changed too, making it clearly only for external use. I thought this might be of historical interest to you. I DO NOT RECOMMEND PETROLEUM JELLY FOR ANY INTERNAL USE TODAY UNLESS THE PARTICULAR BRAND IS CLEARED BOTH BY THE MANUFACTURER AND YOUR INTERNAL MEDICINE DOCTOR.

  154. can PJ cure insect bites and heat rash????thank you

  155. can its use for rubik’s cube

  156. Hi shafiq,
    ssmo’s quote (above) on June 13, 2008 says that they use it for their rubik’s cube.

  157. Before I store my garden tools for the winter I give them a coating of Vaseline

  158. My son uses PJ as a fire starter.He melts a jar of PJ ,adds a bag of cotton balls until cotton is well coated.Then he puts them into a plastic Zip-lock bag,closes it and works in the jelly by gently squeezing the contents in the bag.When ready to use,take one cotton ball,fluff it out a little and light.Great way to get your camp fire started.The little tinder will burn on its own for 3-5 minutes. Have fun.

  159. Petroleum Jelly is what\’s left over after making petroleum…GAS! It should never be used on your skin. Your skin is the largest organ and it will absorb what\’s put on it. This is harmful to your liver and stores it as a estrogene fat and then your hormones, men & women, are out of wack. If you want to moisurize your skin, make sure it\’s an all natural oil such as coconut or sesame…Basically, don\’t put anything on your skin that you can\’t eat. And yes ladies, make up is harmful too. sorry

  160. Too many positives to believe your negative buddy.

  161. some people advice against the use of PJ on skin saying it is like painting the skin,it won’t let oxygen in, plus amy’s comments etc. .But those who recommend this product have been using it for many many years and still using it without any side effects. It is really confusing.what is the truth about it?please help.

  162. This article helped me so much!! Thank You Darlene :)

  163. This is crazy. Petroleum has been highly linked to breast cancer yet they are telling you to rub it all over your body! You should certainly NOT put it on your lips. That is why it has been banned from use in makeups/moisturizers in other countries!

  164. I use PJ on elbows knees and ankles before putting on Self Tan Lotion it stops these areas from going darker and makes the tan look natural

  165. What. About tattoos

  166. I just returned from rubber plantations in Cambodia and they use yellow vaseline to cover the tapped area as a fungicide

  167. Can be used on penis pls? does it grow wth it?

  168. Haloo00 guys!!!
    I love this article _
    i’ll try to use pj in my underarms hope this would be effective…

    Thank You anyways!!!

  169. Wow! This is great!! I will definetly use my Vaseline for when I put nail polish on!! I have always hated having to use nail polish remover on my skin cause it makes my finger dry and smell horrible!! Thank you!!

    ~Sara Elizabeth

  170. applied top of my humming bird feeders so the ants wouldnt eat it , and it worked had to be applied after it rained.

  171. Waxelene is a natural alternative to petroleum jelly, and is much nicer on your skin and smells great too. Dry/cracked feet – fuggettaboutit! Running rubbing you the wrong way? Waxelene it.

  172. This is a very attractive segment, gave me a lot of help, thank you for sharing, hope you can update more and better stories.
    One of my conclusions after having worked for over a decade translating research into practice is that the system of having academic researchers in one silo and learning professionals in another silo simply isn’t working.
    Potassium Chloride
    Drilling Additives

  173. This is really good, who would have thought there were so many uses?

  174. This is really good, who would have thought there were so many uses? Nice work

  175. Dear Latina and Darleen,

    lubricants come also in non-waterbased versions, i.e. oil based. What is wrong with using PJ then?

  176. I am a woman of color, and I wash my hair with a shampoo of choice, then I apply pj and braid my hair. When my hair is dry, i have beautiful wavey/curley hair. my hair stays shiny and healthy. PJ is great!, regardless of the negarive comments

  177. could it remove the scar too?

  178. is pj helps for breast enlargement

  179. To dry hair,put Vaseline at your hair and leave it overnight. The next day use baby oil and wash it with shampoo. Second,to make your lips look red without using any lip-gloss or lipstick, mix Vaseline with honey. IT WORKS! I SWEAR TO GOD!

  180. I have been trying to find yellow vaseline (red tin) which I used to use for some of the mechanical tasks described here. I assumed the white stuff was just for cosmetic use, but it would appear from this link they are both the same. Can anyone confirm?

  181. my eye Dr. said to put a small amount in my eyes every night to keep them moist… I use Restasis twice a day for dry eye as well as the Vaseline

  182. did you know it also helps eyelashes grow????

  183. You can use it on your mom
    ” and the lord said ‘let there be petroleum jelly on your mom’”
    Jesus can suck it

  184. can i use vaseline light hydrating jelly aloe fresh to increses my eye lashes?

  185. if i use pj as a cosmetic purposes ,is it have no side effect?? or a harmul effect?

  186. If you have an Old pair of Dentures that you are not using?
    Coat the Dentures with P.J. then place the Dentures back
    in a sealed container and place them in your refrigerator.
    It keeps them incase you should ever have to re-use them
    again… Steve Luecke, Saint Louis Missouri.

  187. all you need to do is to search for the resources given and find out its usage in all aspect of life’s phases and application…

  188. Bein a greaser and rubbing it in your hair. slick it back and your all good.

  189. In my sixties my feet became so dry and the dead skin so thick I couldn’t clean them properly. I began to cover them in PJ and then dawned socks so I wouldn’t stain the carpet.
    I took a month but I cannot believe how thin my skin is now. I have healthy skin on my feet for the first time in years. My feet look quite youthful.
    I also use structured water for bathing and drinking. I use a unit from Nolte but you can spin water to the right in a 2 L coke bottle and using your hands, but that is another story too long to get into.

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