20 More Uses for Coconut

Every part of the coconut plant has its value to humans; Here are 20 more uses of coconut.

  1. Tableware: The shell of a coconut can be used to make tableware such as bowls, serving tray, spoon or ladle.
  2. Fashion accessories : The coconut shell can also be carved out to make fashion accessories like necklaces, bangles, pendants, earrings and so on. In fact, the Hawaiians use coconut shell to make the buttons for their Hawaiian shirts.
  3. Furniture: The trunk of the coconut palm can be turned into furniture.
  4. Fuel source : The coconut shell and coconut husks are good sources of fuel.
  5. Brooms: The midribs of the coconut leaves are usually bundled and tied up with strings to become brooms.
  6. Barbecue skewers : The midribs or the coconut leaves can also be used as barbecue skewers.
  7. Ropes: The fiber material of coconut husk, which is also known as coir, can be used to make ropes.
  8. Brushes : The fiber material of coconut husk can also be used to make brushes which are usually used to scrub floors.
  9. Woven products: The coconut leaves can be woven to create products like baskets, bags and mats.
  10. Musical instruments : Halved coconut shells are knocked together to make up rhythms and beats. The coconut shells are also used to make the base of musical instruments such as the Chinese “ban-hu” and “yea-hu”.
  11. Roof : The dried coconut leaves are used to make roofing materials for tropical huts in the ancient times. However, nowadays roof made up of coconut leaves is still being used for chalets at tourist attractions.
  12. Hair oil : Coconut oil is regularly used as natural hair oil by people in some parts of the world like in India and in Southeast Asia. It is believed that coconut oil can promote healthy hair growth and also to treat hair infected by lice.
  13. Bridge: The palm wood of the coconut trunk is also used as a bridge to cross river in the olden days.
  14. Canoe: The hollowed trunk of coconut palm is used as small canoe by the Hawaiians.
  15. Soap: Coconut oil is used as a basic ingredient in some of the cosmetic soap products.
  16. Toothpaste: Coconut oil is also used as a basic ingredient to make toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
  17. Relieve minor skin irritations : Coconut oil can also be applied to skin to treat minor irritations like insect bites and sunburn.
  18. Compost : The fibre of coconut husk is also used as compost in horticulture.
  19. Medical benefits of virgin coconut oil: Virgin or pure coconut oil is believed to be beneficial to human. More and more research efforts are being put forward to prove that it has many medicinal values such as an important dietary supplement to boost up immune system, assists constipation or digestive problems, assists weight control, anti-cancer agents, anti-aging properties and many more.
  20. Dye : The roots of the coconut plant are used as a dye.
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  1. coconut trees are also known as “the tree of life” or “the tree of thousand uses” in most part of the world especially tropical countries.

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  10. #2 reminds me of how the average person pictures hula girls with coconuts for bras.
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  28. a good camping idea and tips as i just luvvv to camp at the beach.

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  36. More uses from Coconut Tree. Table Runner, Place Mat, Ladies Purse, buttons from shell, KokoNektar as healthy beverage from spadix. Coco Lumber. Wall panels, Fencing, Garden Plot barrier, fire wood, Chair or bench, picture frames from Coco Lumber trimmings. Get a group of 10 people and you will come up with 1000 more uses from coconut tree.

  37. Thanks for the tips on the many uses of the coconut.
    I sell a good amount of coconut water and coconut meat; to whom could I sell my coconut husk? Any tips will be greatly appreciated since I do not want to trow it away.

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  40. Great article, I am from Georgetown Guyana and the article did not mention the cooking aspect of coconut. Sugar Cake (cooked with coconut, sugar and spices and use as desert). Coconut milk, used in cooking \’cook-up-rice, currry chicken, mettem or mettagee and much more. Then there is Coconut Buns, Coconut Cake, Coconut Cream Pie, Coconut Cream Custard, Coconut Ice Cream, Coconut Mousse, Coconut Water Punch and Coconut Snow

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