20 Extraordinary Uses for Old Pantyhose

When your pantyhose have runs and tears in them, don’t throw them away. Someone somewhere will have a use for them. Here are twenty useful ways to recycle them.

  1. Cut the legs off and use to keep all those odd bits of soap that tend to get left in the bathroom. Tie the end and keep it beside the sink for hand washing.
  2. Put mothballs into a leg and tie it to the rail in your closet
  3. Fill a leg with lavender and use to scent your closet
  4. Cut the waist off and use to tie up papers, or keep hoses and rolls of wire tidy
  5. Gardeners can use strips of fabric to tie up plants in the garden
  6. Strips cut from the waist make good hair scrunchies
  7. Scrunched up pantyhose make excellent, soft polishing cloths
  8. Put cat litter in a pantyhose leg and tie the top. This is good for absorbing damp.
  9. Cut into small pieces and use to stuff toys and pillows
  10. When paint goes lumpy you can strain it through a stretched out piece of pantyhose
  11. If you drop something small on the floor and can’t find it (such as an earring, button, etc), cut the leg off some old pantyhose and put it over the nozel on the vacuum cleaner. The suction will lift up the lost object and leave it stuck to the pantyhose.
  12. Clean your fish tank. If you have one of those wet and dry vacuum cleaners (don’t try it with an ordinary one!), use the method above to vacuum the gravel in the tank. You will be able to clean it without emptying, or disturbing the fish.
  13. Rubbing polished shoes with nylon pantyhose gives them an extra gleaming shine
  14. Keep spare, or used rolls of wallpaper in the legs of old panyhose. It stops them from tearing and helps keep them clean.
  15. If you cut them into strips you can save money on cotton balls for removing nail varnish. These do the job very well if you dip them into your favourite remover.
  16. Use old pantyhose to hang dry sweaters. You don’t get peg, or line marks on them this way. Just thread them through the arms and tie them to the line.
  17. Store onions in the legs of your pantyhose. You can simply hang them up and they will keep well with the good air circulation.
  18. In the garden you can store flower bulbs in the same way as above. They will get a good circulation of air and will be protected from mice and other creatures looking for a tasty snack.
  19. When repotting your houseplants put a circle of pantyhose in the bottom of the pot before filling it. This stops soil being washed out of the bottom each time you water.
  20. If you are lucky enough to have a pool, stretch a piece of pantyhose over the skimmer and you will catch all those tiny particles that you usually miss
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  1. Very wonderful uses Lizzie.
    Great article. Thank you for all the ideas.

  2. That is a great idea for the pool. I always see junk left after I use the skimmer.

  3. I have #21…when you have three pantyhose ready to be recycled, braid them tightly and it makes an excellent rope toy for your dog!

    Thanks for the other ideas!

  4. Great Ideas and I’ll use them. I do use the one for gardening and tieing up plants……but did you think to use the foot cut off just above the ankle area and put over the hose from the washer…..you’d be surprised at how much lint that will catch and keep out of your drain pipe.

  5. Save enough of the legs of pantyhose and braid or crochet them into an area rug. my Mother did that years ago and I still have the rug. It lasts forever and you just throw it into the wash to clean it.

  6. also when stretched over a camera lens, you can get a “starburst” effect on things like sunrises, sunsets, anything bright or reflective.

  7. cut a leg off near the crotch and use it to cover the filter on your big canister vacuum cleaner.cuts down on replacement costs and is washable..

  8. I use the old pantyhose to tie orchids that have finished their flowering process to our oak trees. Use some moss and a little fertilizer and catch all of it in the heavy part of the hose. Tie the hose tightly around any tree and watch the orchids come back to life in the next cycle and stay attached to the tree.

  9. when you always use the same color of pantyhose, and you have 2 pairs and one leg is good and the other has a run… all you have to do is cut out the leg with the run put it on and cut out the other leg with the run on the other pair and then put that pair on! (you will have double on the top) good for extra support, and then you have 1 good pair of pantyhose, no-one will ever know!

  10. 1. Work great to sift Seven on your plants during the summer bug season.

    2. Wrap your jewelery in them when traveling.

    3. Making spinach dip….use hose to squeeze the excess water out of the spinach.

    4. Add coins to hose to clean use soap & water

    5. Strain fat off cold broth.

  11. If you get deodorant on your shirt/pants, rub hose over the deodorant spot and it should dissappear.

  12. I once used pantyhose as an emergency fan belt. I wrapped the hose tightly around the belt chasing and tied a small knot. I kept my car from overheating until I got to a gas station.

  13. My Dad used it on a trip once as a fan belt on his car. I use it to clean the dust off the floors

  14. One more use: I cut the waist off and use them as giant “rubber bands” to hold trash bags at the top of the can.

  15. Wow! You guys are amazing! I will never look at pantyhose the same way again.

  16. I use extra knee-hi (2-4) in my dryer. They help keep any lint off dark clothes. I just throw them back in the drayer each time and leave them there. They’ve worked just fine for about 2 years now.

  17. Be careful if you braid them for a dog toy(tip #3 from Hil)…..if they come apart and the dog eats a long leg of them it could be fatal

  18. Good info. I like #8.

  19. i use hose for soups. i put soup bones in the hose and after the soup is done, i just take out the bones, pcs and all

  20. Use them for a game at a party…….funniest thing I have ever seen! Put a grapefruit in one leg and tied the other leg around your waist, positioning the grapefruit leg between your own, 1 inch off ground. Now place an orange on the floor. The object is to roll the orange across the finish line. In order to do this one must get the grapefruit leg going back and forth between your own legs, by moving your hips back and forth, and hit the orange. Makes for the most histerical relay race I have ever seen! I have never laughed so hard as the first time I saw two grown people gyrating to hit that orange! Happy Holidays!

  21. I use old hose on the end of my dryer vent to reuse the warm air in to the house( like the dryer smells in the house & uses less heat) and when it is almost full of the lint that always gets in there I just empty it out(or depending in condition, throw it out) and put it back on.

  22. For 20 years I have worn panty hose while hunting to eliminate wood ticks and chiggers – yes it really works. And #2 and probably most useful – a worn pair of pantyhose works wonders to get the bake-on bugs off the grill and paint of your car. All guys should keep a pair of extra large panty hose under the front seat of the car.

  23. Excellent for the outdoorsman in the family during cold-weather, especially if you’re going to be outside all day

  24. The military uses panty hose. My husband said he and the guys wear them to keep chiggers off and to keep them from getting blisters on their feet during long hikes. It reduces moisture and friction.

  25. I cut off the tops of old pantyhose about 3 inches below the waist, cut the side halfway between the two side seams, tie a knot to shorten it, and used it as a headband. The waistband in the front makes it look finished…people never know it’s old hose! (Perfect for covering up a ponytail hairdo if you don’t have time to wash your hair too)

  26. Place a Brillo inside of some old pantyhose or knee-his. Place it on the washer hose to keep all the lint that goes down the drain (make sure you tie the hose, so that it does not fall off or wrap some duct tape around it). It will save you hundreds of dollars through the years of clogged drains.

  27. if the legs have runs in them but the feet don’t u can use the feet cut off above the ankle to use with shoes that u wouldn’t normally wear with socks. (i.e. crocks, clogs, open toed, ankle boots, etc.)

  28. I don’t think i’d want to eat that spinach dip after the spinach had been drained through old hose.. GROSS

  29. When I was in the Marine Corps, we were using pieces of pantyhose when spit shining our shoes and boots.

  30. make the charcoal bags some aquariums filters use make two knots above the filled part then cut between to start the next one.

  31. use the legs to put large squash in in your garden if the vines are on a fence. can slip the small squash into the toe and tie the leg to the fence to keep the squash from pulling the vine off the fence as it gets larger.

  32. Living in the south I use one leg of the hose and put it over patio umbrellas in storage. Keeps the wasps from building nests in the folds and any surprise encounters with them and other critters.

  33. The greatest use for old pantyhose is to put raw chicken lives in. You just take a small pice of hose, put in some raw chicken liver and put on your catfish hook. Without the hose the livers don’t stay on as well.

  34. If you groom your dog’s nails with a Dremel, a good way to keep the longer leg hair from getting caught in the Dremel is to insert the dog’s leg into an old pantyhose leg. Pull the hose tightly until the nails come through and dremel away!

  35. When my family went camping, we would tie pantyhose with soap in the bottom to the 5 gallon water jug. That way we always had a place to wash our hands at the campsite.

  36. Such an excellent array of uses. Thank you, Lizzie.

    When my children were small, I used to reuse the elastic in my pantyhose when both legs had run. I made a lot of their clothing, and the elastic was good quality then. I have heard that football players wear them to keep warm.

  37. I like the gardening one, I use them to tie up all kinds of stuff in my garden.

  38. Stretch panty hose over “compact style” powdered make up (like blush or foundation)if it breaks–then it is not wasted. The powder will come through the mesh, the large broken pieces will not fall out.

  39. I’ve made baby quilts or lap robes with them. Take 2 pieces of flannel (or other fabric if you like, lay one on top of the other and sew vertical rows about 1 1/2 inches apart all the way across. Then thread one leg of the panty hose thru each of the “tubes” you’ve created. When they are all filled, machine stitch at each end to secure them in place and them bind the quilt. It is warm, comfy and light weight. Easy to use and they wear forever!!

  40. For fishermen, the toe part can be cut off and used to hold that hard to hook chicken liver on. Just put the liver in the hose toe and hook through the hose. Fish still bite and the bait stays on the hook.

  41. Regarding comment 24 by Kimmy: PLEASE DON’T EVER USE PANTYHOSE OVER THE DRYER VENT! Not only does lint get caught in the hose, but it gets caught in the dryer motor creating a MAJOR fire hazard. If you are lucky, you will only wear out your dryer faster from causing it to run hotter. If you aren’t so lucky, you’ll burn your house down.

  42. Re: Tip #42 Marlene–more info on the baby quilt-how large is your project?-how do you join the pantyhose legs to make long enough strips-do you use the foot portion? Can hardly wait to try this tip for all those old pantyhose.

  43. Our clothes dryer isn’t vented to the outside, the hose just comes up and hangs over the dryer. My mother uses the foot part of panty hose as a filter on the exaust pipe to keep lint from blowing everywhere. It warms up the house in the winter, but also during the summer. It keeps the air from getting too dry since we use wood heat, but also can make it too moist, creating a perfect environment for mold.

    Then we make fire starters using the lint and old cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towels.

    put old pieces of soap bars in a foot and tie – instant soap saver that dries easily and is really soft

    I’ve heard that you can store onions in a pantyhose leg. Just tie a knot in between each onion. When your ready for one, just cut above the knot.

  44. I’ve known the value of panty hose for years. Rolls of wrapping paper can be stored in the legs and hungfrom the rod in your closet (one leg on either side of the rod). My favorite – cut the legs in one inch increments. Pull the circular piece and it makes the best “rubber” bands. They don’t break and, when put around a stack of papers, the paper doesn’t roll up.

  45. You can use pantyhose to get white deodorant marks off of clothing. Just rub the spot with hose and it should come off.

  46. i use them in the winter, if your wearing jeans and its windy out, put on the pantyhose, some socks, and your good to go, it traps a thin layer of warm air between your leg and the pantyhose

  47. The use of nylons over the clothes dryer hose and causing danger is half right. The problem lies with the compact area for lint to be caught, when it gets full of lint, it reduces the air flow and you can damage your dryer or worse. The best way, is to use a full stocking, using a rubber band to hold the top of the stocking to the end of the hose or dryer outlet. Change this stocking about every 5-10 loads of clothes.

    Now the 2nd danger lies venting a gas dryer inside your home with a ‘filter’ on the outlet. Carbon Monoxide, an odorless deadly gas from the the dryer. Therefore I suggest venting only an electric dryer inside the home.

  48. hahah thats a great idea. to use one leg and another! i have to buy a new set of hose for work almost every day! i really hope this saves \”)

  49. I find that pantyhose reduce leg cramps in the cold weather. My legs didn\’t feel tired after a 10 hours of walking on concrete. My wife and I wear the same size and spend approximately $1700 per month on pantyhose. Her girlfriends give me great pantyhose as gifts. I even joined a pantyhose club and get sent several new pair a month.

  50. What is the name of the pantyhose club ?

  51. It may have been mentioned though I have not read it but I use pantyhose to cover the blades of our ceiling fans and it saves a lot of cleaning. Just pull them off, wash and replace. Lot cheaper than buying fan socks.

  52. Terrific ideas I would never have thought of!
    My Mom used to cover the heat vents to keep dust and spiders from coming up. I have been doing that for at least 40 years and it works.

  53. Keep a pair rolled up but partially strected over the top of your head. When a quick disguise is needed, pull hose fullly over face. Easy to breathe, great anonymity, great vision. Pull off quickly when needing to drive away.

  54. Stuff a leg with cotton balls from medicine bottles, used dryer sheets. When full, bring together in roind shape, tie off leg, decorate with sewn on bows. Cheap wreath that smells good.

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