20 Crazy Uses for Coke

Who knew a can of Coca-Cola could have so many interesting uses!

  1. Clean a toilet: To clean a toilet, pour one can of coke into it and let it sit for one hour. Afterwards, flush for a surprisingly good shine.
  2. A powerful cleaning tool: Use coke to clean your engines. Coke distributors have been using this trick to clean their engines for over twenty years!
  3. Get rid of hiccups: When you’ve got the hiccups, simply take a good mouthful of coke and gargle, your hiccups will vanish.
  4. Clean burnt pans: To clean a burnt saucepan, simply add a can of coke and boil it.
  5. Hair styling: Pour a can of flat coke into your hair and let stand a few minutes, wash out for outstanding curls.
  6. Gum stuck in hair? Put the gum-infested part of your hair in coke and wait a few minutes, then gently wipe off.
  7. Incredibly soft skin: Mix one tablespoon of standard coke with lotion and apply for soft and smooth skin.
  8. Remove oil stains from your garage – Simply apply coke, let stand and hose off.
  9. Bad cold?: Boil a can of coke and drink while hot to get rid of congestion.
  10. Winter windshield: Frozen windshield? Can’t see? Late for work? Pour a can of coke all over your windshield and the ice will immediately clear up. Happy driving.
  11. Chrome rust spots? Crumple some tinfoil and dip it into coke, then gently rub the affected area.
  12. Have corroded car battery terminals? Pour some coke on there, let sit for a few minutes, and wipe off with a wet cloth.
  13. Greasy clothes? Pour a can of coke into your washing machine along with (and don’t forget) detergent to effectively get rid of grease stains.
  14. Loosen rusted bolts and nuts: Wrap a coke-wet cloth on a rusted bolt or nut. After a few minutes, it will have been loosened as a result of the acidic content in the coke.
  15. Jelly fish sting: Stung by a jelly fish? Pour coke over it to neutralize the venom in the sting.
  16. A lawn so green: Spraying coke on your lawn will help ensure that it stays greener and for longer.
  17. Get rid of snails and slugs: Put little bowls of coke all over your garden. Sugar attracts, acid kills, your happy.
  18. Use coke for cooking? Need water, sugar and lemon? You might as well just add a can of coke.
  19. Exploding cans: A friend told me about this, throw a can of coke into a fire… *Bang*.
  20. Satisfy thirst: Drink, be happy.
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  1. Another informative article. I have tried some of these tips and they work well. I didn’t know about adding a can of Coke to your laundry for cleaning greasy clothes. I will have to give it a try.

    I hope people will know to take the Coke out of the can before boiling in #9. teehee

  2. Thank you, Darlene.

  3. Wow, what a load of horse honkey. Yeah, pour a can of coke on your windshield so it becomes all sticky and the coke eats through the paint on your car…pure genius!

  4. It cleans corrosion from car batteries and we drink it, can’t imagine what it does to our insides

  5. who is so desperate to get rid of snails that they have to set little bowls of coke all over their lawn?

  6. does the curls thing actually work??

  7. the curl thing works..

    if you want sticky hair =P

  8. you posted this on my birthday. Very useful good job.

  9. a lot of these are good and work…knew about that jelly fish thing

  10. no.

  11. maybe.

  12. yes.

  13. yeah i only do the 20th one. i drink 78 cans of coke a day

  14. your weird rexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


  16. don’t belive them

  17. why would you use coke to get gum out of your hair? its all it does make your hair even worse, seeing as you will have gum AND coke in your hair!

  18. Rex is thick :) :):):) :D :D:D:D:D:D :D D:D : :) :D

  19. rexxxxxxx is a fake

  20. no im not >:l

  21. get a life rex

  22. what crap!

  23. I’m never drinking coke again.

  24. Excellent contraceptive if you’re low on dough and IQ :)

  25. I know that some of these work and no doubt some of them don’t. What about wasp and hornt stings are they good for that? Just curious!
    Johnny Yuma

  26. ksryi

  27. Tried so hard to get rid of these hiccups using the holding of the breath thingy, its been 2 days so i googled how to get rid of them hoping for something, read this, gargled with coke for like 2 seconds or less, they were instantly gone. I was amazed! More than 2 seconds though and it felt like it would have burned my head clean off 0.o

  28. I think this is great. You don\\\’t have to use coke you can also use diet coke so stuff doesn\\\’t \\\”become sticky\\\” but it\\\’s pretty neat what you can use it for. I saw a lady at a laundry mat once using two cans of diet Coke in the washer and it freaked me out. Now I know why!

  29. I tried number 20 and i was not happy. I did however become fat and lazy and stopped listening to myself.

  30. spray coke on your lawn and let the ants feast on it ,wow, i wish i was an ant at your house, drinking coke everyday

  31. your don’t know anything do you

  32. Wacky Uses for Coca-Cola!
    A really short, fun clip here:


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