15 Uses For WD-40

Are you looking for a cheaper cleaning alternative? WD-40 is the answer!

  1. WD-40 can remove ink from a pair of blue jeans instantly, just a little spray should do the trick.

  2. Another amazing WD-40 trick is that it can protect your precious silver jewelry from blackening.

  3. If you ever have gum on wallpaper, spray WD-40 on it, and it will get it clean in no time.

  4. Have you ever had a coffee stain on your favorite cup? Well you can get rid of it with WD-40.

  5. Do you have children who love glue, but get in on furniture? A little WD-40 will get it out in no time.

  6. You a big golf fan? WD-40 will make your golf club shiny like new.

  7. Love to fish? WD-40 polishes fishing lures.

  8. Have bugs been making your windshield dirty? WD-40 will remove all dead bugs on your windshield.

  9. WD-40 can remove tape from a hockey stick.

  10. Love to play pool, but have dirty pool cue sticks? WD-40 will clean them easily.

  11. Do you have a canoe that goes slow? Maybe its from the algae build up on the bottom. WD-40 will clean it off right away.

  12. You a tap dancer? WD-40 will keep tap shoes running smoothly.

  13. Love to hunt? WD-40 will clean and lubricate any firearm.

  14. Love to cheat in games? Spray WD-40 on Twister mats for more fun.

  15. Have a nasty piece of gum on your favorite shoes? WD-40 will clean it right off.

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  1. Never use WD-40 on a firearm. It is not a substitute for gun oil. It breaks down in the barrel and turns to gunk over time, and it deactivates primers. Tip number 13 should be taken off this list.

  2. also good for cleaning and protecting a bike’s paint from the elements, especially in a saltwater / beach environment.

  3. WD40 is great, but it is a degreaser, not a lubricant! DO NOT use it to clean your firearms without laying some oil on later.

    I use WD40 to clean grease off of the stove, then follow up with some regular mild soap to clean the residue off.

  4. I agree w/ post #1, never ever use WD-40 on firearms. I’d also caution users against putting it on everything as the petroleum based WD-40 will degrade some plastics over time.

  5. this is all in rebuttal to the new product Jig-A-Loo – look it up!

  6. Copied from the public domain. Well done for making money with content that has been freely available for years

  7. As for #8 and getting bugs off of your windshield, just make sure you don’t get it on your paint because it will strip off any wax you might happen to have on your vehicle

  8. Never use WD40 on golf clubs as they won’t swing thru true as they should

  9. re: WD-40 and guns

    That’s not true. Many people, including gunsmiths, use WD-40 on guns. You can use WD-40 to clean guns. Just don’t use tons. And WD-40 is not a good for lubricating.

  10. Never use WD40 on golf clubs as they won’t swing thru true as they should

  11. My friend uses WD-40 as a very good “wash” for his motorcycle; he goes through the stuff like water though.
    On the plus side, his bike looks great after a spray/scrub down.

  12. Ever try WD40 on bee stings (Don’t know health issues) Takes the pain away instantly.

  13. Got a hangover?
    Drink a shot of WD-40 then follow it up
    with a trip to the hospital and before you
    know it hangover gone!

  14. I’d never use it to clean a firearm, but I did use it to unjam an old M14 to get it back to restoring. So… Yeah, delete 13.

  15. I’m curious about cleaning glue out of carpet…the dealer replaced a heater vent and the glue leaked all over the carpet in the car…should I use WD-40 for that?

  16. When trolling for salmon up here around Juneau Alaska we spray the bait with a bit of WD-40. Not sure why it works but it attracts them…

  17. The “WD” in WD-40 stands for “Wonder Dryer.” It was intended for use as a moisture remover- not a lubricant. It does work well if you have a wet distributor cap. There’s even (legend has it) been suggested that it helps stiff joints.

  18. Use it for cleaning your white wall tires. It’s the BOMB. It’s ALLSUM. It’s SUPER FABULOUS.

  19. Attempting to stop would be interesting after spraying WD-40 on one’s tires -_-

  20. For “Water Displacement” but you got the sentiment right.

  21. WD-40 is also good for cleaning game cartridges (i.e. nintendo, snes, N64) Do not spray directly on the cartridge, spray on a paper towel and wipe off the conductors

  22. “WD” stands for Water Displacement NOT Wonder Dryer

  23. “WD” means ‘Water Displacement’ (but where can I get a can of WD-01?)

    WD-40 FAQs
    WD-40 What does WD-40 stand for?
    WD-40 literally stands for Water Displacement, 40th attempt. That’s the name straight out of the lab book used by the chemist who developed WD-40 back in 1953. The chemist, Norm Larsen, was attempting to concoct a formula to prevent corrosion—a task which is done by displacing water. Norm’s persistence paid off when he perfected the formula on his 40th try. Please see Our History for more information.

  24. Yeah this list is for ruining lots of stuff, horrible advice in these ‘tips’

  25. I have used WD-40 for cleaning and oiling all my guns for 20 plus years. It has worked excellent. Even in the sub zero temperatures when I lived in Alaska.

    the only thing I ever noticed that gunks up guns is TOO much of any lubricant mixed with dirt and dust.

  26. WD-40 can stain!

    It is a good cleaner for weapons and many other things.

    Not so good a lube.

    It is not a replacement for a good quality gun oil.
    After cleaning completely wipe it all off, then oil well.

    Never use on ammo, scopes, grips or the stock.

    It will fowl the bore and it attracts dirt.

  27. When I lived ib Toronro, I used it to kill cockroaches. It really murders them, instantly, with a direct blast. Way better than RAID, they used just do the backstroke in it.

  28. thank you all for the positivity. some of the information is uncertain.

  29. RE: #26 by amazed

    I don’t shoot much anymore.

    When I did I fond that in cold weater a Good siliconized oil with PTFE “teflon” worked well. Its a vewry fine oil just requires more cleaning.

  30. by the way wd-40 is one of the best cleaning tools to use on a firearm.

  31. As I understand it WD-40 is herring oil – and if you spray it on your fishing lures will attract fish.

  32. I wouldn’t ever use WD-40 on any half-decent pair of denim.

    I would never spray my pool cues with it either. Who the hell came up with this list? Someone that wanted to ruin everyones stuff?

  33. Dont guess stuff like that. Its mineral/white spirit. The stuff you clean paintbrushes with.

    From wikipedia:
    “Main ingredients, from the material safety data sheet, are:
    50%: Stoddard solvent (mineral spirits, also commonly known as dry cleaning solvent)
    25%: Liquefied petroleum gas (presumably as a propellant, carbon dioxide is used now to reduce considerable flammability)
    15+%: Mineral oil (light lubricating oil)
    10-%: Inert ingredients

    The German version of the mandatory EU safety sheet lists the following safety relevant ingredients:
    60-80%: Heavy Naphtha (petroleum product), hydrogen treated
    1-5%: Carbon dioxide

    It further lists flammability and effects to the human skin when repeatedly exposed to WD-40 as risks when using WD-40. Nitrile gloves and safety glasses should be used. Water is unsuitable for extinguishing burning WD-40.”

  34. Heres an interesting one I heard about a few years ago. It seems gas station employees will spray wd-40 on toilets, sinks and other public restroom surfaces to stop people from snorting cocaine. As soon as the powder contacts the surface, it absorbs the oil based wd-40, rendering the powder un-snortable.

    And no, I didnt find this out first hand.

  35. It is excellent at bringing back that showroom shine on your stainless appliances! No joke, peeps!

  36. again thank you for all your positivity, i am very thankfull.

  37. To get the glue off of your carpet use lighter fluid.

  38. I’m shocked no one has called out the Twister suggestion.. that is toxic and straight up dangerous. You never want prolonged contact with your skin or any kind of ingestion… I hope no one breaks out the twister and a can.. they’ll be sorry.. in fact, it’s kind of irresponsible to suggest such a thing.. I’d take that down if I were you.

    use Olive Oil instead.

  39. I used to spray WD40 on the tarantulas that came up on my front porch, strike a match, light ‘em up, and watch the 8 legged inferno streak across the porch to the bitter end…POP! Yep, them tarantulas EXPLODE! Talk about going out with a BANG!

    PS – Do not try this at home!

  40. When I worked in a metal shop in a factory, we would spray all the bare metal surfaces, that could rust, with WD40 at the end of the day. Worked well. We’d do a quick wipe the next AM if we didn’t want the extra gunk on whatever we worked on.

  41. Kills wasps quickly.

  42. I was trying to plant a tree in my backyard one day. I wasn’t making any headway with my shovel, so I sprayed it with WD-40. I instantly had a power-shovel that would glide through the dirt, slice clean through rocks, and made the job so much easier. When I finished the hole, my once rusty shovel gleamed in the mid-day sun like it was brand new. I went to take one last shovel full of dirt, and hit something hard. I saw a spark. I carefully scraped away at the bottom of my hole, and seemed to be uncovering something metal. I grabbed my WD-40 and sprayed it on my new find. Rust washed away revealing a smooth metal surface. I kept digging around this object , trying to find out what it was. Four days later, I found that I had uncovered a 1927 Buick 154 Roadster. In my back yard! After it was uncovered, I attached a rope to it and harnessed it around my seven young children and they pulled the Buick up to level ground. Man, was it dirty. I sent the kids off with their wagon full of empty beer bottles so they could return the bottles and buy me some more cans of WD-40. When they got back two days later, I started spraying that Buick. It was amazing. The tires came right up, even the white-walls. I got the doors open and sprayed the upholstery. I opened the hood, and sprayed down the engine. The holes in the hoses mended before my eyes. I uncapped the battery and sprayed some WD-40 in there, and low and behold, the engine turned over. So I opened the gas cap and sprayed 2 cans down there. It started! I’ve now driven that Buick 7200 miles coast to coast twice and haven’t had to add any more WD-40. Man, this stuff is amazing.

  43. LOL #46

  44. that is one of the best stories ever.

  45. WD 40 was first invented by a doctor as a remedy for arthritis before they found it was so great for so many other things. It is sold by other names for other uses…they just change the smell of it.
    I use it after I clean the bathroom to keep the sink and taps clean longer. If you get soap scum or water spots you only need to wipe them off with a dry cloth.

  46. I know in the motorcycle world there are two sides…those who absolutely swear by lubing their chains with WD; and those who wouldn’t do it in a million years. I’ve put about 130,000 miles on multiple bikes in the last 10 years or so, lubing all my chains with WD. I don’t get accelerated wear or anything. So it may be a good lubricant for some things and not for others…who knows.

  47. This sounds like something my mother would forward to me.
    There’s a great scene in a king of the hill episode where hank pulls out a can of wd-40, only to find that the cap is stuck. He pulls out a second, smaller can and sprays that onto the first to loosen the cap. roffels.
    but wd40 is NOT a lubricant . wd = water displacer.
    there are much better purpose made lubricants for lubing things up. but for everything else, there’s wd40, jbweld, and/or a hammer.

  48. I was worried that this list would have on it: use as eye wash. WD40 does not make good eye wash. It will make your eye burn.

  49. Spray WD40 on your snow shovel, keeps the snow from sticking to the shovel.

  50. oddly enough, i’ve always used wd-40 to treat bike chains to un seize them. i’ve done this for as long as i can remember, and it’s always worked excellent. and i’ve never had a problem with it causing any sort of excessive wear on any bike i’ve ever owned. just my 2 cents.

  51. Works great as a personal lube…

  52. WD-40? meh…decent. PB Blaster? will “clean” ANYTHING…note: clean…NOT…lube…heh.

  53. Don’t use WD40 on fishing lures, ffs. It’ll pollute the river.

  54. It gets gum out of your hair very easily.

  55. When i was on the farm i thought it would make a good deodourant…

  56. Plain household bleach will remove tea and coffee stains from cups quite nicely. Easier to clean up with water and leaves no lingering smell.

  57. To anyone thinking of using WD-40 as a remedy for arthritis, bee stings, etc. DON’T. The reason it relieves pain is that the petroleum derivatives in the mix destroy nerve cells. No wonder it relieves pain. It will eventually eliminate all sensation in the affected area.

  58. I used to have a car with a cracked distributor cap, it would stall when it rained or was damp. Until I could get it fixed, I carried WD-40, squirted it on the cap and after a minute or two the car would start right up.

  59. All in all, I think it safe to say never spray WD-40 on your corn flakes. Other than that, the sky’s the limit; knock yourselves out.

  60. Apparently WD 40’s main ingredient is Dimethyl Sulfoxide (CH3) SO
    more commonly known as DMSO. DMSO is not approved by the FDA for human use however any good horse owner knows that DMSO is a great remedy for sprains and strains on their horse. I know that if you look it up in an herb book you will find that it has properties that are mind boggling. A local doctor used DMSO along with another ingredient that I did not hear of to inject directly into a Brown Recluse spider bite on a persons face and the bite NEVER grew any further. DMSO is a SOLVENT and it neurtralizes all kinds of toxins.
    In an emergency a friend of mine used WD40 directly on a Brown Recluse bite and it never grew. It began healing immediately. DMSO IS NOT pertroleum based, it is a by product of pine wood processing. If you spray WD 40 on your skin it will feel warm due to the DMSO content. Read the ingredients and do a search on DMSO.

  61. The guy that uses for cockroaches is onto something.

    I just sprayed a roach on the wall with WD-40. The big roach did a two and a half pike off the wall, hit the floor, did a double back flip, and promptly expired. Spectacular kill!

  62. If you spray it on outside walls and ceilings, it keeps wasp and dirt dobbers from forming nest.

  63. I love # 66!! LOL!!! I have used WD-40 to start a diesel engine that had run out of fuel. I had heard that you don’t want to run a diesel out of fuel, cuz then it would be a PITA to start, having to crack the injectors to bleed them, or so I was told. Anyhow, I squirted WD-40 into the intake while cranking the engine over and it started. This was on a 7.3L diesel in an ‘83 Ford truck.

  64. I’ve heard that it can be used to throw off drug dogs sniffing abilities when they search for drugs. I don’t know if this is true or not.

  65. There is no fish oil in WD-40. It is a petroleum-based product.

  66. It’s a terrific gravy mix.

  67. WD-40 runs through Chuck Norris’s veins instead of blood.

  68. I took a photograph of Hillary Clinton. I developed the film in WD-40 which revealed that Hillary Clinton is a man. Simply amazing…

  69. #36: not just gas stations. I have heard that some bars wipe down the bathroom counters and such to prevent patrons from doing meth in there. I’m told the drugs just evaporate on conact with WD.

  70. I used WD-40 to clear ice from a carburetor so badly choked that I could not drive in freezing rain. The Water Displacement and flammable nature was ideal.

  71. Thank you all for all the positivity

  72. don’t use it to clean/lube switches and pots on amplifiers / guitars etc.

  73. Great info. Glad to hear that it can take ink out of jeans.

  74. Spray it in your dog or cat’s ears to get rid of ear mites. Don’t spray too much, obviously.

  75. Spray it on your tax return, audits won’t stick.

  76. lol at # 14.

  77. WD-40 was orginally used by Jesus instead of wine for the first communion. Ironically, it was also used by the romans to help slide the nails through him and into the cross. It worked though.

  78. Common sense.. how about a good hold on grammar.

    “If think that an idea or suggestion is stupid…

    I hardly feel that someone who cannot form an intelligent argument has any place in criticizing someone else’s intelligence or lack thereof.

    I would tell you what I think of Aussies, If I actually had an opinion. What part of England are you guys in anyway???

  79. Is it good to use on radio parts ?

  80. Can WD-40 be used to start diesel engines?

  81. Why spend money on those expensive decongestants, when you can just buy a can of WD-40. Tilt your head back and spray two quick mists up each nose hole, and those cement like boogers plastered to the inside of your nose, will slide right out. You dont even need to pick! It’s amazing stuff, and can help anyone breath like you’ve never breathed before. Consult your doctor before trying this method though.

  82. had anasty wart no my finger nothing would make it go away was cleaning some old tools & got wd40 all over my hands next day the wart got smaller stoped itching kept it on for two weeks & it went away

  83. Did any of you attend school? I ask this because your spelling and grammar are wanting.

  84. Could all of you smart asses who post purposeless comments on others’ grammar and spelling give it a rest please? Yes, perhaps you are superior to those whose comments aren’t checked for typing errors or composed of well flowing grammar, but what difference do you think you’re making by pointing it out, other than to make someone feel bad for your own benefit, perhaps? Are you trying to inspire them to go back to school, to teach them to spend more effort on writing well? Hoping to teach them the ways of an anal retentive snob, so that there will be more of you plaguing the world with your meaningless complaints when everyone else is just trying to have some fun? What’s the point?

  85. If you think WD40 is useful you wanna try Denso Tape.
    This stuff can be used to repair anything and is used quite extensively in open heart surgery to stop leaking valves. Rolex quite often use it to stop their watches leaking (Open up a Submariner and you’ll find Denso Tape everywhere)
    Brides and Bridesmaids, stop your tiara from slipping by wrapping your head with Denso Tape. A fekking earthquake won’t shift it.
    I don’t believe that WD40 is a cure for AIDS but it has been proven that Denso Tape will prevent you from catching it. Simply wrap the old man in Denso Tape and you can quite happily roger anything with a front bottom safe in the knowledge that you won’t catch a thing.

  86. I concur Sir Richard.
    We used Denso Tape on a daily basis to repair chair legs and table tops before they were displayed on the Antiques Roadshow.
    I remember using this wonderstuff to repair a priceless Ming vase. The vase was certainly minging before I got my hands on it. A couple of wraps with Denso Tape and all of the crack and chips magically disappeared. I got nearly fifty quid for that vase in the auctions. Might not seem much now but it was a helluva lot in those days.

  87. I use Denso Tape to keep my dentures in place for that “is he, or isn’t he” look.
    Great fresh taste too

  88. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT use Denso Tape as a handy substitute for Aluminium Foil.
    I wrapped a turkey in Denso Tape and cooked it at 180 degrees for approximately 4 hours.
    It cost more for the Denso Tape than it did for the turkey and to be quite honest the turkey tasted like sh!t.
    I was forced to serve a Bernard Matthews turkey roast instead.
    This also tasted like sh!t.
    You just can’t win.

  89. Don’t talk to me about WD40 or Denso Tape.
    Ever since my gender change I can’t even look at the stuff.
    God bless America

  90. I’ll have you know I used to be a good looking bloke when I was younger.

  91. I like pies and Polony sandwiches and would like to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone I have ever worked with. I’m not sure if this is the right forum but it’s the only one I could find and you all seem like such nice people.
    I refuse to apologise to Bone Idle Bob though. He really is useless.
    Big hugs to everyone.
    Why is everyone going on about WD40 and Denso Tape?

  92. When WD-40 is not handy, I have learned that a touch of cooking spray like Pam works wonders on squeaky hinges. Granted, this is a short term fix and it does attract dirt, but it makes that aweful noise in your car or house door go away.

  93. Wunderbar, wunderbar, wunderbar.
    Een mine leetle home towen int Germany ve yous dis Pam spraa ont evrytink dat ees sveeken.
    Eet ken bee putten ont de kutten gras engin unt ont de klippen hej kuta unt on de sprungen bed sleepen unt ont de vuden leg ov de Papa unt ont de ozzer sinks int de hows.

  94. My grandad used to use denso tape to hold his trousers up. He was a horrible old man with nicotine stained teeth and fingers. He used to belch and fart all of the time. His feet stank too. My Granny hated him and was as happy as Larry when he died. Actually we think she poisoned him.
    I like the cooking spray tip. I use 1 cal for cooking because I’m fat. Will this work too.

  95. Has anyone used WD-40 to kill ants on plants?…that is pLants not pants! and will it have any adverse effects? I have used it in my greenhouse on a variety of plants and all seem OK so far.

  96. I’m not sure about killing them but it’ll be quite funny watching them sliding all over the place.

  97. Try wrapping Denso Tape around the base of your pLants not pants. The ants will probably try to eat the tape then die or may just stick to the tape where you can quite easily bash their heads in with something e.g. a small hammer

  98. I just killed about 80-100 sugar ants just by spraying them with WD-40. It does appear to work. They curled up ventrally around their thoraxes and their cuticle appears to have ’shriveled.’

  99. We use WD-40 on Dizzy all the time when she is struggling to get spinning. In hindsight after reading some of these posts (49, 58) this may explain a thing or two about her. Might try it on that damn annoying scarecrow instead.

  100. I have had my Winchester 12 gauge for almost 18 years now, have used WD-40 to clean it ever since I bought it…. #13 is Okay to me…

  101. I used wd40 to kill a cricket. The bug was hiding in a place not accessible so I sprayed it into the crevice. The chirping stopped and I’m trying it now on other cracks and crevices where these annoying pests are hiding.

  102. Before pressing the top down, simply hold a lit lighter infront and HEY-PRESTO you have a hand held flamethrower. Die pesky flies die… P.S. Watch your eyebrows!

  103. I use WD40 as a sexual lubricant when I’m making love to robots or the vacuum cleaner. The smell of it really turns me on!

  104. I have got an old boat whose windows are so seized that even the professionals couldn’t open them. Apparently they tried using some kind of bleach that was supposed to kill the fungi growing in the rails. I wonder if it’s worth spraying WD-40 or it will cause the boat to sink. I also wonder what those professionals were of, since obviously it was not of marine maintenance. Please advise. (Real story)

  105. Can anyone give me feedback on using WD-40 to remove grease stains from clothing. I left a tube of Burt’s Bees tinted lip gloss in the pocket of my jeans and it spotted the whole load with reddish/brown grease once it melted in the dryer. I have heard that you can add WD-40 to the load and the set-in grease stains will come out. Has anyone tried this or have information that cautions against this? Any other suggestions?
    And please, all the people who have nothing better to do than make ridiculous comments please try and restrain yourself.

  106. The WD in WD-40 stands for Water Displacement 40. Not “wonder dryer”. Who thought of that? It is non toxic and is not petrolium based. It’s main compnent is fish oil. I was the 40th formula that was created for use in lubricating and preventing rust on missle parts and has a millionuses. It is not toxic (fish oil) but don’t drink it (oils give you the runs). It helps bee stings and joint pain.

    The reason it attracts fish is because fish eat other fish… once again… Fish oil.

    I have also tried the “new” Product Jig-a-loo (which claims on the can to have been around since 1958. Jig-a-loo sucks! It doesn’t lubricate as well as WD-40. i used it to loosen up a Rubik’s Cube and it just didn’t work as good as WD-40. Also while WD-40 is non toxic, Jig-A-Loo says right on the can that it contains known carcinogens.

  107. It also helps to clean your horse, i’m using it for 10 years now. Just spray half a can (also under the hair) on the horse and brush nicely. It looks ten years younger!

  108. My gf uses wd40 when she’s bit dry downunder. For me it feels smooth like silk when i stick it in.

  109. This list is amazing. I did not realize that WD40 had this many uses. I normally use it for drying sweat on my balls. If you spray it in your eyes you can see in the dark. I tried it and it works!!!

  110. wd40 is a magnet when you put it next to a compase it will spin in a circle and rock try it it works. wd 40 is good for bee stings nd any violent bites from incests i did it it works may work for snake bites. never test it out yet.

  111. you boys are hilarious. thanks for the entertainment!

  112. So if it works to lose weight, I would use it to help the pounds to displace. Just wonder how that would work?

  113. a friend of mine uses wd 40 for massage and use it all over me from shoulder to my legs now I smell like gas, Help how will I get rid of the smell?

  114. I have been jacking off with wd40 for over 20 years now. My pecker is always smooth, slick, and it shines as bright as the chrome on my pickup.

  115. I think Wd40 Rocks! People Should take showers in it and hope for sensational feelings

  116. I wish I had known you could use wd40 to take gum out of your hair. some jackass hit a can of wd40
    with a shovel and it blew up so big that the force of the explosion knocked him backwards.

  117. You guys are awesome.

  118. I can’t believe how many of you morons will repeat whatever you hear. just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean it is true, in fact, most of what is on the net is not true. it is there to show you as a fool for following bad advice. If you decide to follow some jerks recommendations instead of the manufacturers directions, you deserve to die a horrible death. They are there for your protection, if it was good for something and safe to do so, the manufacturer would tell you so.

  119. I am 67 yrs. old. A couple of years ago…if I dropped my car keys it was a struggle to pick them up because of the bending of my legs. Also in a sitting position on the floor…if I needed to get up….I had to crawl to a piece of furniture to help me.

    I used WD40 for 5 days. One morning I decided to see if I could get up from a sitting position on the floor. I did admit I sat down close to the couch…just in case. I got right up. There was still a grunt….and I can drop a dime on the floor and pick it up with ease.

    I have never written anything about a product…but this oil is something else. Yes, it will clean a shower door. I do not have a clear shower door but a cloudy type of glass. Works good.

  120. You can use WD-40 instead of KY-Jelly. Works great in long sessions!

  121. Ha Ha ha THAT is the best thing i’ve seen on this wd-40 bs.Great story , I hope you don’t mind me copying and sending to my folks!

  122. WD40 is a wonder of the twentieth century.
    I spray my hands before I start a dirty project and when I am through, I rinse and then put WD40 on and rub. Dry with a towel and then a moisturizing hand lotion.
    OK, so I have sissy hands.
    No age spots on the back of my hands either?
    It is water solvable.

    Look at the site bounce.com and the usages for their sheets and their many uses.

    Have a RV, the toilet smells, drop in two aspirin daily.
    Why do you think the Navy calls them “Heads”?

    Heck, I will not even mention DUCK TAPE.

  123. I just got stung by a hornet and my finger now looks like a sausage. It has not gotten any better for over 5 hours. And i would not dare to put something on my finger that will kill the nerve cells, soak into my finger, dry it of moisture (dry blood clots in my finger) and manages to make small bugs and animals cringe up and die in a matter of seconds. and you want me to put that in my finger?

  124. Yes.

    Yes I do.

  125. Here is a interesting question for all u WD40 Guru’s – Can one use WD40 to get a inner tube into the whell base on a motorized scooter???? Im having a h<ll of a time getting the inner tube into my scooters rear wheel well! Help ME!!!!

  126. WD-40 is good for masturbation

  127. trust me this works,spray lots of wd40 all over your penis & again plenty on your wife’s rectum. it will slip in like a hot knife through a lump of cheese & also the tingling sensation from the spray feels great. we go through it by the box load not can.

  128. i just tried this wife my girlfriend & it works lovely. time for round 2 its pukka

  129. also when i cum it comes out already clean & polished. wd is the dogs bollox

  130. yea an it causes cancer as well

  131. You are an idiot!!!!

  132. I don’t know about everything you all have said, but I used it on my finger for arthritis pain, and it sure does relieve the pain. Not completely, but relieves it quite a bit. I will also try some of your suggestions as well.

  133. dont use it to clean a cook top!! my wife did that, but when she turned the burner on, the residue caught fire and had to be cleaned off! oh the irony of it all.

  134. It’s illegal to spray wd-40 on any type of fishing lures or bait. I work for a game and fish commission. I

  135. Woman can spray WD-40 on their breast and it will make it bigger..

  136. I have always found-that as I dont like bathing-a liberal dose of WD40 prior to emersion will ensure the sweat and dirt repell the washing effects of the bath beautifuly.thus ensuring a wonderfull shiney but dirty finish-and no towels after-the water just slides off.On a serious note-Ive used WD40 on my motorcycles,cars etc since discovering it in about 1972, I personaly have found no similar product to compare to the water displacment
    capability for electrics on motorbikes and car engines. Spary it liberaly under your bonnet and everwhere on your motorbike and its should perform well thoughout the wettest winter. On holiday in Malta-rained 14 days solid-no WD40 around. Every Mini car on the island seemed to be dumped by the road..

  137. I regularly dip my penis in WD-40 and find it gives me an invincible erection that lasts for a couple hours. The wife still doesn’t know how I do it! Crazy stuff. No need for Viagra and stuff. This wood is real!! Anyone else onto my trick?

  138. Actually have used wd-40 to remove dark purple ink from brand new white polo shirt that had already been washed/dried w the stain (suppose to set it) however I sprayed the spot directly w wd-40 saturating the stain right before throwing it in the wash…I was scepticle but, wash & dried…& wtf do u know!?! Nor even a discoloration or any indication that the stain was ever even there! So it does work great for stains on white fabric…not sure it is colorfast tho

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