12 Things to Do with Coca Cola

Coca Cola (the real one) is not only great to drink, it also has many uses around the home.

This list of uses was tested on ordinary, original Coca Cola, not the diet kind, or any of the variations there are available.

  1. Cleaned a burned saucepan by pouring Coke into it and boiling. This takes out all the staining.
  2. It’s easy to make a modern photograph look like an old sepia one. Just lightly brush the photograph with Coca Cola and dry quickly. Don’t wet it too much or it will buckle. Photocopied black and white pictures make great looking “antique” prints, if you treat them in the same way. Maps photocopied and treated this way, look fantastic in antique style frames.
  3. If you dye your hair and the result is too intense, flat Coca Cola will help to lighten it.
  4. Give old coins a soak in Coke. This gives a brilliant shine for collections and decorative items.
  5. Pour Coca Cola into your kettle and leave all day. This will remove limescale and leaves it clean inside.
  6. A can of Coke poured into the toilet will clean it. The acid in the drink gets to work right away.
  7. Make an excellent barbecue sauce by mixing Coke and Ketchup , half and half. Coat chicken, meat, etc with this before cooking. It’s mouthwatering.
  8. Flat Coke makes a good hair conditioner. Pour it over your hair, rinse and dry.
  9. Put Coke into flat wide dishes in the garden and it will help to rid your plants of slugs. They are attracted by the sweet smell and once they fall in, they can’t get out.
  10. Rusty bolts can be loosened by soaking a rag in Coca Cola, and wrapping it around the bolt. Leave for a few hours and it will be easier to move.
  11. Clean your jewelery in a glass of Coke. Brush with a toothbrush and rinse well. (Not recommended for valuable items, or those with gem stones in them.)
  12. Flat Coca Cola helps to settle upset stomachs. Don’t use fresh, fizzy Coke as this could irritate the condition. (Take the fizz out by adding a little sugar, if you need to.)
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  1. I’m scared for my stomach lining. I don’t want to drink things that clean toilets…

  2. Not washing my hair with a solution that could loosen rusty bolts.

  3. It’s just some soda, when has it ever done you wrong? Silly people.

    It’s not as bad as old Coke either, that stuff could dissolve a metal nail in about a week!

  4. 13. engine degreaser.
    14. dissolving teeth for jr. high school science fair.

  5. Chill buddy. Have a coke.

  6. OOOOOF Coke is amazing, and you don’t have to be scared for your stomach lining, people eat planes and arn’t bothered about it! I say take in this amazing drink, which serves as a beverage and a handy cheap replacement fot alot of household solvents!

  7. I heard they make Coke out of whale sperm. Is this rumor correct? I imagine if so, that is why the drink possesses all of it’s fantastic properties.


  8. Coke is the reason my marriage went down the tubes… seriously, STAY AWAY FROM THIS DRINK! satan lives inside the bottles, which is why they are shaped for his pleasure!

  9. what in the hell kind of corporate idolatry is this crap?

  10. it’s definitely much better than pepsi!

  11. this was a very insightful article, but i have to say we sat here drinking coke while reading it.. lol

  12. Cool, wow. To think a bottle of coke would be this useful. All of that for such little money.

  13. coke vs orange juice in the tooth decaying science fair project will see the juice have much worse results.

  14. Pepsi can do any of those things, and so much more.

  15. It’s not because it’s coke, it’s just because it’s acidic. Orange juice would could probably do all this too. Especially dissolving teeth as someone mentioned, orange juice is great at that.

  16. Coke ruined your marriage? Had nothing to do with that winning personality?! It wasn’t me, a soda made me do it…wahaha!

  17. Did anybody check can stomach acid do all these things?
    I know it dissolves teethes, and much faster than coke.
    I bet it can dissolve mimescale and rust too.
    So this is in your stomach all the time…and you’re worried about coke?

  18. According to Mythbusters, coke will not clean a toliet and won’t de-rust a bolt. Also, coke doesn’t dissolve teeth, unless if it is left in coke for a year maybe. I beleive if you drink around a can or more a day of coke you don’t have any worry about your stomach lining, like Sceptic said stomach acid is much worse then coke, and even any other soft drink. I’d only be worried if I drank like 4 liters a day.

  19. if there’s more acid in the stomach than in coke, then I’d rather pee to clean my toilet

  20. did you now that coke could be use as tire shine.

  21. “I’m scared for my stomach lining. I don’t want to drink things that clean toilets…”

    Lol – you mean, like water?, like… “water outta the toilet?” (Idiocracy)

    It’s very dilute phosphoric acid. Presumably no one has a problem with acetic acid on your fish and chips? (vinegar)

  22. Wow…great article Lizzie2uk!!

    Best wishes.


    -Liane Schmidt.

    p.s. Congrats on having it be one of the top “hot content” articles!!

  23. This is a great article, Lizzie! I have tried several of these tips myself and they work great. I may as well use it for something useful because I don’t drink it.

  24. Puts you drinking the stuff and that has to be good for you! Well done Lizzie2uk!

  25. When Coke first came out, they started putting cocaine in it. No, i’m not making this up. They put the cocaine in it to make the drink addictive. I’m pretty sure they don’t do it any more.

  26. Former artillery officer here. When we were short on mineral solvent, in order to clean copper residue from the gun’s rifling grooves we used Coke instead. Worked beautifully.

  27. u can also drink it

  28. I’m not washing my hair with coke cuz I might eat it lol. But I drink coke my my stomach turns evil

  29. It can remove the burns from a frying pan, the rust from a bolt, and the dirt off a coin.

    And most people wouldn’t think twice about consuming it.

  30. This is a good article, although you omitted that you can actually drink it!!! I don’t think I fancy using in my hair though, although it probably does work.

  31. WELL LOL I never knew, very would have guessed, but thanks to you now I know!!!

  32. Great article.

  33. Well I like it.

    But one can only wonder what coke does to
    our stomachs hahah. Yikes!

  34. Pour coke on your auto battery posts if you have corrosion. The coke will clean the posts and your car will start. Unless the battery is dead! :)

  35. sweet.

  36. 16 – taken in quantities will provide you with obesity and diabetes.

  37. Scooby: that was Mae West…

  38. hey how are you doing.

  39. coke is awesome! but i wouldn’t recommend people to drink it everyday ^_^

  40. okay listen here.
    it isnt coke its self doing this
    it is acids put together that can harm your stomach.
    coke is okay but dont only drink it.
    water or milk are better for you
    can you dont hear about them being able to clean toliets.


  41. I LIKE COKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. What is the point of telling people what coke can do to them because they will not listen. So really there is no point in trying to get people to stop drinking. Look at smoking people are still smoking even though they know what it does to you.


  44. I liked this article because I thought it had a lot of great uses in it. THANK YOU FOR PUTTING IT THIS WEB SITE!

  45. actually, they didn’t put cocaine in it to make it addictive. It was originally used as a headache tonic, and they eventually put soda water in it to make it taste better. My mother is the great great granddaughter of Asa Candler, who invested a lot of money into it after one of his slaves discovered the recipe.

    Please get your story straight before posting things like that.

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  52. o darn

  53. #12 worked for me when I was prego and had “morning sickness’ all day long.

  54. Coke is great with Rye and Rum. Try it. It really works.lol

  55. wooo hooo adoy coke rock!!!!!!!!!
    love ya all lots

  56. if this drink really bad? what about liquor,beer,tequilla,wain,whiskey etc? is that bad also?

  57. I love coke, but this is really quite worrying haha!g

  58. HALARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. COKE

  60. i like it

  61. This is such an interesting article, I’m actually doing a science fair project on it right now; The Effects of Coke on Teeth. I am using dog teeth and soaking them in Coke for 3 hours a day for a week. I just finished soaking them yesterday, the results are really disgusting. ALL THE TEETH ARE BROWN. This article helped me with my research paper. :)

  62. Thanks I made a good reading


  64. good for science project help :)

  65. It’s great as a slushie as well you know… REFRESHING!

  66. i’m doing my science project on #4 that is crazzzzyyyyyy i have heard it but never thought it was true. im not drinking that agian mabe when im older.


  67. If coca-cola cleans coins and toilets
    just imagine what it does to ur insides

  68. If one cleans old coins with anything,he will destroy any numismatic value.

  69. thanyou site u are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. your the best yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  71. In regards to the person who is afraid to wash their hair with coke.

    When you use shampoo in your hair, the shampoo is a base and it alters the PH balance of your hair. What counteracts a base? Acid.

    The acidity of coke will re-balance your hair shaft. I’m a licensed cosmetologist, and I’ve spent year studying these types of things.

  72. I have herd that you can actually use Diet coke to remove hard-water buildup on shower-heads. You can use it to remove greasy stains from the kitchen stove. Grandma tot me how that you can use Diet coke to clean tarnished silver, my friend was over at her house and she nearly freaked out when see saw wut see was doing! ;-)

  73. Use it to clean dirty battery terminals.

  74. Jezz the most obvious thing was left out – drink it.

  75. ufo: You are wrong! The very first line says that it is a drink!

  76. You can use it to wash blood of coths, american highways use it after a large crash to remove the stains from the road.

  77. This is awesome. thank u:) Going to use it as a hair conditioner.

  78. Used to drink about 2 litres of Coke every day. Went camping and had no access to Coke for a week. Chronic problem with bad breath just went away. So I experimented a few times, and it was true! Coke creates halitosis – don’t know how or why – but now I don’t touch the stuff, and I swear I also feel better. No more heartburn, muscles and joints feel great. Is it all the sugar, or something else? Has anyone ever done medical research?

  79. coke is not good but good info!!!!!!

  80. Hi
    I just linked from an article of mine to this article!

  81. The writer of this article I’m sorry to say is a dumb bitch, near the start of her addiction she stated she knew what a taper was but said she didnt have enough supply, eventually later she said she on 40mgs of valium for 2 years, lots of time and valium for a slow gradual taper, and things like avoiding the crazy pills doctors try to give you and doing diet and excersize as you start feeling better from the taper. Simple logic to suffer for 20 or more years is just non sence.

  82. Sorry my above responce was to the wrong article.

  83. Coke will clean a windshield, and battery acid from the battery.
    It also gives me the $hits.

  84. Wacky Uses for Coca-Cola! It’s VERY handy around the home!
    Check out this short, fun clip on it:

  85. Coke can damage your stomach lining DONT DRINK IT USE IT!!!!

    !!!!! !!!!!



  86. I’ve conducted several experiments on what coke can do and trust me.alot are true, for those of you nonbelievers or addicts of coke, conduct an expirament.afterward you might settle for water or milk instead.

  87. Hey dude I just wanted to let you know that your number 12 comment on the regular coke for upset stomach is only part correct. You missed the most important part, that the coke Must only be drank from the can. something about the gastric fizz release conducting multi function absorbers to the membrane cell walls.

  88. put it on ur battery terminals to clean off white corrosion that can cause car not to crank–

  89. All you nay-sayers and n00bs out there,you may be correct as Coke is super sticky!When I drink Coke, I get a little crazy!(being ten years old, it makes sense :P )Chill and have a Coke.B)

  90. Just found this posting and wanted to respond to Ex Coke Addict. I’ve read no medical research but from personal experience, I can tell you that caffeine and refined sugar (including cane syrup which is in most soft drinks) can really do a lot of damage to your health. I had been told I was allergic to a bunch of foods, mostly corn, wheat, milk and eggs. I was also diagnosed with migraine headaches and depression. Through some reading on my own, I cut caffeine and refined sugar out of my diet completely. I now can eat all those things they told me I shouldn’t and my depression and headaches are much improved. In fact from time to time I just gotta, gotta, gotta have some chocolate and I know I will pay the price in a day or two with a headache. Everyone, sugar is as much an addiction as caffeine and withdrawal from each one is hell but if you value your health, you must try.

  91. Thanks for making me leave your site quickly by trying to force me into watching your advertisements. Your web design sucks.

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