12 Surprising Uses for Cat Litter

Did you know that cat litter can be used for many other things around your household?

Even if you don’t have any cats around, you can still stock up cat litter at home for these surprising uses.

Cat Litter is an Excellent Absorbent:

1. Damp Remover

Put some cat litter in old pantyhose or socks and tie them up. Put them into your tent bags, sleeping bags or even your handbags which are not in used to keep them dry and free of mold.

2. Absorb Fresh Spills

Spread a quarter-inch deep of cat litter onto fresh spills. Since it soaks up the spills successfully, it makes your job much easier to clean up.

3. Drying Agent

Put some cat litter into an air tight container and put some fresh flowers that you want to preserve into the said container. Leave them and change the cat litter regularly for a couple of days until the flowers become dry up.

4. Clean Up Oil, Gasoline or Paint Spills & Stains

It is said that a 5 kg pack of litter can absorb more than 2 liters of liquid. Usually, it is used by mechanics to clean up grease or oil spills in the garage. This can be done by pouring a generous amount of cat litter onto the spills. For best result, use the clumping type of cat litter. To remove old stains, pour some solvent liquid like paint thinner onto the stain before tossing on the cat litter. Wait overnight and then clean up the spot.

5. Absorb Leaky Trash Cans

Pour some cat litter at the bottom of your trash can. You can also pour some into the plastic liner of your kitchen disposal. This is an excellent way to absorb the leaky and smelly garbage in the trash can.

Cat Litter is an Excellent Deodorizer:

6. Use As Ash Trays

Just pour some cat litter in the ash tray. It absorbs the cigarette odors and quickly puts out the cigarette.

7. Deodorize Refrigerator and Closets

An alternative to baking soda, just pour some cat litter (preferably the scented ones) in an open-top container. Put the said container in the fridge or closets and leave it in there for several days until the odor is removed. However, don’t forget to change the cat litter regularly.

8. Deodorize Garbage or Trash Cans

Pour some cat litter into the plastic liner of your kitchen disposal before you throw rubbish in it. This is an excellent way to deodorize the smell of garbage.

9. Deodorize Smelly Shoes and Freshen Old Books

Put some cat litter in old pantyhose or socks and tie them up. Put them inside your shoes and leave them for several days to get rid of the odor.

You can also put the bundled cat litter together with your old stacks of books and place them into a sealed chest, trunk or box. Leave them for a couple of days to freshen up the old smell of your books.

Cat Litter Has Many Other Uses Such As…

10. Get Rid of the Rodents

You can’t use the fresh cat litter for this. Put a little bit of some “used cat litter” near the holes, nest or drainage. This is a good way to get rid of rodents because they hate the smell of cat’s urine.

11. Algae Control

For koi (fish) pond owners, this method works wonderfully to get rid of algae in koi ponds. Use about one pound of cat litter for 2000 gallons of circulating pond water. It is said that the water may turn muddy at first but it will clear up in 24 hours. The type of clay called “bentonite” (an ingredient in most cat litter) is the main source in clearing up the pond algae.

12. Facial Mask

For some people this sounds gross and might think that this tip is fit for frugal. However, facial treatments are always expensive. Get the natural clay non-scented cat litter for this purpose. Just mix some cat litter with a little warm water to make some paste. Put it on your face and leave it for 15 minutes until it hardens. Then, clean it up. Just like any other clay mask, it cleanses and rejuvenates your pores, living your skin supple and healthy.

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  1. funny but informative.

  2. funny because all i can see now is a blank page :P

  3. im curious to read the content of this article.hmmm..

  4. Cat litter and also be used for making fire at camp!! :]

  5. It would be nice to see something origional. As soon as someone makes something that gets the top list, everyone copies it. Everyone is making “Top Ten,” and “3 ways to,” and other things listing facts that are most likely made up. And then, half of the others that make to top of the list like “Darlene Mcfarlane” used web proxies to get views and make money. How cheap.

  6. ME,
    You shouldn’t pick on others or condemn other writers, openly like that. That’s not nice.

  7. Comment # 5,
    That’s the way the world is. When someone does something nice, everybody tends to copy and make it better. There’s nothing wrong really. Maybe “ME” is jealous at other author’s prospect and success. Grow up, man! You shouldn’t dampen other people’s interest in writing. Next time, come up with an original article yourself and maybe you can do better next time.

  8. some people said that cat litter also can be the lining of your BBQ grill set to prevent grease fire. and some said that cat litter can be used for making fire at campsite. dunno which is true.

  9. Now I wonder who is this ME. Mind your language and behave. Don’t talk bad things about people especially their names in the comments column. You should be ashamed of yourself because when you talk about the others it reflects badly on you yourself.

  10. Thank you for the feedback. I will try to improve my articles in future.

  11. i like this article. i mistakenly bought a pack of cat litter recently and dont know what to do with it.
    thanx for the suggestion.

  12. Good tips, thanks!

  13. nice pictures. informative. from now on i will look at cat-litters differently

  14. Who is this “ME” ? Jobless person.

    Great article Sher D Fly! I love cats and have even published an article, here on gometic, about them.

    Good work,

  15. wow u cn do all tht with my poopoo litter. meeowwwww

  16. i do so adore cats. if only my cat could read this.hehehe

  17. DEodorizer? Not for me

  18. Hmmmm…kind of smelly.

  19. Some of the comments you leave should be covered up with kitty litter… DIRTY!!!!

  20. litter itself is smelly. how can it be used as a deodorizer..

  21. hey so how do you make fire w/kitty litter?
    that sounds rather interesting…
    oh yeah, me, get a life and quit picking on total strangers to make yourself feel better. Try a nice walk or maybe snuggle with someone by the fireside, eh…

  22. minus the impact

  23. Great article, interesting and useful.

  24. I googled for how to freshen books and found your article. Thank you for the tip. Not being a cat lover /owner, I would have never thought of the uses for cat litter. Interesting the various ways to use it for absorption. Again, thanks for taking the time to post. There is precious little to find regarding freshening up books.

  25. Thank you for the information. The cat litter I buy smells very good.

  26. Great suggestions. I especially liked the idea about getting rid of roddents – I have a ground hog under my deck and is driving my dogs crazy. Will give it a try.

  27. Over the years, you can get quite the pile of litter. I use it as landfill in areas of my yard that used to flood or is not going to be landscaped. Remove the feces, tie it up in those plastic bags from the stores and throw it away. The urine smell disappears after a few rainstorms.

  28. article and suggestions by commenters are interesting. I’m definitely going to try a few and once it’s been recyled a few times, I’ll use it to fill in holes out back. But seriously, has anyone done the face mask? I’m wondering if there are some anit-wrinkle properties in diapers. Just kidding. Eww.

  29. @Not me :) :

    Disposable diapers contain absorbent crystals. Can’t, off the top of my head, recall what exactly they are.

    It would be plausible that if you had a water-based, anti-wrinkle agent, that you could fill the diaper with it, and then place that wherever you wanted to reduce wrinkles– in this case, I suggest you put the saturated diaper over your face. Make sure you have a straw to breathe.

  30. Just ran across a try me free rebate for arm and hammer cat litter. Would have just not go the litter since I don’t have a cat. Now I will be getting my free cat litter to put in my trash can for the YUCKS. I love this idea!!!!! Oh and stinky shoes!! Thanks for the useful information!!!

  31. Hey How\’s it going? I read the comments on this cat liter info… I seen your\’s and I am curious on how to use the cat liter to start a fire;-)

    As they say curiousity killed the cat…

  32. Has anyone tried putting a small handful of the crystal kitty litter into a coffee filter paper (bought for coffee perculator machines), then stitch it up on a sewing machine….then place in plastic storage containers full of craft fabrics?? I am thinking of doing this & wondered if this would ‘leak’ into or stain my valued fabrics….?
    Cheers for opinions

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