12 Amazing Uses of Potato

We use potato in cooking. But potato has many other uses too. Here are some amazing uses of potatoes.

  1. As an anti aging agent

    Wash your face daily with potato juice (raw potato can be ground with water) which prevents wrinkles on face and make your face glow.

  2. Medicine for skin burn

    Take a raw sliced potato and make it as a paste by mixing water. Apply the paste on minor skin burns to relieve pain.

  3. Medicine for headache

    Take a half sliced raw potato, and rub it on your temples to get relief from headache.

  4. For tired eyes

    Place two round slices on your eyes to reduce the tiredness of your eyes.

  5. Remove glue on hands

    Potato can remove glue from hands. Use Potato to wash hands when you find it hard to remove the stickiness on hands after handling some sticky vegetables like pumpkin.

  6. As a shoe polish

    Rub a raw potato on your old, dirty shoes before polishing them. They should come out nice and shiny.

  7. Act as a sleeping pill

    Potato prevents the action of acids in our stomach that disturb our sleep. Take a boiled and mashed potato with milk before sleeping to have a peaceful sleep.

  8. As a polish on silverware

    Boil potatoes in some water and remove the potato from water. Place your silver ware in the water for an hour. Silver ware will glaze.

  9. Extract salt for curry, soup

    If you found excess salt in curry or soup, toss some large sliced potatoes into the curry pot or soup bowl, still on the stove. In about 5 to 10 minutes the potato slices absorb the excess salt. Then remove them from the pot or bowl.

  10. Keep glasses clear

    Rubbing a potato on the glasses can prevent them from fogging up in the early morning.

  11. Make a decorative stamp

    A potato can provide the right medium for making your own stamp for decorating envelopes and holiday cards. Cut a potato in half widthwise. Carve a design on one half. Then start stamping as you would with a wooden version.

  12. Lure worms in houseplants

    If the worms crawl around the roots of plants, place a sliced raw potato around the base of the plant. The worms crawl up to eat it, you can grab them out.

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  1. Interesting and informative…looks like we both wrote about potatoes at the same time. LOL

  2. ha ha ha… great minds think alike… :P thanx for ur comment anyway

  3. wow, lots of things I learned here – will have to try some of them out. Great article thanks.

  4. Your no. 7 could explain why we refer to mashed potatoes as comfort food. They top my list! Thanks, Valli for the good tips – and another winner is how economic potatoes are.

  5. excellent uses of the great potatoea have been given..will definately use ..n try out..thanks ..do keep it up..

  6. i just want to ask about number 7. what substance is present in the potatoes that can eliminate the acid which disturbs us in our sleep?

  7. I am a college student in Kenya and am wondering what I can do with the potato peelings, because I want to recycle them, but I can’t figure out how

  8. I am a college student in Kenya and am wondering what I can do with the potato peelings, because I want to recycle them, but I can’t figure out how

  9. I even use potato extract as diesel in my car.

  10. cooooooooooool infoooooooo siteeeeeee

  11. thanx ,I learned here a lot. U need to add some industrial uses also….

  12. thanx for this article, it’s been a great help for my thesis work… :o

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  14. ahm your no. 6.. is it true? who discovered that one???

  15. why not testing

  16. hahaha

  17. Cenaimy AZEIWAH,,, Cool Valli

  18. cranky leit, Cool Valli

  19. Mayaoko Rupad,….Cool Valli

  20. Thanks it really helped my project

  21. can it clear black spots on face?

  22. It really helped my reasearch at school i’m 12

  23. This is an awsome website!

  24. They definitely help with sleep…when I eat them I sleep well and I have insomnia but this is definitely helping…read Potatoes Not Prozac it is very informative about this affect… The potato increases the tryptophan which increases serotonin and calms you down…resulting in calmer mood and greater sleep!

  25. If you have ever over-salted a dish, you can take an un-peeled potato and place it in this dish and the potato will soak up the salt. It works really well.

  26. These are really complete info on potatoes. You’ve laid out the info in sequence and easy to understand format, thanks. Give you “liked it”

  27. Just freeze them. When you are ready to make a stock for cooking boil them along with other vegetable scraps. It makes a better stock than chicken or beef broth and you get nutrients from it

  28. don’t forget the all important ammunition side !!! Potato guns
    are fun!

  29. This potato trick really works. I get “cough headaches” often from straining…nothing has worked so far except the pototo!

  30. Potatoes are one of the most common vegetables all over the world. They are cheap, easy to cook and have so many health benefits.
    You can bake them, boil them, microwave them… everyone can make something to eat with potatoes.I will start to grow tomatoes
    in my farm and now learning watever i can about them, thanks for information. I also found another good site
    about potatoes and so many other methods of agriculturing, i recommend you to take a look.


  31. nice…

  32. Really its super use of POTATO .


  33. I am a 7th grader. And I am doing a science report on potatoes. And I need to have a cite page. So Valli, do you have a last name?

  34. Courtney, My last name is Sarvani. Good luck with your project!

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