11 Ways to Save Money Every Week

Learn how to save money weekly.

1.  Settle for a cheaper cup of coffee.  Purchasing coffee at starbucks can cost a lot.  Make your own coffee at home or purchase at fast food place or at a gas station. 

2.  Unplug everything you are not using.  Whether it is small electric appliances like the toaster, blender, coffeemaker or your cell phone charger, printer, computer, blow dryer, hair straightener or anything else you are not using.   You will save a lot of money on your energy bill.

3.  Shop smart and wisely at your supermarket.  Do your grocery shopping with coupons.  Look for deals, double and triple coupons special.   Store brands cost less than the other brands.  Do not limit your grocery shopping to only one supermarket. 

4.  Eat out less or only for special occasions.  If you go out everyday for lunch, that’s at least $3-$7 daily you are spending.  Learn to create nutritous meals from online recipes or cookbooks. 

5.  Cut down on eating meat and meat products every week.  Depending on your size of the family and if you eat meat every week or every day can quite expensive. 

6.  Do not charge everything with your credit card.  Use cash for your purchase and only credit card for extreme emergencies.

7.  Set aside $2, $5 or any other amount from your paycheck and put in cookie jar or some place safe that no one knows about.  It will come in handy for those rainy days.

8.  Get rid of unnecessary magazine subscriptions, music/book clubs and gym memberships.  Learn to cut down on spending on expensive makeup, haircare products, weekly manicures, pedicures and alcohol beverages.   

9.  Save on gas by making fewer trips during the week.  Gas prices are going up so write down all the errands you need to run and purchases you need to make, and make less trips.  You can also carpool. 

10.  Avoid impulse spending on major purchases, clothes, electronics, home decor and things you would not use for a long time.

11. Get rid of those premium channels.  Netflix cost less. 


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  1. Good tips. I already use most of these. But I shared on my Facebook for my friends I thought would like to know abou these tips.

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