11 Practical Uses for Mouthwash

Who would have thought that mouthwash could do so much?

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Most people know that mouthwash is an oral hygiene helper that acts similarly to flossing and brushing. People use it everyday to keep their mouths as fresh as possible, but there are many other great uses for mouthwash that you might not know!

(Note: For all the tips be sure to use alcohol based mouthwash)

1. Got Clean Computer Screen?

Did you run out of glass cleaner? Apply a small amount of mouthwash that is alcohol based to a soft cloth that is damp, dry and – wah lah! You will be rewarded with clear, shiny screens. (Warning: Do not use it on LCD’s (liquid crystal displays. Only use it on glass surfaces)

2. Clean Your Toothbrushes

While you might keep your home as clean as possible, germs and bacteria never rest and do their very best to return and reek their havoc, it is, thus, very important to make sure that you keep your toothbrush as clean as possible. While keeping your toothbrush in a cabinet or drawer is advisable and makes a difference; washing it with mouthwash before you brush everyday will ensure a fresh mouth cleaning.

3. Freshen up your laundry & kill unwanted bacteria

That’s right maybe you want your clothing to retain a fuller, fresher quality. Add a cup of sugarless, alcohol based mouthwash to a load of laundry to destroy any harmful bacteria in your wash.

4. Need a Handy Sanitizer?

Sometimes the small hand sanitizers can be a bit expensive, so why not opt for using mouthwash instead? Simply pour some in your hands and give your hands a quick freshening.

5. Prevent infections

You can use mouth wash that is alcohol based to both clean and prevent infections on any cuts you may have.

6. Eliminate or Relieve Bruising

The alcohol base of mouthwash when rubbed on the affected area has been known to lessen and even completely alleviate the appearance of bruises. So, the next time you feel that a bruise might be coming on turn to your trusty mouthwash.

7. Troubled by dandruff?

Don’t let that get you down. Next time you shampoo simply follow it with a nice alcohol based mouthwash rinse. Repeat this until you find flakes no more.

8. Need a Good Face Cleaner?

Only use a mouthwash that does not contain sugar to wash your face with. Wash your face first with your typical face cleanser. Then apply some mouthwash to a cotton ball and wipe it on your face. Like any face astringent you should feel a pleasant sensation. When you are done rinse and your face will look fresh and clean!

9. Help Heal Your Tongue Piercing

Maybe you have opted for a piercing on your tongue. Mom and dad might not be too thrilled, but you did it and you want to make sure it heals properly. After each meal, mix water with about two ounces of alcohol based mouthwash. Swish it around in your mouth and this will help stave off infection and bacteria.

10. Poison Ivy got you down?

With a cotton ball apply alcohol based mouthwash to the infected areas. Mouthwash will not only help relieve the itchiness, but it will help heal the area.

11. Toilet Cleanser

To clean and disinfect your toilet, reach for a cup of mouthwash that is alcohol based and pour it into your toilet. After about a half an hour you can resume cleaning.

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  1. I never have thought mouthwash could be used for so many things!

  2. Great tips, thanks!

  3. I have another use!! I soak my feet in mouthwash when they are “tired” from a good long workout. Makes them fresh smelling and soft!!

  4. the picture mouthwash is excellent for curing athletes foot and stubborn fungi between toes – a good swipe with q-tip or cotton once or twice a day.

  5. Cleaning tooth brushes and sanitizing laundry are the most impressive ones. Thanks for sharing this informative and interesting article. Blessings Chris

  6. These are really wonderful uses of mouthwash.

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