10 Uses for Baby Powder

Baby powder isn’t just for babies.

What do we think of when we hear the word, “baby powder”? We naturally think of sweet little babies. Well, baby powder has many more uses then just on a babies bottom. He is a list of the many useful uses of baby powder.

  1. For ant problems, sprinkle some baby powder under doors were ants come in at, and along window sills. Ants will not walk through the powder.
  2. To help rubber gloves slip right on, sprinkle a little bit of baby powder inside the glove, and on they go.
  3. Do your sheets feel hot and sticky on warm summer nights? Sprinkle a little bit of baby powder between your sheets before getting into bed, this will help to absord perspiration.
  4. Having trouble untangling that knot in a necklace? Sprinkle some baby powder on the necklace and then work it apart. The powder will act as a lubricant.
  5. Sand gets everywhere, and sticks to a person. Sprinkle baby powder over sandy, wet kids or adulty, to adsorb the moisture, and then brush away the sand.
  6. For all of those old, musty, mildewed books you don’t read but want to keep, sprinkle baby powder between the pages and let sit for several hours, or even a few days. Then gently brush out the remaining powder with a soft brush.
  7. Many homes, old and new have squeaky floorboards, here is a quick fix. Sprinkle some baby powder between the boards and sweep in well into the cracks. No more squeaky floor.
  8. When shaving your legs with an electric razor, sprinkle them with baby powder to reduce friction burn.
  9. If you get a grease stain on your shirt while cooking, dab the stain with baby powder, rub it in good, then brush off any loose powder. Do this till the stain is gone.
  10. To give your dogs coat a little pick me up, rub in a few hand fulls of baby powder, getting it in there really good. After give your dog a good brushing. His coat will not only look better, but will also smell better. This can be used on yourself as well.
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  1. Interesting tips. Thank you.

  2. I add it to my shoes in summer when I’m not wearing socks. Cuts down on sweaty feet.

    Incidentally, when I had my son – two years ago – I was told not to use baby powder as it’s been linked to cancer! So these uses may save the manufacturers.

  3. I keep baby powder with my hair supplies for days when I can’t wash my hair. I sprinkle some on my brush, and no more greasy unwashed hair. This is probably the most common use of baby powder for adults, but I’ll just post it here in case someone didn’t know about it.

    Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this, however…I might get cancer from it…


  4. maybe

  5. I actually found an interesting way that baby powder is useful. I recently gained weight, and now that the summer has hit, I find that my inner thighs stick together, and it is really annoying. If I rub some baby powder inbetween them, this problem is solved.

  6. I started gaining weight so I started eating baby powder it hasn’t started working yet but it tastes good. Ithink I have a problem.

  7. The problem with older baby powders was the use of talc or talcum powder which is why there was a link to cancer. Newer versions of baby powder do not use Talc and use cornstarch instead. It’s safe to use on babies as long as you make sure that they don’t inhale the powder as inhaling powders isn’t good for babies or you.

    I find after a shower a little baby powder over my body keeps my body dry and feeling a lot better. Also it has a very soothing smell.

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. Tracy*boo* I think you’ve smelled more than your fair share of powders.

  8. Robert I bet your boyfriend loves your soothing smell… wanka

  9. Actually, Baby Powder addiction is fairly common. It is said to be caused by the use of corn starch in the newer kinds. It has been reported to help people lose weight on numerous occasions.

  10. Actually using cornstarch for weight loss has been a rememdy for many years through many cultures. the eskimos eat it to counteract the whale blubber they consume, as well as eastern european cultures (russia, etc.), it is a common ingredient in trazla, a popular dessert drink

  11. Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder still uses talc. No cornstarch found in it at all…. as of 2009.

  12. Johnson’s Baby Powder Forever Fresh Ingredients: Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Tricalcium Phosphate, Fragrance.

    Hmm, looks like there is only corn starch in there after all.

  13. Ingredients: Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Tricalcium Phosphate, Fragrance.

    i use purity perfect from dollar store.

    Ingredients: Corn Starch, Tricalcium Phosphate, Fragrance.

  14. Krystal….a bit of deodorant/anti-perspirant works even better on the thighs than baby powder and isn’t as messy….just rub some on both thighs where they chafe.

  15. Deodorant/anti-perspirant is what causes the yellowing pit stains on shirts because they have aluminum oxide and is also associated with cancer. Talc…cancerous…I guess they haven’t found anything wrong with cornstarch yet

  16. This was something I learned in the summer…but I like it so much I do it all year round now: I bought a powder puff and apply baby powder (the cornstarch kind) in between & underneath my breasts to absorb sweat. It’s very comfortable all day :)

  17. i use it to freshen the carpet, then vacuum it

  18. I didn’t even know baby powder could b used In so many ways thank u

  19. i been using it to freshen my carpets for years and leaves such a fresh smell after you vacuum.

  20. Put it in your hair and it absorbs the oil.

  21. You know it’s crazy everything causes cancer soon we won’t be able to breathe…

  22. if it can cause cancer, and you are worried about it, and you are buying baby powder with corn starch in it, why not just buy corn starch itself? im sure its just the same price, healthier, does the same things because its the same material. the only difference is it doesnt smell as nice. just a thought.

  23. My neck feels all sticky and sweaty sometimes… talc free lavender baby powder makes me feel fresh and beautiful!!! Love all the suggestions!! I may just start covering myself in it until I look like casper :) lol

  24. Personal Care Baby Powder Ingrediants: Talc, Fragrance.

    That’s all…. And I’ve used it for years, and I’m very healthy

    BTW, for people with oily hair you can use baby powder, then brush it out, OR for a better more permanent treatment, add fresh lemon juice to your shampoo. If your hair starts looking too dry, use a lot less lemon. It works perfectly.

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