10 Unique Uses for Orange Peel

Orange is a delicious fruit. Not only the inner part of orange (fruit) but also the outer part (peel) is useful in many ways. Here are the ten unique uses for orange peels.

  1. As A Bathing Powder

    Dry some orange peels and make them as a powder. Use this powder regularly for bathing to make your skin glow.

  2. Mosquito Repellent

    Apply orange peels over your exposed skin on nights to repel the mosquitoes.

  3. Get Rid of Ants

    Take few orange peels in a cup of warm water. Make it as puree in a blender. Pour this solution into the anthills to prevent ants.

  4. As a Scent

    Boil orange peels on the stove with a few cloves to make your home filled with scent.

  5. Keeps Brown Sugar Soft

    If you place a piece of orange peel in your bag of brown sugar the sugar will stay soft.

  6. As Bath Oil

    Dried orange peels can be used as homemade bath oils. Orange peels can be used in dried flower arrangements.

  7. Household Cleaner

    Limonene, a carbon-based compound that makes up around 95% of the oil found in orange peel is often used to give household cleaners a citrus smell.

  8. For Kindling in Winter

    Dried orange peels can be used as kindling at fire places. The flammable oils found inside the peels enable them to burn much longer than paper.

  9. Protects Leaves of Household Plants From Cats

    Rub the leaves of your house plants with orange peel once a month and put some orange peels on the surface of the soil in potted plants which prevents them destroyed from cats.

  10. Make Delicious Oil

    You can make delicious homemade oil with orange peels. Place some orange peels and cranberries in olive oil and close it with a cork. You can observe a wonderful flavor to the oil after some weeks.

Orange peels can help us lower environmental pollution: Scientists are researching to make plastic from orange peel (orange peels have a carbon compound limonene) which is eco-friendly.

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  1. you can also take the peels and a few cubes of ice and put them in your sink disposal and turn it on. it makes it smell better and cleans/sharpens the blades.

  2. It’s a great way to increase the mosture in a bag of weed…%-)

  3. Mellisa: thanks for your comment. I have wondered about keeping the sink disposal from smelling.

  4. Did you really mean to include the #2 comment? Or did you just not read it?

  5. Use them in your fireplace for a nice citrus aroma throughout your home. Also a campfire to keep bugs away.

  6. This is for number four Pat, I think you just need to find some weed and smoke it. Thats what you need to do.

  7. Weed is sold by weight. Adding moisture to the bag artificially increases the weight and is unethical. Unless it is for your own personal use and you enjoy the fruity flavor and aroma.

  8. I agree, #4 loosen up a bit, I found that tip very helpful.

  9. So many people smoke marajuana, it’s nothing shameful. The “stoner” stereotype is just a socially constructed facade. #2 is a perfectly legitimate use. cheers!

  10. Also, freshly grated orange zest in yogurt, cool whip, tea, pancake batter, and about a hundred other recipes. It gives bold flavor and smells y-u-m-m-y while cooking.

  11. I started to buy an orange——69 cents each!!!!!!!! At that price you should use it all !!!!!!!!!!

  12. Cut orange peel into strips and add it to potpourri to refreshen the scent and add some pretty color and texture. After you add the citrus peel, don’t close the potpourri mix in a plastic bag or it will mold. It needs to air dry.

  13. Is there anything special you have to do to dry orange peels, or do you just simply let them air dry? thanks

  14. I live in the 2nd most (or is that 3rd behind Florida and CA?) productive state (Arizona) for oranges in the USA, and will definately use some of these suggestions for orange peel use. Thanks for the tip! I don’t smoke pot, but if I did…I would use the suggestion for that too! I am sure you wouldn’t believe how many people (executives of major corporations, professors, doctors, your husband, wife, son, or daughter) actually do smoke pot on a regular basis. If you didn’t like the comment #2 left, why didn’t you just ignore it, or even just chaulk it up to adolescent leaving the comment? I wonder why you felt compelled to leave a message asking the board monitor if they had really intended to let that message be posted? Don’t you pick and choose your battles? That was just silly of you to actually take the time to say that to #2.

  15. I definitely plan on trying some of these ideas, and actually I have always used a lemon peel in a bag of pot, nice to know orange peels work just as well. And yes, MANY people smoke pot, I think of it in the same respects as alcohol, as long as you are not driving or being reckelss while using it there is no harm.. Also, if your weed is too moist put a small piece of paper in the bag, and as someone mentioned that for selling purposes the weed would be heavier, i have only known people to do it with their own weed.

  16. we have lots of pot here and orange peel does work

  17. My pot hasn’t dried out enough to need it, but i will use it when it does. And by the way, tons of people from every walk of life dosmoke weed. I am a mother of 4 very activ in my community, but when the kids are asleep for the night, a nice fat joint is just what the doctor ordered.

  18. I love that this post went to pot. That was the first thing I thought of when I read this. I usually used a small piece of carrot but it can make your weed mold.

  19. Actually, fruit and veggie peels reduce the potency of weed when left in the bag for extended periods of time. If it’s dried out just take the largest buds from the bag, run some fresh tap water over them, shake it off and replace in the bag, the next morning the moisture will have spread through the entire contents and will have turned dried out brittle weed to a nice gummie texture ready to roll up and burn.

  20. I love your comments. FUNNY…..Nice one Leean.

  21. If you are smoking pot that is dry & leaves a bad taste it may be the old horse dung pot. Good weed is dried to perection & if kept in a sealed jar will last for years whereas citrus peels ,etc will eventually cause mold. Leaves the stuff like smoking carpeting.

  22. I agree with Ohreally, I buy in quantity and have yet to have dry issues, my current stash I have had for a few months, I keep the majority double bagged in freezer ziplocs, they hold in the moisture better, and I keep a small,(quarter bag) amount out for daily rolling and refill as needed, it is still sappy and sticky! But no amount of orange peels will save bad weed, so first off just buy good stuff, you get what you pay for.

  23. You can eat the peel. Healthy!

  24. Roll on weed smokers! Try it you might like it and the whole world will live as one…

  25. Squeeze a orange peel rind at a dog and it will repel the animal

  26. Hmm i never knew i could use an orange peel i usually use a small piece of lettuce that works too for a while until it crumbles.

  27. yeahh so smoking is stupid.
    loving the orange peel ideas though,.

  28. Love this web site…this is my first visit. Keep up the great suggestions. I never knew that one little peel had so many uses!

  29. This started out about uses for oranges but ended up funnier then ever. You people just keep enjoying life.

  30. you guys are hillarious! little did i ever know what fun it would be to read these posts. now let’s all lobby for legalization, cuz it’s real hard to get it in nashville. help!!

  31. never tried smokin carpet

  32. if you take a few slivers and deposit in your girls anus, it makes 69ing very fresh and fruity

  33. Weed is illegal in case you haven’t noticed. Get a job, you hippies!

  34. You can also make orange peel candy to eat or use in hot tea or add to poached salmon: delicious!

  35. There was a study that said orange peels can cure cancer. Just rub it on!

  36. u guys r crazy i would never do pot but when i read all those post it was interestiong though but really pot is bad for u

  37. Fly High Again

  38. really can orande peel cure cancer?really

  39. Hey # 37, stop picking on pot smokers and go learn how to spell.

  40. orande?i meant orange

  41. shut up

  42. Dave’s not here, man!

  43. ISA – Stick with the ideas in the article. The rest of these folks are acting stupid.

    PS – Stay off the weed – it’ll rot your brain

  44. I need a connection. Anyone live in the area?

  45. Blonde – Don’t sweat it. You post still made more sense than 99% of the others


  47. I needed a good laugh tonight. Thank you all for the entertainment. I will try most of the uses suggested, but will read this again when I need a good laugh. Thank you ;-)

  48. 69 cents a pound. Once the fruit growers and food producers find out all these benefits from an orange, just watch the prices go up like a rocket.

  49. i’m 59 yrs old and I smoke pot and will continue until I’m dead…don’t do the drinking thing..hard oin the liver

  50. It was great reading the comments. Haven’t smoked any weed in about 20 yrs. But I good go for a big fat joint right now. Thansk for making my night.

  51. It is used to kill the pain when someone is already dying. Why make them suffer anymore. It is a good painkiller, and if it works, why not use it?

  52. #54 You must have a strange sense of humor, this is not funny it is pretty stupid. #56 oranges are already high priced if they go much higher no one will be able to afford them. The mother of four pot smoker,you should really be ashamed of your self. You say you buy in quantity,if you get caught you are going to jail and your kids are going to foster care or worse. Won’t that be funny.

  53. Did you notice how MOST of the people who don’t smoke marijuana can’t spell or use proper grammar and punctuation, and those that are for it, do know how to use the English language? LOL

  54. My TV is broke nothing but a bright colored horizonal line audio fine though–These comments are worth emailing for good entertainment. it was for me. Keep On Trucking!!

  55. OK, for all you eco-freaks out there: In addition to the weed, it keeps the dreaded PIPE TOBACCO nice & moist in the pouch !!

  56. Orange peels can also be used for chicken pox. If you cook a few orange rinds from organic oranges in a pot of water, cool the rinds and apply to the pox. They will help the itch and allow it to heal faster. You can also drink a few teaspoons of the cooled liquid to help as well.

  57. I use orange peels to keep my maryjane nice and moist also give it a nice orange scent. Careful not to leave it in too long otherwise it will ruin your stuff…

  58. for number 36. You really may want to splurge and perhaps spend some of your hard-earned cash on some english classes because being pot free has definitely done nothing for your spelling ability.

  59. my comment no.60 was intended for number 37 not 36. my apologies number 36 pot must have compromised my vision.

  60. Was this about orange peels or weed?

  61. I was going to comment but I am too stoned to remember what I was going to say…….Oh yeah, #37, one doesn’t “do” pot, one smokes it. You have got to be the squarest person ever.

  62. Now now fiftyhz, we can also vaporize it and eat it! To those who call us “hippies” and say we should be ashamed of our selves, I mean come on. I own and run my own successful business, it is VERY stressful, but I don’t pop pills or drink, I enjoy perfectly natural organic herbal refreshment. This plant was put on this earth for all it’s wonderful attributes, and I am not going to buy into it being “wrong” because our U.S. government decided it should be prohibited. Our ancestors recognized it for what it was good for and used it for ALL the purposes it could be used for. American Indians didn’t have any tobacco plantations to fill their peace pipes, now did they? Other countries have legalized it, recoginzing the excellent properties that it has. So, don’t tell me it is wrong because a bunch of oh so honest politicians said it was. And just let me know if my pot dulled brain has used words too big for you to understand, I’d be happy to dumb it up for you. BY THE WAY, ANOTHER GREAT USE FOR ORANGE PEELS: Put them in(dried) with granulated sugar to flavor it,and sprinkle on top of sugar cookies before you bake them, very tasty and great for the munchies

  63. Also, be sure to wash all oranges BEFORE peeling them to remove any pesticides, etc. You don’t want that in your orange, bath, tea, OR weed.

  64. why would you want to make cannabis wetter, surely it wouldn’t smoke as well?

  65. Not a weed smoker here, but my son was on cannabis capsules for his pain before he died. It worked wonders for him. If they would legalize the stuff and let the government control and sell it, the quality would go up and the price would come down. Plus the benefits of having your tax dollars go down because it would bring in giant amounts of money for the government.. Everyone is so concerned with controlling what everyone else is doing. Most need to get their own lives together rather than judge their neighbors.

  66. Kat I agree totally, if the government would control the weed similar to the way other countries do, and stopped spending billions a year on anti-weed campains, we could seriously bring down the national debt and help with the jails overcrowding by cutting down on drug related incarcerations. Many of them are in there on weed related offences.

  67. I came to this site for ideas on how best to peel an orange and gained an education about weed. What a riot. This world needs a good laugh.

  68. lol, #2, that would work if i actually HAD weed…

  69. Have acne? The skin of an orange grated mixed with water to a paste. Is a awesome mask for your face. leave on for 15-20 min.
    TIP- mix a little honey in it and it will help stick better on your face. The honey will help moisturize your skin as well

  70. Very funny people I must come back to this post later this year to see what else its good for, You never know it may even give you super powers (orange man to the rescue !!!)fabulace keep it up.

  71. i actually came to this forum by googleing a way to keep my pot from drying out #70 the internet is a great place. Well I’m off to buy some orange juice and orange cupcakes and cheetos and oranges… so I can keep my pot from drying out. happy new year.

  72. Orange peel tips and enlightened stoners – what better way to warm up from the inside out on a cold afternoon? I’m now going to fill up my boiling pot and turn on my vaporizer in honor of you folks.

  73. anyone got some more weed tips

  74. my weed got mold on it because i put it with orange peels, now im scared to smoke it. pretty bummed about that. but you can keep your pot moist by slowly breathing out into the container you keep it in, then closing it tight. the water vapor from your beathe keeps it moist.

  75. You are all idiots. Gee, so many people are idiots, maybe the rest of us who actually have nuts and brains should just sink to your level. Grow up.

  76. I need make tips to make my weed smoke better, can anyone help me?

  77. I came by google “Uses of Orange Peels”… Enjoyed all your comments and suggestion, but really really enjoyed “#63 by Leean” and “#67 by Kat-N-Hat” I’m an American Indian and very healthy

  78. Sorry about the “/” don’t know why that happen. VoiceofReason your nick name doesn’t go well with your comment

  79. The posts were not only informing, but entertaining too! Well, except for the anti weed folks. I’m not a smoker myself but found it all very funny – lighten up people! We are moving into a recession and no one will be able to buy oranges or weed!
    I wonder if grapefruit and lemon peels work for all this stuff too?

  80. I think it’s great people are freaking out about a little “marijuana”…dude, if you want to be around it, cool, if not ignore…just like crap on tv you do or do not want to watch! Weeds really not a big deal. Chill Winston…..:)

  81. What an interesting forum. Very very interesting. Let me start off by saying I had that same problem #77 (Tweadle) – To get rid of that mold you take the weed out of the bags and rub between thumb and index finger gently until the mold is gone, then leave out until (not dry or wet but) satisfactory condition ready for smoking. They should now have a minty aroma. And yes I agree, #37 is perhaps the squarest person ever to walk the face of what we humans call the planet Earth. Smoke it proud.
    P.S. umm YAY for orange peels ! !

  82. This is a great article with lots of usable tips. I can’t wait to try them.

    Thanks valli

  83. I use the thick orange peels to make marmalade.

  84. It can make your weed go moldy.

    Kinda puts a new twist to “smokin the green”

    I grew up on a citrus ranch though and will totally use some of these ideas. Thanks!

  85. WARNING: Peels from conventionally grown oranges should be washed THOROUGHLY to remove pesticides and fungicides before us. Ideally, buy ONLY organic oranges.

  86. Dried orange peels can be found in many asian stores, they add flavor to soups. Also, orange peels may have medicinal uses.

  87. Hey all!
    Good thread, even with the non street savvy commentary. I thank you all for the Orange based information as I have no experience in the field myself. I have 26 Yrs. of Marijuana experience (since I was 12 in group homes until currently 38.) and just wanted to address the remoisturizing issue.
    #1. Ethicality of Remoisturization:
    Water weighs 1 g/cubic cm. To remoisturize 8 Oz (1/2 lb) of marihuana requires approximately 1/2 g of water, dispersed evenly throughout the bag and it should be perfect in about 6hrs. 1g of water per pound is not much weight wise to worry about, and you really can’t add much more that that because it will obviously end up too wet to smoke or sell. When purchasing Maryjane it is best to test a stalk to see if it snaps, your stash can never be too dry for storage, and in an emergency putting a bud in the palm of your hand and exhaling through a closed fist will restore the perfect amount of moisture within 1-2 Min.
    #2: Ethicality of Decriminalization.
    Wow, huge topic! First let’s have people rate their own level of experience, just so they themselves know whether their uninformed opinions should be voiced.=]
    a) Do you,or Have you ever known someone who uses Marijuana? Y
    b) Do you yourself use Marihuana? Y
    c) Do you have relevant knowledge of the active chemicals which gives the marijuana it’s medicinal value? Y
    d) Do you see the harm that it is possible for all drugs to cause when abused? Y
    e) Have you ever been incarcerated for Marijuana related offences? Y
    It is a real shame that people who end up as responsible proponents of substances which are being supressed by prohibition and criminalization, end up being treated as criminals rather than the knowledgable entrepreneurs that they are.
    Back to peeling some oranges.
    Peace all =]
    P.S. Whenever posting about substances that may or may not be decriminalized always be sure to do so from another public access location so Big Brother won’t be able to scan for your IP and acquire your location.

  88. Hey all!
    Thanks for removing the extra postings, feel free to remove the apology and this message as well for the sake of page continuity. Looking forward to more orange peel info, especially how they are planning to use it to make plastic=]

  89. In regards to the comment made by #33 by Joe Friday, Oct 10, 2007:

    “Weed is illegal in case you haven’t noticed. Get a job, you hippies!”

    Perhaps Marijuana is currently a crime in your area, but we live in the world. People live in places where Marihuana is not illegal such as the Netherlands where it has become legalized and government controlled with great success, or in other countries where they may not even have laws regarding Marijuana. Hmm, just imagine how hurt the feelings of someone from there could be, especially if the Marihuana trade happens to be thier government approved trade. Now consider the fact that marijuana is not illegal in the whole rest of the universe as far as we know, and how ignorant of the facts this makes the few people who lobby to keep it as a criminal offence look.
    Thanks for your considerations again in this matter!
    Mortis. =]

  90. In regards to the comment made by #36 by Isa, Oct 10, 2007:
    “u guys r crazy i would never do pot but when i read all those post it was interestiong though but really pot is bad for u”

    Is it really harmful to people? I can fully admit that anything people smoke is not good for the lungs, aside from that fact it was recently found in a Canadian University study that Marijuana has no carcinogenic properties or chemicals. So where is your information proving it is “bad for you”, or was this just an uninformed opinion?
    Thanx again for the consideration. =]

  91. I was very shocked on everything i read here tonight. I was getting pretty good info on orange peels at the beginning then it all changed to pot. It takes all kinds of people to make this world but i would prefer that the pot heads stay out of rooms like these..im sure there are rooms for you all. For this page is suppose to be a page for info on orange peels. I have nothing agains pot heads but they need to make their own rooms. Remember you are not suppose to harm Gods body.Get some help!!!!!

  92. I always find that adding a couple of gratings of orange peel to my heroin and bicarbonateof soda mix as im boiling up the mix, leaves a fresh zinny feeling in my veins as i shoot up.

  93. Hi everyone, just wanted to say that the Netherlands have de-criminalised cannabis not made it legal. I think the original Sativa strain is good, but the skunk seems to lead to a lot of dope-psychosis. I am not against dope, in fact I prefer to smoke than have a drink ( roll another fat one Dave )

  94. As a teenager one of my friends would smoke pot and drink, even popping pills with a beer. We tried to warn him, but at the time he seemed to be o.k. Then one day in his 40’s he dropped dead of a brain aneurism. Maybe he would have wanted me to let you know that…
    I actually was on here to find out how to make orange oil to get rid of fire ants. I really like the dried peel and kindling idea!

  95. i have always put a small orange peel in my weed stash…. and i have recently found that if you do this and wait about a week or so the weed will get much better. i had some crappy weed and it now is nice and crystalized. long story short – turns a $150 an ounce bag of weed into $300 bag of weed – true story

  96. I never knew if I would connect with my son until I found him and his friends smoking some pot one night…. while I was sneakin a doobie. It was the closest I have ever felt to him and it felt great. He got a cut in his stocking this year from santa – “best present ever mom!” We even had a family smoke together with grandma. haha

  97. I just seen a great photo of a rastafarian smoking a jazz cigarette through an orange! His eyes were so red, Haha!!

  98. Orange peel and weed are both fun to use in a stump poker hand.

  99. man coolmom44 i wish you were my mom growing up my pops came to me with a nice 7th “weed smokers know what im talking”but i was 18 me and my cousins were chillin’ outside my aunts house, he came to me like he had something important to tell me so he took me to the bac of the house cause my aunt still doesnt approve of weed like some of these neh smokers.as he was taking me to the bac all i could think of is here he go talkin some crap i dont wanna here and as i turned around he was pullin that 7th out and i jus busted into laughter i couldnt help i wasnt expecting that but that brought me and my pops closer together also.

  100. all the buddah lovers “weed lovers” for tthose who dont know. I know you all celebrated bob marley’s birthday last month or should i say 4/20

  101. It’s ashame how an article about citrus fruit can create this big of a discussion about marijuana…

    What is this world coming to? Why do people relate everything to drugs or alcohol? Come on guys.

  102. Why is it that the only people against pot are from the U$A?
    And why do you believe it is so bad for you?
    If you are that more smarter than pot heads then why do you post ill-informed and uneducated points of view?
    Do your homework on its history, its medicinal uses, its other uses (hemp), its history in america and its legal history in america.
    you dont have to try it but FOR GOD’S SAKE WISE UP AND EDUCATE YOURSELVES.
    wasting my time, an american who questions authority, yeah right.

    LMAO @ #32 lover

  103. baa baa must do as the man tells me baa baa must chase the carrot baa

  104. Orange peel has more vitamin C and A than the fruit itself (pulp), it is also rich in citric acid and d-limonene and also contains p-synephrine, pectin, volatile oils, hesperidin, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. All of which have many beneficial health properties.

  105. its also safe to eat but not nice as is, air dry it first then grind it up and add it to food stuffs.

  106. The process of breathing air is to burn the fuel in the body, not burn the lungs with superheated air, tie up the hemoglobin with carbon monoxide, and carbonize the lining of the lungs. Orange peels will not solve the very preventable cure for cancer of choosing to place ones mouth in the vicinity of reasonably clean air. Making a choice to go through all the trouble and expense of placing oneself at risk by entertaining cancer-causing behavior because someone said it was “cool” is about as wise as pouring orange peel dust down the air intake of an internal combustion engine because your mechanic said it is a harmless herbal remedy for a clogged oxygen sensor. The most lacking ingredient in human life today is not consumerable items, it is common sense.

  107. Ok, i know this topic is old so i want to end this.
    Weed does not cause cancer, the THC is proven to kill aging cancerous cells, so the THC counteracts the smoke.
    Also, I would like to point out that the story about the guy who died (presumably) from drugs, although sad, cant be blamed on marijuana. He was taking many other drugs.
    With just a little bit of research you will see that there are ZERO reported cases of marijuana overdoses, EVER.
    I support and partake in the responsible use of marijuana. Our Creator put it on this Earth, and He obviously meant for us to use it or he wouldnt have made it such a powerful, yet peaceful herb. The bible even says that God gave man free use of ALL seed-bearing herbs.

    Please educate yourself before you bash other peoples views, opinions, or ways of life.

  108. And to “Clean Lungs”, if someone is smoking just to be ‘cool’, then they aren’t. I, and millions upon millions of people around the world, smoke cannabis because it is one of the most beautiful, powerful forces in nature. It is unfair and blatantly ignorant to suggest that everyone who smokes weed does so only because they think it will make them fit in with a particular croud. Most of my friends don’t use cannabis, but they are mature enough to respect me and my ability to make decisions and know what is in my own best interest.

  109. If you don’t know what you stand for, you will stand for anything.

  110. Marijuana isn’t addictive. It’s only ‘habit-forming’ the same way as ice cream, its enjoyable, and most people like to repeat activities that make them happy, like eating ice cream.
    Tobacco, alcohol, and caffein are addictive. I dont use any of them. These 3 drugs are literally deadly, they are also legal (well, caffein is illegal in certain forms). Nobody has ever died from cannabis use, and it is illegal. Sugary and fatty processed foods cause obesity and a plethora of other problems that can lead to an early death, yet we consume these things everyday. So why do so many people frown upon using natural, safe herbs like weed, then turn around and clog their arteries.

    We know what we stand for, and you know what you stand for.

    We stand for the freedom of our minds, you stand for the oppression of that freedom through the use of propaganda.

    This propaganda shows up in the media all the time, nearly every story about marijuana that you see on TV or read in the papers has a spin on it. It is always suggested that the guy caught with a few grams is somehow a bad person or a degenerate. The true degenerates are the ones who can’t see past these things, and blindly fall in line with the morals of others.

    Even if you still beleive we are killing ourselves with weed, at least we aren’t hurting anyone else. So let us live our own lives the way we want to live them, instead of the way we are told to live them.

  111. When I was born, I was free. My father said I cost a fortune but I was worth it. Now that I am older, I am sick of paying my insurance premiums of $600/month and I have a $7,200.00 yearly deductible and my emphysema medicine is well over $600/month. I know all that crap about smoking, stay healthy, bla bla bla. I am so sick and tired of hearing it. I just wish someone would tell the President to give us poor disabled people more money.

  112. you guys are crazy. for goodness sake, why shift the topic to marijuana. seriously? we’re talking oranges here. HEALTHY. we’re not talking about marijuana. you guys lost your mind, huh? it’s addictive you know, meaning you can’t stop. so if you have any sanity in you left, then might as well stop or don’t try it anyway. you’ll kill yourself, and your future plus the future of your family. but again, this is your choice. and if you choose to be someone you’re not,, to be someone hated by so many others…. then go on. we leave it all to you. but for me, no thanks.

  113. do you think what you’re doing is cool? do you think it’s the key to being ‘in’ or belonging in to a group? think again. what you’re doing isn’t cool. it’s STUPID. you know.. S–T–U–P–I–D!!

  114. Nice website!
    I hope alot of people can do this!

  115. I am a 39 year old mother of 3 Grown children and have Smoked Pot off and on again for about 20 years, I used to be dead set against it before I knew of it..The ONLY thing I think that is wrong with it now is this..ABUSING IT, you can abuse anything. the people who say your crazy if you smoke pot, let me ask you this whats do you abuse? do you eat to much? are you overweight because you abuse food? do you drink to much? do you smoke cigerettes? do you abuse your precribed pills , Anything that you are addicted to is wrong for you, If you drink alcohol or take precribed pills even I believe your doing more harm to yourself then smoking pot, Pot is natural herb not a chemical made by man, and now for the Orange peel ideas ALL of them Thanks! p.s educate yourself and google why pot is illegal only because the government couldnt tax it, it used to be legal and mandatory to grow hemp (marijuana) in the united states it became illegal because mexicans brought it in and the Government could not tax it.

  116. herion is beter then pot!

  117. Orange peels are used in a few types of beer alongside coriander. Mostly in Belgian witbier and white ales. Damn tasty, by the way!

    As far as marijuana goes, it’s possibly the safest of all mind altering substances known to man. I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of anyone overdosing, anyhow. Be it tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, mushrooms, heroine, huffing, pharmaceuticals, sex, S&M, fighting, running, eating, watching television, or even firearms (could lead to a power trip), can be unhealthy if moderation isn’t used. Everyone has a vice, what’s yours?

    Also, oranges friggin’ rock!

  118. What’s with the backslashes?

  119. #70 If you use organic honey that has not been pasteurized, it will act as anti-inflamatory, antiseptic and promote healing. It has been successfully used in open wounds.

  120. Great Uses – Horrible thread!

    Whether you agree or disagree with weed – It is illegal and really isn’t suitable for this post.

    Quite a shame really!

  121. http://blip.tv/file/1356143

    this is for all of you who oppose this and drink coffee and drink alchohol and smoke ciggarettes which are all WORSE FOR YOU then pot. there hasnt been one case of lung cancer from pot use and for you to lose brain cells you need to smoke some number like 1500 joints in ten minutes. pot has the most medical uses, more then ANY perscription druf out in the current world right now. dont believe me? watch my link

  122. AS I continue to read your past posts, I am thrilled to uniqueness of so many of your posts. this one is certainly a #1 or close to it. Thank you.

  123. cool uses….first time impressed

  124. Ok, I came on the site looking for uses of orange peels and instead found out about pot. This has just been the most ridiculous thread I have ever seen. I am not against pot as my mother, father and husband have all smoked and sill smoke it. But seriously all that was need was one post about not a friggin politcal debate and not to have the entire thread turned it to that subject. My grandfather who passed away a year ago from cancer was suffering and the MEDICAL STAFF at the hospital prescibed pot to him as a way to ease his paina and suffering.

    I agree several people have gotten on their high horse over the subject but as they say There is a Time and a Place for Everything and this is not the place for it!!!!

    This is the place for uses of ORANGE PEELS!!!!!!!!!

    So for everyone who thinks it is hilarious to post on here about pot, how would you feel if on an actual pot thread you had to read about how to breast feed a baby with colic or of cures for severe bleeding and blood clots during your menstrual cycle. So please be respectful of others and post somewhere else where it is needed or the MAIN topic of discussion.

  125. I place my orange peels straight off of the orange in a small pot on the stove, sprinkle in a lil cinnamon and Voila instant aromatic air freshener.

  126. I saw these 10 “unique” uses of orange peels and also the other many many uses of the sour fruit cover from comment posters. But did not find the way we made use of it when we were kids. Our mother would bring home oranges (specially in winters), we would have lots of oranges to eat after the lunch. And while taking the warmth of the afternoon sun of our backs our mother would pinch the orange peels on our skins (specially on the face but with eyes closed). It gave a burning sensation but believe me or not it gave us much better and smoother skin in a long run. I would rather say that this is a unique use of orange peels.

  127. Marijuana is beautiful substance. It contains all of the beauty in life and all of the suffering in one earth grown herb. With only the sun and the sky to grow it. People who aren’t used to it and the don’t understand the effects assume its like all other drugs. They assume that it tricks people into thinking that it will solve all of their problems until they grow so addicted to it that they are consumed by the lifestyle it brings them to lead. (Much like religion). But people who smoke pot smoke it because they like it or they just want to try something new. Its not a problem. The worst thing that can happen is a bad time and you become upset or sad about something which in the end you actually learn a lot more about your self from. And if people don’t like discovering who they really are then they just aren’t ready for the powers of this plant.

  128. O marijuana spiced so precariously,
    these cloven sweet kushes and reeds of osiris,
    with orange peels that sweeten so delicately!
    I dance with bitter herbs nestled in beds of papyrus
    singing their combustion by torches of fiery pigment.
    The terrible shout as I light it-but their shoes are all shoddy.
    ‘You break the law!’ say the silly and confused, those obsessed with a figment
    or those like #92 Kentucky who says:”Remember you are not suppose to harm Gods body”

    How i laugh and turn back to my leafy green friend
    and we munch and play flutes to ’till the nights very end.

  129. as anyone every had a orange peel get hard and the orange dries out on the inside. let me know

  130. Orange peelings are truly amazing! It really works!

  131. Hey, Orange ya glad there are many a-peeling-suggestions out there!
    After reading the suggestions……here’s what I concluded.
    Some of us will cook, some will burn but regardless of which one we’ll do,
    we’ll all need the POT to get there! Ease up.

  132. Oh my!
    OK… Helllllooooo… this is a website on useful uses of the orange peel. Jeeeez.
    1-Marijuana is ILLEGAL. Anyone caught buying, selling, or in possession of this will be prosecuted, fined and/or go to jail.
    Anyone with children should be a little more considerate of their kids before purposely breaking the law.
    2-My personal belief is that it should be legalized and taxed. That way it\’s entrance into our country can be regulated and the profits go to good honest people instead of the hands of cartels and terrorists. YES, money from illegal transactions (like drug smuggling) ends up profiting people with horrible intentions for the USA.
    If all of you put this much energy into communicating with your appointed lawmakers about this subject, maybe it wouldn\’t be illegal?
    God bless American and all the troops that can\’t be home to participate in a conversation like this.

  133. If you wrap a small piece of apple (or like fruit) in tin foil and poke small holes in it and leave it in your weed bag it moisurizes the herb beautifully.
    Happy smoking!

    P.S. You can also make candied orange peels… beautiful garnish for chocolate desserts!

  134. if your holding an orange peel and someone trys to atack you you can spray it in their eyes and probably get away or beat them

  135. Does Orange Peels make plaque come off of your teeth?
    I have heard that once, I was wondering.
    I bet that be an excellent way of getting rid.

  136. yo this website is gettin most of its hits from weedheads who are fueling debates, which i thought was the point of this website
    pot never hurt anyone its already decriminalized in my state (whata joke) if alcohol is legal tree should b too

    i stizz bud multiple times a day and got a 2080 on my SATs so u haters dont know what yor talking about

  137. To all those who say marajuana is harmful or bad for you in any way, my friend had two lung surgeries as a result of a collapsed lung and the DOCTOR told him that SMOKING WEED would assist his lungs in the HEALING PROCESS!

    Weed contains substances that cause the bronchiols in the lungs to expand so that more oxygen can get into the system. This promotes healing in many ways, oxygen kills bacteria, viruses, molds and yeasts. Oxygenated cells also heal faster as they can hold more nutrients.

    MJ also helps with appetite and pain, which are two things that cancer patients often struggle with, not to mention pain and relaxation (well I just did anyway).

    Hemp rope is some of the strongest material available. Hemp clothing is less expensive and according to many, it is of a higher quality than cotton.

    The marajuana plant can be used to make paper as well and it grows hundreds of times faster than trees do. Think of all the unnecessary cutting down of trees that happens today just for the sake of paper. And did you know that only the pulp of the tree can be used for that purpose?

    If marajuana was legal in the States the entire world, including nature itself, would be much better off.

    People who think otherwise are simply ignorant, and ignorant people who read this and get beligerant instead of getting educated are just plain stupid.

    #124, I wouldn’t mind what other people talk about as long as it’s either entertaining or useful. This was about orange peels initially but evidently there was a universal desire for movement in the direction of a discussion about weed. Maybe God does know what He’s doing. He’s the creator, after all, which means He made weed! I bet if God was here right now he wouldn’t mind hittin’ a joint every now and again.

    Just don’t blame God when any of His creations are abused. You can blame us for not using them correctly. But obviously weed was meant to be smoked and used for many other purposes. It’s existance is a blessing to humanity, but in the states many people just don’t understand what a gift it is.

    Fortunately, some do.

  138. Great discussion topic. The orange peel in the jar works real nice and I would recommend using a grapefruit peel for a little variation and more fruitful taste. Keep on keepin’ on all you smokers, bud only can lead to a bright future full of fun and excitement.

  139. wala lang

  140. Word to all the people who’ve warned against putting orange peel in with your bud.
    My friend told me that I should put some in the baggy with my weed because it keeps it fresh and makes it easier on your throat because it’s less dry, but I left it in too long and it actually started to ferment. I had to put it in the compost.

    What a waste of perfectly good weed! :(

  141. P.S.
    I don’t have the capacity to focus long enough to read everything everyone wrote (which is actually more likely caused by pharmaceuticals than weed, considering how infrequently I smoke), so I apologize if I’m just being redundant and repetitive.


  142. All the people whining about the marijuana related posts need to kick rocks and gripe somewhere else.

    Bottom line, pot is illegal because Big Pharm runs the government, and the USA. I guarantee you each & every one of the people who responded negatively to all the weed smokers on here either smoke cigarettes, drink beer/wine/alcohol, love their cup of coffee in the morning, take prescription pills, eat a high sugar/sodium diet & consume food with preservatives.

    Which is funny because marijuana has been scientifically proven, FACTUALLY PROVEN, to be less harmful to your body & mind than the majority, if not all of those things.

    But Big Brother says it’s wrong so I guess the sheep shall follow the shepherd.

  143. Oh my goodness – this was so funny!

    All I wanted to do was figure out what to do with orange peels so I could clean up the kitchen after squeezing some orange juice — like you I am trying to not waste anything. And here is a comedy routine right under my nose! And I am not even high. THANK YOU everyone… I am going to have a great day now. Legalize it!

  144. After nearly 18 months this thread is still getting comments, awesome!

    Orange peel is also useful for getting rid of tobacco smoke smells (I assume it would work for other non-tobacco smoke) just leave some orange peel in the room you’re trying to air out and you’ll be amazed!!

  145. Anyone know how to make concentrated orange oil for killing termites like the kind my exterminator uses?

    I’m all for legalizing the other substance so that at least when my brother visits and hides it in Mama’s house when he leaves she doesn’t end up in jail. It’s legal for him but not for the rest of us and Mama has Alzheimer’s. I’m mad as hell that he put us at risk! I have very little doubt that he’s missing a few brain cells, but then he has been like really dumb since he was three and I had to take the book of matches away from him.

  146. I clicked on to try to find out why orange peel is used in chinese medicine-then ended up stoned!

  147. I love marijuana, it makes me tingly in my loins

  148. WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TOO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let me make this clear. I do not smoke pot, but I am not fully against it. HEROIN is a different story. WOW. that was REALLY unnecessary!!

  149. What a book! i filtered through this hodge-podge and enjoyed learning about orange and it’s wonderful zest! Thank you!

  150. hi

  151. lol..
    this is funny. after like.. 10 comments it went straight to weed, and after like 100 it was off on other drugs.. still mostly weed.
    bahaha. some interesting people out there.

  152. Just one weed comment and everyone has a say… powerful stuff.

    ps. for anyone who needs to get something done fast and isn’t proud, dried orange pith in a roll-up or weak spliff has a surprisingly similar effect to mild E… pupil dilation and all.

  153. Most times we don’t think about it,
    But it comes everyday.
    Most times we’re just so busy,
    That it quietly slips away.

    I think as we get older we come to appreciate it more,
    Because we don’t know how many more we’ll see.
    But it’s a shame how long it has to take,
    For this to come to be.

    Within it is the orchestra of life,
    Some who will play the whole day through.
    The instruments are often soft and sweet,
    Sometimes you must concentrate to listen to.

    Most times we don’t think about it,
    But it comes every day.
    Most times we’re just so busy,
    That it quietly slips away.

    I hope by now you understand,
    That what it is of which I speak.
    They come everyday without fail,
    Seven days a week.

  154. if any of you plan to ingest orange peels, dried or not i would make sure first that you get oranges that haven’t been treated with pesticides or waxes to preserve them during shipping. ;-]

  155. Pot does NOT rot your brain. Fluoride does!

    By the way, the only way your pot gets moldy is if you leave the moisturizer in for too long.
    Once your buds feel moist, toss the peels!

    ps AGREE TO #154 by chris ;-p

  156. haha this is funny. im about to try the orange marijuana revitalizer:)

  157. Hi, im a weed smoker but, never thought by helping my daughter with homework i would read a discussion like this. It was well worth it!!! Thanks!! Lmao

  158. I’m happy that I found this forum. I actually brought an orange for lunch today. While peeling it I thought…wait…could I be throwing away something I could use? That’s when I googled “What to do with orange peels” and found 10 unique uses for orange peel. I have to say THANK YOU ALL. This was such a social experiment. I bet most of the anti-weed heads don’t smoke because in reality breaking laws can ruin your life…so perhaps they are just trying to look out for our best interests by sharing (just in case). THE BIBLE STATES that what is against the law of the land is against the word of God. Since God rules and controls everything (according to his word) and has placed our government where it stands today…including the representatives/police/politics/etc… then the bigger picture is that the fight to legalize a natural narcotic such as marijuana was a fight that GOD has orchestrated. Maybe the fight to release this drug from its current illegal state will lead to a new era of living, reveal new world leaders and empower our a new era of activism against certain world order. Imagine the possibilities if our Senators, Congressmen, or even our President smoked some bud then made those big decisions. I wonder how the world would charge. COULD BE FOR THE BETTER. For those feel they can’t rely on the word of God as we know it today (for obvious reasons…if you have no idea what I’m referring to you may need to study some religion first)…Just do what you feel the universe has set for you to do. Whether it is smoking pot or anything else. JUST BE SAFE and prioritize. Someone here stated that MJ is habit forming and IT SURELY IS! So, smoke in moderation for too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing. My overall point is that we are all 100% correct and this forum is positive in its entirely.

  159. holy jesuitz the person above me is holy. hey itz ok to break the law even if itz about weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed hellz yeah

  160. I use orange peel to feed my earth worms.


  162. yyuiyuk

  163. Wow, this is the greatest list! I missed this before. Have my liked it.

  164. its good………thank a lot for the information./….i used orange peel to clean my armpit…….and my vagina……..

  165. it can be a candy too.that’s our ip

  166. What you people need to learn is to think for yourselves. Do what you want as long as you don’t disturb or hurt others. Law’s don’t change if people don’t question and or break them. No law is final or universal and if you have a look back in history to see how laws change or go back and forth you’d all not waste your time discussing this weed issue with people who disagree so much that no conclusion can come out of it.
    The law says killing is punishable, but in war…and in war in another country, who’s law is applicable. The law said blacks must travel seperately, the law said no gay marriage, or abortions or torture, the law even said no alcohol for a time. The law says no speeding and no tax evasion, the law says no hitting children. Law is like language, it’s a living thing changing all the time and it’s just a matter of time before weed is lawful. The law also says no doping, that’s a favourite of mine because someone had to define doping first. So if you’re high (sic) jumping at a 59,9% level of “dopage” you’re ok but at 60% you get disqualified, at the same time whether you measure 5ft8 or 7ft2, that doesn’t matter.
    With all that, I think you all forgot some of the simplest and best uses for o. peels, making compost, as holders for (orange) sorbets, as ecological towbar protectors and I think you weed killers forgot one big healthy thought, the pesticides on and in the peel is far worse for you than weed. And by the way, you’re wrong to think for most fruit it stays on or in the skin, often it goes through.

  167. I live in australia and i believe weed should be legalized i dont see any problems with it at all it is the perfect drug

  168. I do have a job. How does being jobless and smoking marijuana correlate?

  169. Thanks for the advice but do you know other uses of carrot peelings as a moisturizer?

  170. How much orange peel should you use? for say… two OZ. its not trash weed tho. GoooD!!! weed. thanks. Awesome freaking post.

  171. You guys are too good, i have had a great laugh reading these comments

  172. Some of the posts have been helpful… the ones about respectable use of orange peel, Thank you all that posted them.
    Others were stupid. (the ones about pot). It is unhealthy and against Gods law as well as mans law.
    And don’t bother knocking my spelling, grammer, and puctuation because anyone who will destroy their own body with drugs has no common sense and therefore has no right to complain about spelling. Just as getting drunk is bad… So is getting stoned.
    Thanks again all who posted legitimate post on orange peels.

  173. Gen. 1:29 says Quote”Then God said,”I give you every seed bearing plant on the face of the whole earth & every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be your foods.” God created Weed and oranges, Alcohol was created by Man. God Bless

  174. LOL wings1 just got pwned. I developed cancer when I was 16. I quickly dropped 40 lbs due to chemotherapy and was givin the gift of mary jane by one of my friends when I hadn’t been able to eat for 3 days b/c of recent treatments. It worked like a charm and I was able to eat regularly and keep my body healthy because of it. I gained 30 of those 40 lbs back in the 3 months following that day. I had more energy, I was able to workout regularly and it fully changed the life I was living. Now cancer free I attribute much of my recovery to marijuana and recommend it to anybody going through such a terrible thing.

  175. I actually heard weed and marajuana are different from eachother. I think this difference is important and should be distinguished.

  176. Excuse me, I meant the difference between smoking hemp and weed/marajuana haha.

  177. love pot

  178. I think its Hilarious how an Orange Peel forum tuns into a Marijuana forum just after two Comments. Gotta luv the Gonja, always stealin’ the show.

    Smoke on Smokers and keep Hatin’ Haters.

  179. These comments had me laughing my ass off… what a social experiment. Notice the different groups of individuals who came flocking.
    1. The Unabashed Weed Promoters
    Example: “omg dude I luv weed SMOKE ON!”

    2. The Ignorant Religious Heathens
    Example: “Weed is illegal. That meens its bad. also god says weed is bad so its bad. Reading this article made me unclean so I’m going to delete my history and purge myself in prayer in my closet and jesus will return my ignorance to me”

    3. The Law-Whipped Borderline Retards
    Example: “Thanks 4 orange peel ideuhs… but pot is bad rly im serious it rots ur brain n kills you plusss its illegal you kin be arrested!”

    4. The Jokers
    Example: Me

    5. The Laughers
    Example: “I’m rolling on the floor right now. Good job humanity!”

    6. The Oblivious Orange Lovers
    Example: “Yay thanks for uses! I just love oranges they are so tasty and the peels are great!”

    7. The Intelligent Marijuana Enjoyers
    Example: ” Marijuana has been shown to be less harmful and addictive than many of the things we consume on a daily basis (Alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, aspirin, prescription drugs, ignorance, propaganda) Also, moderate cannabis consumption has been shown to correlate with higher IQ scores.”

    8. The Self-Righteous Clueless Name-Callers
    Example: “I am simply disgusted and horrified with what I’ve read. You dope smokers gave your souls to the Marijuana Devil when you first touched the stuff. Please let us respectable humans discuss orange peels while you filthy weedhead scumbags go rot in a pit.”

    9. The Medical Marijuana Testimonials
    Example: ” My doctor prescribed me marijuana when I was 25 during my fight with cancer and it really helped to give me a second life. There is no logical reason why cannabis, an unadulterated plant, should be unavailable to help aid pain and suffering.”

    10. The Pissed-off Orange Desirers
    Example: “Omg dis is about oranges not weed U guys r stupid plz leave potheads. oranges are good though! not like pot it is a poison it rots ur soul (I’m also secretly angry and confused that cannabis consumers possess far superior intelligence than me)”

    11. The Satirists
    Example: Me

    In closing, I hope reading this is as fun for you as it was to make. Seriously, reading some of these posts made me want to weep for the future of humanity (Mostly the ignorant marijuana slanderers, clueless law-abiders, and unintelligent religious fanatics). Honestly, If you read all comments here and use them of a sample of the population, how does it seem that marijuana use affects intelligence and awareness of the world? Responsible, moderate users of psychedelic drugs, including cannabis, have been consistently shown to have higher IQs, lead happier and more successful lives, and interact more healthily with other human beings. Please, later readers of these comments, I beg of you. Stop the ignorance. Follow moderation in all that you do in life. Become more aware of the world around you. Place yourself in others’ shoes, and stop your presuming that you understand completely how the world works, because none of us do.

    Stop trying to let an omnipotent deity (God) understand for you.
    Use your brain.
    Think for yourself.
    Question everything.
    If you heed my advice, perhaps it’s not too late for you to banish your unabashed ignorance before it permeates you to the core of your being. You may still be able to live an informed, respectable life.

    Good luck!

  180. Your articles always deserve my praises. Keep it up!

  181. No no no, you got it all wrong. Pot smokers aren’t smarter, that doesn’t make sense. What does make sense: smarter people realize that everything is all a big lie, they question everything, and they come to realize marijuana is forbidden by law for different reasons than what they advertise. (BTW, surgeon general deems DARE program a failure, what a waste of money) I think in general, most people are too ignorant to try something and decide for themselves and simply let others decide everything for them. Many people simply LIKE to follow, comply, and obey. Even better, many of these people are SOOO convinced BY OTHERS, and this is without any testing/experimenting of any kind on their own, that they FIGHT or get angry about it or even HATE others. I’m not even talking about pot here. I’m talking about EVERYTHING, racism, stereotyping, religion inspired hatred, war, the F$$$ing health care bill lobbyists, and most importantly the media dazed & confused population, the pill popping hypocrites, and the eye balls deep in muddy waters attitude of EVERYONE.

    Ignorant followers will never be the smart people who invent things, design things, create marvelous works of art, or pave the path to the future with technology and science.

    On a side note: sometimes I feel pot only works on smarter people since its effects calm a fast racing mind. When the mind is slow to begin with, it makes the person feel “dumb”, a description I’ve heard often from anti pot people who claim to have tried it.

    Alcohol on the other hand, makes anyone stupid, and clumsy too. There was a prohibition on that a while back. I don’t know if people read history anymore. Well, it turns out it didn’t work very well, most of the alcohol business was run by criminals. There were always smarter small time joes brewing for themselves and their friends, keeping quiet, but MOST of the commercial stuff was run by criminals. “What? you don’t like what we selling you? maybe something wrong with your tongue? maybe we fix it for you? oh, no? you like it now? thats good.” Not to mention unregulated, untaxed, boatloads of money involved in the mix. This is very similar to the pot situation right now. ON TOP of all this, small time joes get treated like criminals, because of their love for the alcohol and the art of brewing it. The criminals only got involved because there was money to be made and they have the ability and manpower to stand up to law enforcement, and probably some strange deals with police captains and commissioners and whatnot. The small time joe gets screwed the most, who are simply trying to avoid the law enforcement, and the criminals, and the world for that matter, because they have the power to change it all, but they are simply too ignorant and distracted to do so.

  182. regulate, tax, impose age limits, and legallize cannabis, the two dog plant given to us by a very smart being from the two dog star. Take it away from the criminals who force many to smoke cancer giving fertilizer in their low quality crap, tote guns, and suggest “better” alternatives when they are out.

    Prohibit alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes, they are the drugs of choice of a soulless, angry peoples, and they lead to serious health risks.

    Many people who smokes cigarettes and pot don’t realize the pot is what is keeping the cigarettes+chemicals in them from giving you cancer. Cannabis is a bronchial dilator, cigarettes are not, the cannabis will make you cough up all that crap that the cigarettes are putting in there. Please quit cigarettes, if your health isn’t important, at least don’t let a bunch of fat rich monsters control your life and get even fatter and richer.

    Caffeine is akin to any of the other ines, like nicotine, ephedrine, methamphetamine. They are all essentially different versions of speed, lighter doses essentially. Caffeine is much less potent, but the effects of long term use are very similar. It stresses your heart out and can lead to early heart attack or stroke, as early as your 30s!!!

    Alcohol is the worst. It damages your liver and all other organs can be affected, gall stones in bladder, kidneys, heart problems, etc, etc. Most importantly, long term use damages the brain permanently. Reactions and focus can be seriously reduced after long term use, as well as memory. Also alcohol makes you behave irrationally, without inhibitions and leads to things as accidental cheating on your loved one, accidental driving into a car with a family driving home from birthday dinner, accidentally falling into a river and drowning (happens more often than you think), and of course, accidentally making a fool of yourself.

  183. ewan!!

  184. geez… what a wise comment Kentucky.. \”we\’re not meant to hurt god\’s body..\” That’s your opinion. My opinion is that it’s my body. And if my forefathers have discovered a natural plant that not only helps you have a good time/relax/unwind but also has medical benefits, I’m going to use it! Ofcourse , like anything in this world, moderation is the key. Alcohol, paracetamol/acetaminophen, antibiotics, work, rest, play, weed… everything needs moderation! I’ll even go as far as saying that reading your ‘god given gift’ the bible needs to be done in moderation, as its clearly getting to your head.
    Isn’t it funny how the non smokers are in the minority in this forum and all they seem to do is complain and wine and try to tell us what is right and wrong based on what their politicians told them was right.
    Thankfully not all you non smokers are as one sided and naïve as people like Kentucky, Melani and Jacob.. a lot of you can see the funny side of this or atleast don’t try and mother us into doing the “right” thing..

  185. epal ka pala eh haha! orange . . is good

  186. Just thinking of buying 4000 sq metres of land in Crete that I can build a small house on. It is full of orange trees and so I wanted ideas(which is why I came here) as to what I could do with them besides the obvious. When I was in college and smoking pot it was rumoured that banana peel could get you high…I think I tried but was stoned at the time so it was not a controlled experiment.
    Now I am wondering if orange peel works…anybody know?

    By the way thank you No 2 for making all this hilarity possible.

  187. First time here and I am having a ball laughing my heart out. Just wanted to know about boilng orange peelings for aroma and stumble on this.


    I mean; I guess I could just go out and smoke some weed and then I won’t really care about this anymore… Perhaps I let my anxieties get the best of me. I learned a lot here on this website today. Life is too short to get so hung up on these trivial worries…

    So what if it is toxic?? Everything is toxic… we\’ve polluted our environment so badly with the bi-products of our living that I\’m sure a little orange essence isn\’t going \’a make too much difference one way or another in the grand scheme of life; Right? I need to just calm down and chill out… The important thing is to be happy (and I can apparently achieve this by remaining perpetually stoned). I mean; the plastic bottles that we drink our water from are toxic… the air we breath is polluted… the electromagnetic fields from cell phones and computers and other electronics are messing with our health in ways that we can\’t even begin to imagine…

    …So what\’s a little orange essence going \’a do to me… I can handle that! Yeah… I can handle that fer sher…

    …So… if anyone happens to know the answer about the orange oil being toxic; I guess you could just post it anyway… \’K?

  189. and u can eat them lol yum yum

  190. You can also re-moisturize dried oranges by wrapping the dried orange in the orange peel.

  191. Oh weed is amazing!! And drinking then driving is also illegal… So seriously you have no life! Haha most of these people are trolling! Funny:)

  192. Great info. Very useful and practical info!

  193. mellisa Oct 10, 2007 started it… This has been going on for YEARS. Haha keep it going.

  194. Just because something is illegal, it doesn’t necessarily make it wrong. You never knew that? You should probably dedicate more of your life to thinking, questioning social mores, and perhaps reading. By that comment, it sounds like you don’t. Hope it was just a joke though.

  195. Orange Peels & Weed… like Rock and Roll.. They were made for each other… by the Flying Spaghetti Monster. WOOT!

    Fire it up !!! ===~
    (then gimme some munchies)

  196. Grow Up!!!

  197. so i came on to this site to see if one could make alcohol out of orange rinds. turns out, i got yet another education on weed. i have tried weed a few times, and it didnt do anything spectacular for me. so i dont do it anymore. i used to be a heavy drinker, and that got me into a car accident where i had to sell my house and have a whole mountain of debt to work through. i knew people in college who were heavy into using, and some of them fell through the cracks, dropped out of college, and are still ‘just’ potheads. most of them though, graduated with degrees, found successful jobs, and are making money hand-over-fist because they have brains that function in their skulls. i did ‘legal’, and got screwed. my buddy did ‘illegal’, and makes more in a year than i would in a decade.

    and for you religion fanatics? realize that your ‘god’ gave us everything on this earth to use however we could. he also gave us free will. his desire is that everyone love and honor him, find him in all things. so what if your way to god is through weed? will you condemn the man trying to adhere to your religion through illegal means?

    also, christianity isnt the religion of everybody on the planet. so why should everyone adhere to their tenets? because you say so? are you speaking for god now? doesnt that seem a little self-aggrandizing to you? when did your god give you the right to tell me how to lilve my life? that doesnt sound like free will, that sounds like forced obeisance to me.

    and for you potheads! think i was all on your side of this? if you like smoking so much, and you live in the states, then dont bitch about it on here, send letters to your reps in government. you can type till your fingers fall off online at places like this, but it wont change anything. send your congressman a letter. hell, send him 20. make your facts known. these people in positions of power dont have the knowledge we do. so stop feeding the criminal mindset, get this to the politicians, legalize it, and get the religious monkey off your back.

    also, it is a vice, i dont care how you look at it, its like cigs, booze, sweets–you dont NEED it to survive, but it does make the trip more enjoyable. so like all vices, use it if you want, but dont be a bonehead about it–use in moderation. thats all we ask. *grin*

    by the by, does anyone know if you can make booze out of orange peels?

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  199. I personally don’t smoke weed but don’t see any harm in doing so unless it involves other people…like your kids…it is illegal and you would not want your kids taken from you because of something like that!

  200. orange peel is also used to remove excess gas in the body


    peel fresh orange and let the skin dry
    then place into a pot of water and boiled to get extract
    then strained and drink .

  201. Pat….Get a life. Afraid someones having more fun than you, you creep??

  202. in what way is pot bad for you …The only way it’ll kill you is if a ton of falls on your head. Now alchol ..thats a different story. you have a very high chance of becoming an alcho, killing someon or yourself if you drunk drive , 99% of bettered wives are battered by drunks., families destroyed, hospital a&e stuffed with drunks every weekend, police man hours doubled by drunks etc etc etc. Now tell me all about the bad sides of a bit of blow…….

  203. how very insightful of you isa

  204. Does this suggestion ( No 2) impinge greatly on your life Pat, or are you just naturally a busybody?

  205. I’ll bet you would suck alcohol thru a dirty sock Hanna……. alcohol kills thousands every day but weed has never been known to in over 8 thousand years. If a ton of it fell on your head tho……

  206. And tat is your business how? Joe Friday…Get a life you creep.

  207. And what medical journal did you read that from Isa, if you can read that is and the dude Friday who said get a job hippies is still stuck in the 1960s. What is a hippie Mr Friday in 2010?

  208. Your Non de plume syas it all Kentucky. Hicksville!!

  209. JS You didnt enlighten us as to the variety of pills your friend popped with his alcohol. Methinks they may have had more of an adverse affect than the old maryjane. AS for his anuerism, thousands suffer from them every year, who have never heard of never mind smoke pot….Get a life !!!

  210. Chris: Weed/pot/maryjane ARE all Hemp. However the commercially grown version of hemp grown for its seeds/oil and fibres contains little or non of the active ingredient THC found in grass/weed/pot/maryjane. The hemp we smoke has been crossbred and modified over the centuries to produce more of the active ingredient that gives the glorious high it does. If you sowed a few thousand hemp seeds, the commercial version, you may be lucky to get one that will have a higher content of thc but they are rare nowadays.
    Educate yourself Chris and dont listen to the ignorant ramblings of idiots.

  211. I was looking for uses for orange peels and all I get is uses for weed, how about respect for the forum topic? than to read this unnecessary information which does not contribute much of anything to life but laziness and a lung hazard, make sense?

  212. This is a very attractive segment, gave me a lot of help, thank you for sharing, hope you can update more and better stories.One of my conclusions after having worked for over a decade translating research into practice is that the system of having academic researchers in one silo and learning professionals in another silo simply isn’t working.
    kcl Technical Grade

  213. I am a legal cardholder AT THE FEDERAL level in Canada. Cannabis is my medicine and I have used fruit peels to rehydrate my medicine. Your comments that pot is illegal is not correct. It maybe illegal where you come from, but don’t force your moral judgements on us legal consumers of cannabis!

  214. I know in Switzerland there is a brand of cigarettes that uses Cannabis instead of tobaco, but the cannabis they use doesn’t have THC. It taste amazing and is completely LEGAL!

  215. And here I am with my new blog..

    I think you haven’t seen it yet.

    Well, I hope you enjoy it.


  216. does anybody know how to make orange peel powder?stated in number 1…..

  217. Wow, I googled use for orange peels cause I eat alot of oranges therefore I throw alot of peel away. I had no idea I would be so entertained reading all these comments. To all you uptight squares preaching about “pot is illegal” speeding in your car is illegal to but I bet you do it. relax a little and enjoy life, you dont have to smoke pot to enjoy life (infact I dont smoke) but it has got to be miserable to be so square!

  218. hahahaaa this made my visit to the web memoriable. everybody keep being who you are,our differences make this planet a interesting place.oranges are a natural gift from the earth just as canibus is and probably both have untapped resoures.make wise choices and keep experimenting.thanks for sharing, love you all

  219. lmao….
    I googled “how to make marijuana dry heavier” and found this thread

    thanks for the advice ;)

  220. Hi there,

    Back to ORANGES…I am from Ojai where oranges are the mainstay in most everybody’s heart and home…
    As is Earth, Fire, and Air.

    We mostly have toliets here BUT if you don’t….and love permacultural beginnings….

    Something spiritual to do on the summer solstice, to honor the sun and the season, burn the oranges in a fire pit and then scatter the ash over your outdoor outhouse or hippie poop pit throughout the rest of the year. The ash will help keep everything pure and clear! Also works great when camping or just out and about in the woods…

    Ash also has many other magical and spiritual properties; most notably for “courage.”



  221. Aslam o alaikum, few thin slices of dry orange peel add good taste and frangrance in sweet rice (zarda) and halwa.

  222. I also had no conscious thought whatsoever about the various ties that lead to discussions about orange peels and its significance to Marijuana. I instead was sitting and eating a naval orange, in which was extremely hard to get the peel off of. During the struggle I thought of how great the smell of the peel was, but more or less what else besides the sweet delicious fragrance, the peel could be utilized for. Although I am a “stoner hippie”, I would definitely use the orange in ways other than those related to the ignorant uses that go along with cannabis. Cannabis itself has the potential to be aromatic and beautifully tasting, without having to add orange masking additives. So in conclusion, such a simple gift given by Gods Nature, should be utilized in ways that they are meant for. Not ignorant drug dealers trying to rip off their constituents.


  223. extract juice of orange peel in a juicer ,,,,, add some 100 % pure rose water in it and clean your face and skin of your body with this mixture with pure cotton 3 to 4 times a day specially before going to bed ,,,, for those who want to have their skin fair , glow , soft , decrease wrinkles and aromatic …. a special gift for dark complexion people and females over 50 yrs of age . Helps against some different skin allergies also . excellent skin toner .

  224. I find all of these comments edutaining,you all are funny in a bid to air your views you tongue lash each other but dont get me wrong orange is juicy and good for you but weeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddd!!! nah, it destroys you gradually.

  225. Do you use pharmaceuticals ? Or over the counter meds like tylenol? YOU are doing way more harm to your body than what smoking a little herb would. God created herb not aspirin !

  226. I\’m from the West Indies and we actually make Tea out of Orange peels. Its so easy Just boil the peel in a saucepan of water, pour, sweeten to taste and Voila! You got Orange peel tea.

  227. I like the taste of oranges very much while buzzzed

  228. i\’m just super high and wanted to know why orange peel made my lips tingle so i googled it and came up on this page. thanks for the tips!

  229. You can also eat the orange peel. It provides MANY nutrients.

  230. whatever, i just wanted to know how to make furnature polish from oranges. There is a type of weed called orange crush and it is good, very refreshing.

  231. boild water throw some orange peels drink it and it will help you sleep. i tried it and omg it works :)


    - This goes out to the IT’S ILLEGAL., YOU DUMBASSES type people -

    Pay special attention here… it was already said once… AMERICA IS NOT THE WORLD. YOUR LAWS ARE NOT OUR LAWS (despite how hard you try to make it so).

    What your politicians decree to be illegal, is different in this age from those preceding it, and from those to follow. What your politicians decree, the police enforce, YOUR police, not ours, so please for dearest darling Jesus’ best [censored] gold plated sake, take your singular, centralised viewpoint and PISS RIGHT OFF.

  233. #4chill out. My 80 year old grany smokes weed for her eyes. She would be legally blind without it. Weed is medicine and people like you who try to make us feel ashamed need to do some research. This is why america is loosing. Because nobody does ang goddamn research to base ther opinions on anymore. They just trust the tv and public schools that cant even afford enoughf desks for ther students.

  234. and god said let every herb bearing plant be as of meat

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