10 Surprising Uses for Plastic Bottles

Millions of plastic bottles are disguarded everyday. Many get recycled commercially, but there are many uses for them within the home.

Empty plastic soda bottles can be reused in many different ways.

  1. Funnel

    Cut the top off an empty soda bottle to make a useful funnel. Large and small bottles make different sized funnels. Use for pouring oil into your car, pouring paint, etc.

  2. Plant Propagator

    Cut the bottle in half across the middle. Plant seeds in the bottom, tape the top back on, place in a warm spot. This makes a mini propagator.

  3. Plant Waterer

    Remove the cap and cut off the bottom of the bottle. Turn upside down (cap end first) and push into the soil. Fill with water. This will water your plants automatically.

  4. Boot Trees

    Use 1 litre soda bottles as boot trees. Push one down the leg of each boot to stop it bending over, or getting floppy.

  5. Save Water

    Save Water. Take a 1 liter plastic bottle and fill with water, screw the cap on tightly and place in the toilet cystern. This saves water with every flush.

  6. Emergency Kit (Car)

    Fill 1 liter bottles with sand and keep in your car boot. They are useful during freezing weather, on icy roads.

  7. Gardening Helper

    Protect other plants while using weedkiller (herbicide) in the garden. Cut a 2 liter plastic bottle in half. Take the top half and place it over the weed you want to spray. Take off the cap and spray through the hole. The spray won’t get onto other plants.

  8. Candle Holder

    Cut the tops off the bottle, just under the shoulder level to make candle holders.

  9. Funky Stool

    Take 24 empty 2 liter soda bottles, remove all the labels. Glue them together along the sides to make a very strong circular stool.

  10. Matching Table

    Use the same method as above and add a top to make a small table.

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  1. Dear lizzie2uk,

    I love to read about interesting ideas that will help make a difference in this world. When each and every one of us takes time to do something positive – - we all change and transform this world for the better.

    Best wishes to you, always.


    -Liane Schmidt.

  2. Very good ideas. I really like #5. Anything to help preserve is a great idea.

    Great work, Lizzie2UK!

  3. Wow! Another interesting article on how we can re-use plastic at home – it helps reduce pollution too.

  4. Some great idea’s in this one!

  5. What use have you found for reusing the handles that carry 2 large juice or milk cartons? They are called PakTech.

  6. A very needed post! well done :)

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