10 Surprising Uses For Aspirin

Aspirin is an excellent painkiller and anti-inflammatory, but it also has many other household uses.

  1. To remove perspiration stains from white T-shirts, dissolve two aspirins in half a cup of warm water and apply to the area of the fabric where the stain is. This should be left for a couple of hours before washing.
  2. Has your hair ever gone yellow or green from chlorine in a swimming pool? This can be remedied very quickly by dissolving 8 aspirin tablets in a glass of water and rubbing the resulting liquid into your hair. Leave for about ten minutes and then rinse it out. Shampoo in the usual way.
  3. First aid for pimples: Crush an aspirin tablet and add a little water to make a paste. Cover the pimple with this paste and after a few minutes rinse it off. The pimple will be less red and reduced in size. Aspirin is an astringent.
  4. Drop a soluble aspirin tablet into the water before arranging cut flowers in a vase. It helps to keep them fresh for longer.
  5. To treat dandruff, crush two aspirin tablets and add them to your usual shampoo. Leave on the hair for a couple of minutes and rinse as normal.
  6. Mosquito bites can be eased by wetting the skin and rubbing an aspirin over the spot.
  7. Bee stings can be treated in the same way but any adverse reaction to the sting should be reported to a doctor.
  8. Gardeners can treat fungal soil infections by dissolving an aspirin tablet in a liter of water and using the mixture to treat the soil. Don’t make this mixture too strong if using around plants as it may burn the leaves.
  9. Aspirin can also be mixed with potting compost in the greenhouse, or garden, to prevent fungus forming around the roots of new plants.
  10. Take some fresh lemon juice and mix it with a soluble aspirin to make a mixture that will remove grass stains, nicotine stains, etc from hands.
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  1. Where do you get these idea’s? I like the stain removal one and afew of the others.Well written and informative as usual.

  2. There’s something slightly unnerving in that tip #10 there that’s about stains is also the working formula for being against headaches. ;)

  3. Reportedly (I’ve never tried it), adding aspirin to a dead car battery can establish enough charge to get a car started.

  4. I enjoy this stuff: simple, accessible, factual.
    Nothing like a good list of facts!

  5. I once had a wart on my finger that bugged me all summer. Eventually someone told me to put an aspirin on it held on by a bandaid. Within a few days, the wart was dissolved down to just about nothing and I was able to rip the head off. It never came back.

  6. Aspiring is great for stopping your home made sour kraut going bad when it is warming up outside. Just drop 2-4 crushed tables into a 50 gal jug of sour kraut and you are safe for the next 1-2 weeks.

  7. If aspirin were invented today, big pharma and the FDA would make it a prescription drug so they could charge more…

  8. @Da_Truff

    FDA yes, but “big pharma” would like all of their drugs to be over the counter. If you want to make a lot of money, adding restrictions as to who may give you money is usually not a strong move.

  9. Aspirin is also an excellent treatment to stop bleeding after shaving. Dissolve the aspirin in water and apply the solution with a cotton ball to the face, legs, whatever, after shaving. It will stop any light bleeding and soothe the skin much better than alcohol-based aftershaves. I never use over-the-counter aftershaves anymore.

  10. I swear I’m going to spit if I read another ‘carbonated water can remove stains’ post. ANY carbonated beverage can do this – not just coke or asprin tablets. Plain mineral or soda water is best as it doesn’t have any colouring.

    Sugar or lemonaide in a vase of cut flowers will also do the same job.

    Great post tho’. Keep up the good work

  11. nice

  12. The reason all of this works is that aspirin is similar to salicylic acid. The pimple cure, for example – the active ingredient in most acne medications is in fact salicylic acid.

  13. woah!! these tips are really good… where do you get all these ideas from… I mean they are really good… :)

  14. Very Informative Facts. Interesting what we can learn on here.

  15. Aspirin can help a pimple not because it is an astringent (which it isn’t), but because (acetyl)salicylic acid is both lipid-soluble and an anti-inflammatory agent. It can dissolve the oil and sebum on your skin and inside pores, and reduce the inflammation/irritation. But really you’re better off just getting a good lotion or potion with 2% salicylic acid. As long as the pH of the lotion is between 3 and 4, because that’s what it needs to be for effective exfoliation. Salicylic acid isn’t antibacterial however, so you need to use something like 2.5% or 5% benzoyl peroxide anti-acne lotion in combination.

    Which is also why aspirin can be used as a dandruff treatment – the salicylic acid helps remove the excess oil and skin flakes, though again you’re much better off finding something that has actual 2% salicylic acid and correct pH.

    PS – Astringents are not recommended for use on skin, let alone anyone with acne. They just irritate the skin further. You don’t have to have redness and itching for your skin to be irritated, as many irritants such as alcohol and essential oils can aggravate the collagen layer below the surface.

  16. If aspirin were invented today it would require a prescription. Its anti-platelet effects (which make it good for coronary artery disease) are permanent. Ibuprofen’s similar effects are temporary.

    Hard to believe it would thus help bleeding after shaving. That’s probably binders and not the active ingredient.

  17. Related to the pimple remedy listed above, I’ve been using an aspirin mask for years to help smooth and exfoliate my skin.

    Take about four to six uncoated aspirin tablets, crush them into a powder, then add a few drops of water to make a paste that you then spread on your face.

    After about five minutes, remove the mask with water, gently rubbing the paste into your skin as you rinse it off.

    It’s better than any product I’ve ever bought and much cheaper. You immediately see/feel the difference after the first time. Don’t use more than once per week.

  18. Another possible use is like an ornament, adding two aspirins (and “feeding” it on a weekly basis) to fresh water, the aspirin starts crystallizing until it becames a sort of “crystal plant”. It is a pretty nice visual effect.

  19. Something tells me any acid would work for a lot of these.
    The effective ingredient in aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid.
    #1,2,8 and 9 seem to just be making use of the acid.
    Lemon juice got citric acid. It may also work.
    Alternatively, strongly diluted bleach may also work.

  20. Is it possible to reduce effects of alcohol, to use in the place of alka seltzer?

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  22. Do you really want to destroy the fungus in your garden soil? As an essential element of living, vital soil, fungus ought to be encouraged. By killing it, you kill other healthy organisms as well. We have enough dead soil.

  23. woman, lay on your back and put a aspirin between your leg’s
    you wont have a baby.

  24. wow I believe you could find many, many great used for just about anything! Great ideas..

  25. I have learned something new here today. Great article and info.

  26. Aspirin or dispirin makes your platelets less “sticky” which means they flow more freely and therby too assists with a reduction in blood pressure. However, it can increase bleeding, can “chew up” the stomach and should certainly not be taken a fortnight or so before surgery. It is a wonderful drug but like all things pharamceutical, some precautions are necessary. It is not chocolate!

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  28. Another use I’ve heard is to reduce the prominence of a hickey.

    Wet an aspirin and rub it over the hickey for a few minutes and then rinse the area with visine (or some other eye drop). The hickey should be much less visible. It works by the aspirin thining the blood and the eye drops are a vaso-constricter.

  29. the asprin on mozzy bites works very well so much better than other things

  30. If you want to increase your chances of getting a brain infarct don’t forget to take an aspirin daily.

  31. What a Super article with lots of great information! I really learned a few things! Thanks Lizzie2UK!

  32. I just made aspirin today in orgo lab with salicylic acid and acetic anhydride. What a coincidence that I stumbled onto this.

  33. nice info. very usefull

  34. very informative

  35. nice info.very usefull

  36. I wonder if anyone tried all these tips. Do they work? Are they safe?

  37. Great tips, and great article. I never knew any of those tips.

  38. well i did a project on aspirin and it turned out us a bummer

  39. i am also doing a project on asprin its drvin me crazy

  40. aspirin is a great med, but dont take it daily unless advised by a physician, it is a hepa-toxin(liver toxin)

  41. Omg! My face was full of pimples,and now! thanks to aspirin their all gone!

  42. Recently I have read somewhere that Aspirin dissolved in -

    water can be used effectively as a rooting compound; I am

    trying it out!

  43. A friend of mine told me about this wonder stuff called Asprin – I’d had a headache all day and accidentally swallowed one of these ‘Asprins’ and hey presto in about 5 minutes my headache had gone! they should sell this in chemists as a headache cure or perhaps I’m onto a million pound idea here ?……

  44. Sounds like great ideas, but I’m allergic to aspirin, and don’t think I’ll chance it!

  45. im really surprised, it really suprises me

  46. yoyoyoyoyo

  47. Great stuff – very interesting!

  48. Thank God aspirin was invented early and never really got classified as a drug.

  49. I never thought this generally used drug can have so many other unexpected uses. Your explanation is also nice.

    Are there any side effects of using it as a paste on pimple? Wouldn’t it cause some small burns on the face?

  50. daily smallest dose can be good for your heart as it protect against blood clotting but take precotion gi ulcer.

  51. aspirin was naturally used by native americans, concoctions were made from white willow bark. the moist side of the inner bark was used by rubbing on the skin for some the same ailments listed herein.

  52. This is one suprising and excellent article – no wonder it’s so popular!

  53. Cool beans! It’s neat when everyday items (or medicines) from around the house can have multiple uses.

  54. Adressing the comment,
    “Something tells me any acid would work for a lot of these.
    The effective ingredient in aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid.
    #1,2,8 and 9 seem to just be making use of the acid.
    Lemon juice got citric acid. It may also work.
    Alternatively, strongly diluted bleach may also work.”
    No, it is not effective simply because it is an acid. Acetylsalicylic acid is a very weak acid, and has other properties which make it effective.

    Also do not use bleach as a replacement. Sodium hypochlorite, the active ingredient in bleach, is strongly basic, the opposite of an acid.

    Also, salicylic acid is present in all aspirin because acetylsalicylic acid decomposes over time to form it. This process releases acetate ions, which is why older aspirin will have a vinegar smell. Salicylic acid won’t hurt you in the least, it just may irritate your GI tract to a greater extent.

  55. I have a question about #1. Can you use this on color fabrics as well or will this bleach it? Thanks. Great article.

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  58. Ob Vious aspirin is the most useless headache cure known to man. I only buy it because of the things mentioned and at a penny a tablet it’s fantastic. Nobody knows about these things – in fact most people think I’m insane for using it on my skin and scalp. This article is great!

  59. You can also use it for scalp psoriasis plaque, to exfoliate dead skin from the roots and keep your hair healthy! Mix a couple of tablets in a tablespoon of warm water and massage into your scalp for an hour before washing!

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