10 Simple Ways to Clean Your Home (Fast)

A quick guide to cleaning your house when you’re pressed for time.

Don’t you wish that there were simple ways to make your house “look” clean? Well there are! Many quick fixes can make your house “look” clean even if it really isn’t.

Here are a few simple ways to make your house look great (especially if you only have a couple of hours until your guest arrives), and not even need to hire that maid.

  1. Clean Your Chrome

    Bathroom chrome can get water stains and more. By cleaning chrome you get your guests (or maybe yourself) to notice a nice shiny sink or doorknob, this gives the idea that you spend extra time cleaning even if you only spent 5 minutes.

    Quick Tip:

    Use a tooth brush and tooth pasteto clean your chrome if you don’t havechrome cleaner.It works almost as well as the purchasable stuff!

  2. The Bird Hit That Window

    Making your glass and mirrors very sparkly are also a way to make it seem that your house is clean. Take out some Windex and try to get as many finger prints and streaks out as you can.

    Quick Tip

    If you keep getting streaks wash your windows using Windex and newspapers.It leaves a great streak-free shine.

  3. Breathe in Some Fresh Air

    Smelly air can really make your house seem dirty. Put in some air fresheners or buy an air purifier (make sure it’s hidden so people don’t know that your hiding something). If you want more of a decadent look, light a candle 15 -30 minutes before guests arrive.

  4. Take out the Trash

    No, I don’t mean your guests! No one wants to see your garbage bin full of who-knows-what. Taking out the trash, and picking up wrappers off the floor, table, or wherever trash is visible can make it look like you are a fairly good housekeeper.

    Quick Tip

    Try to get a garbage can with a lid.That way even if your bag isn’t full,it’s still hard to see the garbage.Also try to buy scented garbage bags in case you have a load of old food or smelly diapers in your garbage.

  5. Do Those Bills

    Later Don’t leave a giant pile of papers on your desk of coffee table. It makes your house look cluttered, and no one really wants to know that you’ve been selected to win 1 million dollars in a sweepstakes when they haven’t…

  6. Cobwebs, Dust bunnies, and Dirt

    Oh my! If you have some time try to vacuum your floor and mop. Also get a broom and knock those cobwebs off of lighting fixtures. Dust, dirt, and cobwebs really distract from the overall appeal of your house.

  7. Do the Dishes

    Make sure you sink isn’t full of dirty dishes, if you don’t have time to do your dishes just try to flood your sink with soapy water or put your dishes in the dishwasher and just leave it off.

  8. Make your Bed

    If you are going to leave your room visible make sure your beds made! I know this seems a little redundant but the fact is that some people forget to make their beds, and if your bed is made It will at least look as if you’ve tried to clean your home for your guest

  9. Get that Junk Off the Floor

    If you have a lot of “stuff” on the floor then it might be a good idea to keep an empty laundry basket or garbage can to store things when guests come over. Dog toys dirty clothes, extra boxes or small kid’s toys can easily fit into a laundry basket and stored in a closet until your guests leave.

    Quick Tip

    Don’t forget about your basket! You don’t want to lose something and not remember that you hid it when your guest came over.

  10. Make The First Impression

    Make sure that when your guests open your door that they see a nice tidy house. Even if the rest of the house isn’t perfect the first room that your front door opens to should be nice and clean, that way your guest will “think” that the rest of your house is spic and span.

    Quick Tip

    Welcome mats on the inside of your home look tacky.If you want your quest to step onto something nice then buy an area rug that matches some of your rooms Décor.

Hopefully these tips will help you when you get that unexpected call from your guests saying they will be at your house in a few hours. Until next time happy cleaning!

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  1. These tips are pretty good, check out more cleaning tips at CleaningTips.com

  2. Very useful tips to clean the home fast. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These don`t seem to me to be things that you should do in a hurry. They should be done daily & done properly. That way when you have guests…even unexpected guests…it is already done.

  4. I agree with lanne. These jobs should be done every day. It’s easier that way.

  5. these are quick and easy ways that i can clean my home with. I think these things are so important to everyday life so you can have a nice clean home without any odors and looks clean.

  6. i dont agree with anyone else these are the best

  7. I need one for a teen bed room!

  8. I need it for a really clutterd room for a eleven year old

  9. these tips work i had 1 hour to clean my house and i got the job done!!!!!!!!!!:)

  10. Thank you that was very informative on how to keep a house clean. Especially when your mother or mothor-in-law pots over unexpectedly!

  11. These tips are wonderful!I got my house cleaned in no time for my friend!

  12. I have 5 kids and 8,000 sq ft to clean – please help!!!

  13. Now I know where to start on my house. These tips tell me exactly what to do to make my house look clean, when it really isn’t. Then I will have time to finished decluttering my house.

  14. My house is 1200 sq ft but its open space. No matter how much time I spend cleaning it. It always looks the same mess.. We have a wonderful home but it looks packed. I need help.

  15. Although these tips are everything that I have been trying to do, because there are only ten of them, it makes it seem that I can get it done in half the time. It gives a starting point which is where I always go wrong. I try to do everything at once and at the end it looks the same,but now the garbage is just in a new spot. Lol!

  16. You Got Me Rolling

  17. hola thanx for that but……. i need tips for ONLY cleaning your room.

    hastalavista bye bye!!!!!!!

  18. yeah these things SHOULD be done on a daily basis, but as a working mother of three, tell me WHEN i can find the time to do that. Im lucky if I can find the time to go to the bathroom by myself! Thanks for the tips! They are great for those of us who cant scrub our entire home with a toothbrush everyday!

  19. This really helps alot!!

  20. these tips are great! i have all day to clean the house but i know i will get it done with these tips! my house is very small and cluttered but i know that when it is clean it looks lovely! thankyou.

  21. I have a 3 month old and a husband who hates cleaning. I have to do all the house work and it seems unbearble. How can I get rid of stagnant water in my bath tub. It takes 15 mins to come out of the tub. How can I have a clean house with a crying 3 month old and my husband? Please help.

  22. thanks for this website i love it and got it done in 15 MINUTES that is awesome

  23. I am thankful for these tips, I really am! I’m usually lazy on cleaning up my apartment, not really taking care of it, but this… This helped me a lot. Now I just have to wait for my guests to arrive and hope the best…

    Thank you, again.

  24. And you often clean the house? If is not present, can read through interesting advice here

  25. it helps. my house was shiney and nowone sall a mess it was a good party for my big girl 6 teen party thank you

    did you house look like a brand new mine did

  26. These are very good and useful tips but I still hate Cleaning :S

    cleaning process is a very tiring process …. I also hate the dust :/

    I also think that applying these tips needs time .. sometimes u need to save time as well as money… last March I needed to clean my house and I dealt with princess maid services company and I think it is also money saving , they did very good work and I didn’t have to pay too much money.

    Thanks again for your tips … keep the great work up

  27. i need to clean my room fast please tell me my room is filthy and im only 11!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hi there,
    Great stuff.specially number 5.
    I hired a maid services nj and I will defintely pass this on to them!


  29. Before anything thank you for sharing this…it saved my life:)
    I got my parents visiting the other day and thanks to your information I was able to get my apartment on conditions to accomodate them.
    Fabi from house cleaning services Boston was the person who point this article to me!


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