10 Great Household Uses of Lemon Skin

Lemon skins are useless? think again!

Lemon skin can help a woman become beautiful, from head to toe. For example, skin whitening, slimming, reducing black spots, whitening teeth, giving them a good body shape along with beautiful hair and last but not least, remove wrinkles. However, besides all this, what other great uses does lemon have?

  1. Remove Unpleasant Odor From Bowls and Cutleries

    By putting a few slices of lemon skin into the bowl that is to be washed along with some lukewarm water, (you also put a few slices of orange skin or vinegar into it as well), the lemon skin can actually relive the odour from the bowl. Likewise, by rubbing lemon skin onto knives and the chopping board, the fishy smell from them would be gone. Boiling lemon skin in water can also wash away the unpleasant smell.

  2. Remove Coffee and Oil Stains

    Put a dry lemon skin into plain water until it becomes bloated. After that, pour the lemon water together with the skin into the coffee-stained cup and leave it there for 3 hours. After that, use a damp cloth and clean the cup and the stains will be magically gone.

  3. Turning a Black Wok Base Shiny

    Boil some lemon skin and water together. After a while, the wok would turn shiny. Not only that, the wok would not turn black for a period of time as oxidation would be prevented.

  4. Remove Yellow Stains in the Toilet Sink

    Occasionally, there would be yellow spots in the toilet sink. However, by rubbing lemon skin on them, the spots would be gone.

  5. Removing Stains From Tiles

    After sometime, tiles on the wall would accumulate unpleasant dirt. Rub some salt (into the wound) and lemon skin onto the dirt and the dirt would be gone. This same method can be used for the above one.

  6. Turn Taps Shiny

    Believe it or not, a fresh lemon has extremely good cleaning powers. By rubbing lemon skin on any metal container without any strength, all stains would be gone.

  7. Smoothen Your Skin

    It is easy to have the odour of fish on your hand. Soap would not help much. However, rubbing lemon skin on your hand would do the trick. Not only that, it will also make your skin smooth.

  8. Refresh the Refrigerator

    Firstly, wrap a few slices of lemon skin in some gauze. Soon, the refreshing smell of lemon would ease your mind. However, you have to remember to change the skin every 3 or 4 days.

  9. Create Sweet Smelling Ice Cubes

    While making ice cubes, put some extremely thin slices of lemon skin into the water-filled ice cube maker before putting them into the freezer. For added taste and smell, replace the plain water with water boiled with lemon skin and allow it to cool. Enjoy it in the beach!

  10. 10. Natural Air Refresher

    Burn over a small fire a few slices of lemon skin. This will remove all cooking odour and it’s a natural air refresher! You can also place some lemon skin into your socks/ stockings for a great smell!

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  8. what should i do make my skin white and fair? how would a lemon can help my problem? could it helps also to remove black and white heads on my face? Thank you>>>

  9. lemon could also cure pimples for me

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  11. lemon helps to make my skin fairer ….

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