10 Extraordinary Uses for Sugar

Ordinary white sugar has many uses around the house. Use for burns,flies, cockroaches and many other things.

  1. Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

    Add a tablespoon of sugar to a litre of water in the flower vase. The dissolved sugar nourishes the stems and keeps the flowers fresh for longer. If you add a tablespoon of vinegar as well, you won’t get the mould and bacterial growth that causes that bad smell from the water after a few days.

  2. Improve Outdoor Plant Health

    If outdoor plants start to look unhealthy and you notice small lumps on the roots, your garden may have a nematode infection. These are tiny worms that invade the root especially in tuberous plants like carrots and potatoes. Mix handfuls of sugar into the soil around infected plants. This increases the numbers of bacteria that can fight the invasion.

  3. Hand Cleaner

    Sugar is an abrasive and if you have very dirty, greasy, or oily hands, rubbing them with sugar with clean them.

  4. Wasp Trap

    Boil 2 ounces of sugar and a little water in a pan to make a sticky liquid. Pour this into empty jars, or a dish and leave in the open where wasps will be attracted to sweetness. They go into the liquid to feed and cant get out.

  5. Soothe a Burned Tongue

    If you have ever burned your tongue on a hot drink, or hot food, you will know how much it hurts. Sprinkle sugar on it and the pain will subside.

  6. Kill Cockroaches

    Mix equal parts of sugar and baking powder. Sugar attracts these horrible creatures and baking powder kills them.

  7. Fly Catcher

    Boil half a litre of water, sugar, pepper (about a teaspoonful) and two tablespoons of water together and place in a bowl. This will attract flies and they will fall into the liquid.

  8. Start a Fire

    If you have trouble getting a coal, or wood fire to burn throw a handful of sugar onto it. The sugar will ignite and help get the fire going.

  9. Keep Biscuits Fresh

    Put a few sugar lumps in the bottom of your biscuit tin. The lumps will absorb the moisture and keep the biscuits fresh.

  10. Keep Cake Fresh

    Sprinkle home-made cakes with sugar while they are still hot. This keeps them fresh longer.

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  1. I never knew sugar could do all of that!

  2. I had no idea it could clean hands. Although it may work for a wasp catcher it is probably more effective to use soda. Nice list.

  3. Such a helpful list. Thank you.

  4. I only thing I know on this list is to use sugar to soften my hands..Great list, Louie.

  5. Wow…what an interesting article. I would never have thought that sugar could help a fire get going! Great work Louie!

    Best wishes.


    -Liane Schmidt.

  6. Louie, No. 5 onwards were all new to me. I have one more use for sugar though: stopping the hiccups. Swallowing one heaped teaspoonful of sugar has, so far in my experience, been a foolproof remedy when all else fails.

  7. Great list of things to use up all the sugar!

  8. VEry useful hints especially the one about starting a fire. I take the kids I work with to a cottage in the mountains in Wales for adventure week-ends, and sometimes the fire is really difficult to get going.

    I will cetainly try this one next time.

  9. Very useful information Louie.

  10. If you cut your fingers, you can pour sugar on it to make it clot really fast and stop bleeding.

  11. Very cool.

  12. Actually Adam you don’t even need sugar to to clot a cut. Just lick some saliva on it. The natural saline causes clotting much more quickly than anything I’ve found. I get a lot of spit in my mouth then dab my finger on my tongue and repeatedly & rapidly tap the finger on the cut. The tapping also causes the body to react faster (by stimulating the nerve endings where ever your cut) to clot even faster ;-)

  13. You shouldn’t write stuff like that where everyone can see it. That is kind of embarrassing.

  14. sugar mixed with glycerine is a good foot and heel scrub

  15. put sugar on your bitten lips it will help

  16. Mix a spoonful of sugar with some natural lemon juice (to make a paste) and apply it to your face using circular movements. Rinse with lukewarm water. A natural and very effective cleaning face scrub! (Helps with some skin conditions, like acne)

  17. some of the ideas are great, but ants will appear all around the vase and plants

  18. Has anyone ever used sugar in a horse’s moonblind eye? I’ve heard that some native tribes did that effectively but can’t find anyone who’s actually done it. The idea is to open the horse’s eye and blow a tablespoon of sugar into it (obviously the horse is already blind) and that’s supposed to alleviate the inflammation, thus reducing the blindness?????

  19. Please correct number 7, about the fly-catcher. This we need very much. Thank you

  20. Baking powder doesn’t kill cockroaches. That’s just silly.

  21. Yeah, #7 doesn’t make sense. Why is there both a half-litre of water and two tablespoons of water?

  22. hi

  23. You can also use lemonade to help your flowers last longer. Just pour some in with the water.

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