10 Amazing Uses for Plastic Bread Bag Clips

Save your old bread bag clips ready for use in an emergency. They can be reused as plastic bag closures, or try these other amazing uses.

  1. These make excellent guitar picks. They are easier to hold than store bought ones and stronger.
  2. Use as a scraper on non stick pans. They won’t scratch the finish.
  3. A bread clip will hold a pair of socks together in the wash
  4. These make excellent bookmarks. Just clip a few pages together.
  5. Students, or young girls can paint these and use them as funky earrings
  6. Keep rubber bands inside the clip bit of the tags. It stops them getting all over the drawer.
  7. Spray paint these silver, gold, or green and use to hang Christmas tree lights
  8. If you get paint onto the glass when painting windows, these will scrape it off without scratching
  9. Small children like to use these for counting and sorting. (Be careful of choking hazard with very young children.).
  10. Dry pantyhose, stockings, hose, etc on a thin wire coat hanger. Simply attach them to the hanger with old bread bag clips.
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  1. These are some really cool ideas. My husband thinks I’m looney-tunes for saving these but there are always ways to use them.

  2. WOW! I wouldn’t have thought of half of your ideas. Good work and excellent ideas. I will be using more bread clips!

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  3. Great ideas, Lizzie.

  4. Iwould like to know how to make small crosses with these clips- if some one knows let me see hoThaks

  5. You can also use them to help hold loose computer/usb/power cables to the edge of your desk. Just tape one side to the edge of the desk and let the opening hang over the edge.

  6. great ideas,do you know eher you can send them for children who need them for counting?

  7. Did you see the New Bag Closure. It is cool its called SpeedySwan Bag Fastener. I bought some and they work great and going to get more. Theres nothing like it. Simple to use and works on bread bags and snackbags.

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