10 Amazing Uses for Coffee Filters

Here are 10 amazing uses for coffee filters.

  1. When cooking in microwave, use coffee filters to cover bowls to prevent splashing.
  2. Cleaning with coffee filters shines mirrors, TV and computer screens.
  3. Keeping a coffee filter in the iron-cook ware (when it’s not in use) prevents rust by absorbing moisture in it.
  4. Cleaning with fine quality coffee filters makes the spectacles clear without leaving lint.
  5. Lining the pot with a coffee filter while re-potting a plant keeps the soil from leaking out through the drain hole.
  6. You can filter the cork bits from wine using coffee filters.
  7. Serving hot dogs, popcorn, and other messy foods in basket-style coffee filters helps to keep fingers clean.
  8. Fill a coffee filter with baking soda and insert it into shoes or closets for preventing bad odor.
  9. Remove smaller food remnants from remaining oil after deep-fat frying by using basket-style coffee filters.
  10. Use cone-style coffee filters to avoid spillage when you add a quart of oil or two in your car.

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  1. Terrific tips. Thank you.

  2. Thank you very much Judy.

  3. These are great uses, Valli.

  4. Thank you very much Icy.

  5. These are all great uses but you forgot one. You can use a cone coffee filter as a beanie.

  6. These are great ideas! Here’s another one:
    Use coffee filters in place of corn husks when making tamales!
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  7. Thank you for sharing the tips Ping and Mislove.

  8. Wonderful inovative ideas.

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