Your Child’s Old Baseball Bat Can Do The Cleaning

Baseball bats can be handy not only outside the house but inside,too.

When your child learns that he is not the next Babe Ruth and gets tired of his baseball bat, what will you do with  it?

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First you need to look for the following items that are in your house but are seldom used:

  • An old cloth that loves dust
  • An elastic band

After finding the needed materials,start using them to complete your new cleaning tool.

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Here’s how :

  • Wrap the cloth at the tip of the bat
  • Secure it with the rubber band
  • Start using it to clean the hard to reach areas under your cabinets
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  1. wonderful idea… however we don’t have baseball bat at home…

  2. Great idea Dee. I’m sure there are many who will use this useful tip.

  3. great share

  4. None of us play baseball either so no bats around the house :-) An interesting use of baseball bats

  5. Nice idea. :)

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