World’s Top Three Expensive Houses

We see houses everyday. But very rarely do we get to see a house that might have an area of 60,000 square feet, or have a garage big enough to park eight limousines. But the world’s three most expensive houses have these features and more…

Updown Court Windlesham

  • Location: Surrey, England
  • Current Price: US $ 138 million
  • Living area: 60,000 square feet

Released in the market in 2005, the Updown Court Windlesham is the most expensive house in the world. This amazing 103-room home has 58 acres of garden and woodlands, all set up in the very ideal English countryside, making it a fantasy for anyone able to afford it. Brimming with grand hallways and ballrooms, this house has one panic room, an indoor squash court, a bowling alley, helipads, a 50-seat cinema, a garage giving space for eight limousines and then there’s a heated marble driveway to add to the splendid glamour. Out of the 103 rooms, 22 are bedrooms, each with its own marbled bathroom.

Starwood/Hala Ranch

  • Location: Aspen, Colorado, USA
  • Current Price: US $ 135 million
  • Living Area: 56,000 square feet

Named after the Arabic word “Ahalan” (meaning “welcome”), the Hala ranch (or Starwood Ranch, as it is also known as), is the largest house in the western US and the second largest in the whole world. Its name is basically Arabic because it is currently owned by Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi Arabian ambassador in the US. But it is now on sale because the prince has accepted his new position as National Security Councilor in his home country, Saudi Arabia.

The marvelous center piece lodge of this house is actually larger than the white house itself! This house has 15 bedrooms, each with its own patio, and there are 16 bathrooms in all. There is an interior elevator that’ll take you around the gigantic house, whose decorations are mainly of mahogany wood and bronze hardware, with stained glass for the windows. The guest rooms in this house open up commonly onto a courtyard with a swimming pool and a waterfall.

And of course, safety is a priority, so there’s a highly sophisticated security system that keeps the watch, while you enjoy the marvels of the second most expensive house in the world.

Maison de L’Amitie

  • Location: Palm Beach, Florida, USA
  • Current Price: US $ 125 million
  • Living Area: 43,000 square feet

The world’s third currently third most expensive house, the Maison de L’Amitie was bought by Donald Trump in 2004, for approximately US $ 41 million, at a bankruptcy auction from, former health care executive, Abe Gosman. The magnificent house includes a ballroom, conservatory and an amazing 100 foot-long swimming pool, with 475 feet of oceanfront. Trump has now put the house on sale for US $ 125 million as he aims for the record of “The most expensive house ever sold in the United States” ( the current record is held by Ron Perelman’s estate, which was also located in the Palm Beach, Florida, sold for US $ 70 million in 2004 )

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  1. These are unbelievable and I can’t imagine anyone owning something like this to live in! I used to get lost in the house I am living in now when we first moved in 6 months ago. I am sure I would never enter many of the rooms in these places.
    I love the Starwood hala ranch though.

    Good research and very interesting. Keep them coming.

  2. I must have been a wife for too long. The first thing I thought about when I saw these houses were: How do they clean such high ceilings??

    Illogical, I know. Beautiful houses, by the way :)

    and now, I’m curious about Darlene’s house too! LOL

  3. :)

  4. Great article!

  5. Updown Court is the one for me but I wouldn’t fancy cleaning it, or decorating it. There again, if I could afford that house I could hire someone to do the work!

  6. What a wonderfull houses!

  7. cool houses. wish i owned one of them.

  8. I used to clean for a living and on one occasion I DID get lost in someones home. But that house looked like a doll house compared to these!! Nice article.

  9. dang bow expensive shacks

  10. if i had the money the best by far is updown court but i wont say no to any of them

  11. Updown Court Windlesham
    I really cant believe this,if ever i get money i will buy it for my faily

  12. those house are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautful well to bad i own a better one tat has 103 bedrooms with 10 pools a cinema and more

  13. yo I would looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove to live in this house I would be the happiest person in the universe

  14. yes indeed nature is beautiful but these houses are sooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful. wonders shall never end

  15. if l had the many l realy want this house.who can buy it for meee

  16. I want buy the 1st house…

    DEAL mehhhhhhhhhh!!

  17. in these houses my animals live ,in the 1st house my dog doddy lives there but doddy said to me that this house is not comfortable and he wants to live in the white house >>> to be continued

  18. Theres no practical reason to have a house so big. Its just for rich blowhards to show off. You dont see Mr. Buffet living in a house like that and he’s way more successful than Mr. Chump

  19. great houses and jessica i doubt u have a nicer house

  20. i own the 1 st house and i like my house

  21. adorible cute little things those houses!! i am a wife but i’m with darlene on this!! crazy cleaning and getting lost would be a challenge!! but on the contrary goregous houses!!

  22. WOW All these HUGE MANSIONS ARE WONDERFULLY, MAGNIFICENTly, HUGE. The Uptown Court Windlesham looks Hauntingly Hug trust me, i dont see myself sleeping in it for one night.

    Th Strarwood Hala Ranch would be my choice if i had one or two.

  23. i want the star ranch house..i rily like it but its expensive..hehe..

  24. dude this house is sweet nastey. ill never own it because its too expenive. WOW

  25. this is crazy. rock on . i love ny. ELE whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo are uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu who who who who whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo are uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu who who who who ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  26. These houses will be nothing compared to the ones am going to either build or buy in the near future. Mark my words!

  27. very cool……………i like it a lot. i think that i will get all of them

  28. hey why dont u give it to me im very poor.i did this comment in a computer sore.thank u 4 listening 2 me

  29. hi i would love to have those houses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i would be the happest girl evr!!! hey y dnt u gve me 1 and ill pay you 2 dollars!!! lol

  30. one fine day my house will be on this list very soon ……

  31. i can afford to buy all those houses, but my house is gonna be bigger than them cuz its on construction =]

  32. I see every commenting on how they wish they owned one like these is anyone stopping to think that this is one of the reasons we/people are suffering so today. Health care executives living like kings when poor people cannot even afford the high cost, some people cannot even pay for the doctor’s visit, too expensive. These are not homes; these are the visualization of one’s greed. No one can comfortable live in something like that especially if they are conscious about people loosing there homed because of bad judgments from these rich idiots, think about it.

  33. every one have his fantazy .

    people must ask his self , if i have so expensive house and so big house , i am more hapy than naw ?

    a little house with warm familie inside is more importend , houses like that .

    house like that if you have in 1-2 years you have see the house every day , you will have another after another after…

    its like if you have 2 mountines gold , you wand the 3. one ..

    be happy what you have in induviduel !!!

    your familie your frends your atmosphere and and ..

    not change your life like it is naw you will be not more happy than naw .

    mony is much things but not everything ..

    best regards ..

  34. Im glad the 2nd largest and most expencive home is in Aspen wow I couldnt belive when I heard that!!! I live in Colorado and I have seen big houses but those are just wonderful!!!

  35. i love those houses to bad i already have one!

  36. Well, Actually those three houses are already occupied by my Aupairs.. If you want to apply just send resume and I will buy another one like the castle….

  37. I like to buy the ranch house but I already have $134 million is it ok if the one million dollars is installment?…

  38. I already have $135 million in cash. I can buy the ranch anytime. Just buy me plane tickets coz my money is just enough for the ranch….

  39. if the agent is reading this i have $135.00000 now how do i get in contact wiv you i jus 1 da lottery soo can u post ur details

  40. That is the biggest house ive ever seen!!

  41. these houses make me slobber.i just wish i could live there,i mean look at them.there worth 1,000,000,000,000 and believe me its worth it!!!!!!by the way,i’m a 11 year old.i hope they build bigger houses in the future.maybe they can float in the air.who knows?oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. love em whatev.all you peeps are lame except 11 year old kid/girl not animal.miley cyrus rock!!!woo hoo!!!!!!!

  43. These r most awesome houses I ever seen!!

  44. i hope some of these luxuries are not owned by Nigeria politicians presenting fake names cos it is only in nigeria that people have appetite for such things whenever they are appointed as trustees against public money..i hop not

  45. besides these ar’nt the best .come to nigeria and see houses while ibb house not in the top 3?

  46. naa wa o, this na too big but if u get the money , una go do pass that/. l beg make na shut up , those houses na wicked, l beg l wish myself one wee go beter pass those ones. look out for my own in the nearest future

  47. Let me spend one week of my life living the life of the privileged. How do I know if there are too many rooms? I have not visited each room. Yet. Are there too many bathrooms? I bet you’d be glad one was nearby if the stomach was upset. Way too much of a house? Let me get lost in it. I can’t describe the feeling I had when I looked at these houses.

    Obviously, someone has worked very hard, to obtain the wealth,to be able to buy any of these homes. Some people are living their dream. Are you?

  48. c00l!!oh my gosh that houses is amazing!!wonderful!!hope they’ll give it to me!!(hahhahahha):)im so jealous!!
    perfectly wonderful..
    but i suggest it would be more better if the color of the houses is pinka and black!!:)
    PINK=girl power!!
    BLACK=rockin house!!

  49. I wish I could have one of these. But the thing is that we should just be thankful for what we already have. Some people who live in Africa dont have anything at all. We need to think about others. We all want these houses but we need be happy with what have.

    !GO GREEN!

  50. what on earth is Donal Trump thinking? He must be out of this world to think he can sell a house for 125 mil when he only baught it for 40 mil.

  51. jessica–

    what you said is so fake. anyways u prabaly live in an apartment. or something. so stop that freaking lying.

  52. They are amazingly beautiful houses…BUT…let’s be real here. you don’t live forever so why should you want to live like you won’t die? besides God said – DO NOT LOVE THE THINGS Of THIS WORLD BECAUSE IF YOU DO, THE LOVE OF THE FATHER IS NOT IN YOU! … GOD has prepared golden mansions in the CITY OF GOD where the streets are pure transparet gold, and and the walls, gates and foundations are made of precious stones. Most importantly you get to live with GOD forever …. you won’t get sick, you will have no pain and sorrows…it’s all joy and happiness as GOD intended it to be…go to and learn about it…

  53. ommmmmmmgggggggg these look awsome… i would never be able to afford 1 :(

  54. ._.

    I’d feel lonely in those houses…

  55. Thouse houses are to big for me :-) I think a house where a family of 5 have enough space is fine, those houses look like malls lol

  56. its the most outstandingly elegant ouse but could have been made much livelier!!

  57. Can you give me the price ranges of houses?
    What is the top 30 Houses?

    to me if someone give me a house for my family don’t have to be big just enough room for my family to me thats the most expensive house in the world because like me i cannot afford to buy one not even a studio.


  59. OMGGGGG!! HOW DID SOMEONE GET A PICTURE OF MY HOUSE?!??! thats creepy. its alot bigger in person… feel free to drop by anytime, i love a good party

  60. oh my god sexgoddess.. we should totally hangout sometime! ;]

  61. you are super stupid houses is the only thing that matter not sill god

  62. those houses are more expensive than Nigeria billionaire peoples they can never buy it

  63. it looks like my watchman`s home

  64. i love house that has 365 room but here i can find me if you have one tell me please!
    these are not enough for me :)

  65. i m nt intrested in these houses. because i m happy with my small house. HAHAHA

  66. One day i will own this. that for sure.


  68. nice……….expensive house ever

  69. hhahahahahah /0/ nooobard

  70. i have a house that looks just like the first one but not as big. 12 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 4 floors, 1 elevator, a den, 2 pools, 1 front deck, 4 guest rooms, 2 MASTER bedrooms and 2 large balconys! i think my mansion is worth 55,000,000 dollars. btw i live in jersey.

  71. if someone yield me a accommodation for my home don’t bonk to be big meet enough area for my house to me thats the most dear asylum in the world because equal me i cannot open to buy one not flatbottom a apartment

    Buderim real estate

  72. I love all the people that are lieing about their fantasy homes on this thread.

  73. love to have a such a beautiful house may god give me please alll pray for me


  75. great houses ,iam very happy to see this house

  76. so suprise that houses like this three are in this world.i think i av to work hard to own one of this or the best in years to come.i also want to commend the source of this great article.more grease to ur elbow.we want more of this.pls keep it up!

  77. omg this insipered me 2 work relly relly hard like b4 i wated 2 live in the city but this is so much better
    haha from now on im going 2 try relly relly hard in skool nd im so going 2 harvard business & medical!!!

  78. hay!!! my and selena are having a sleepover and we would like to thank everyone for helping us become so big and id like o say that me and the jonas brothers will be on concert so try to come and see we are so bored so we decided to see the bigest houses in the world :D

    with all love


  79. boring

  80. Really amazing……………

    Wish to stay in one of the house for a night!

  81. I am gonna own a better house than all of them houses put together because i am gonna have all the good jobs in the world.


  83. i already have a 15 mil house in star miami so i dont need anything else

  84. i already have a big fort having 415acres area.
    so these houses are nothing for me(ha ha h aa ha.)

  85. i work to have a nicer house in heaven

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