Why Does the Pipe Under the Sink Curve?

Questions and Answers – Have you ever wondered why the pipe under the sink curves? Below is the answer.

The curved pipe you see is called a water trap.  Every sink, toilet, and bath tub in your house has one.

The dirt in the water that gurgles down the drain or decays on it’s way to the sewer.  As it decays, the dirty water gives off a gas that smells horrible.  This gas is called sewer gas.

The water trap stops the sewer gas from coming back into the house.  Water stays in the bottom of the water trap.  The water that stays there acts as a plug,  and the sewer gas can’t pass through it.

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  1. That’s quite interesting, I’ll bet lot’s of people didn’t know that. We learn something every day if we open our eyes.

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