What Do Roach Exterminators Do?

Roach exterminators are often the first thought when a roach infestation is noticed. But, what is it that a roach exterminator does, and is it safe?

Roach exterminators can be extremely effective in eliminating a roach infestation, even if the roach problem is severe. Each exterminator will have their own particular method of killing roaches, but most use chemical poisons to kill roaches. While this is generally effective, there may be other options than calling in an exterminator. 

Roach Bait

One of the most common practices currently is for roach exterminators to lay roach baits under large objects, under sinks, in garages, on porches and around plumbing pipes. Roach bait is an effective and inexpensive way to kill roaches, but it isn’t necessary to hire an exterminator to place them. Roach bait is available at any mass merchandise store, and it is effective against large numbers of roaches. 

Roach Spray

Many exterminators also use a roach spray to both kill roaches and to sterilize them. A spray that can do both can eliminate a severe roach infestation, but it can be harmful to the people who live in the home. These sprays are good for outdoor areas where children and pets won’t spend time. 

If a roach problem is severe, consider asking a roach exterminator what method will be used to kill roaches in the home. If the answer is to lay roach bait, consider buying your own and you may save $100 or more. If the roach problem is bad enough that even roach bait is not effective, consider a roach exterminator who uses a combination approach that can be tailored to your own home’s needs. 

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