Wall Finishes!

This will help you in deciding the best wall finish for your home or office.

There are numerous options available when it comes to wall finishes. It is one of the main ingredient to any interiors. Since the walls get the maximum attention on entering it becomes  important to is make them the focal point and play around their character.

The other way is to keep the walls simple, and keep the rest of the decor glamorous with ritzy furnishings. That depends on personal likes and dislikes. Here are few unique and bold wall finishes, you can go in for to add that royalty, elegance to your space.

Leather skin Mosaic by Silven.

This best quality leather finishes come in different colours and shapes to give a luxurious lifestyle to your place.The unusual abstract patterns is best for an elegant home interior designs. This unusual wall finish is just not restricted to walls, you can use them on columns and arches. This mosaic has been launched by an Italian company Silven, which comes in different shapes, sizes and colours.

Leather Wall Panels – decorative paneling ‘Leathereall’ by Studioart.

Fashion forward company studioart has come up with leather wall finishes to dress up your home elegantly, lavishly and luxuriously.

Textured Wall coverings by Silven – Glamours covering for vertical surfaces and furnishing.

These tiffany wall coverings are a creation by Silven. Tiffany wall finishes are created with crystallized Swarvoski elements, gems which appear on the surface like rainbow coloured dew drops.

Aluminium Laminate by 3Form – create magic with Alchemy Gold Laminate.

These custom gold aluminium gold laminate walls by 3form are the ultimate for your homes. The walls speak for themselves. You can keep the decor simple or add glitter and glam.

Faux Painting by Degage – The Deorative arts people.

This awesome alternative to the conventional wall paint is truly breath taking. Faux painting by Degage is awe inspiring. He has created this majestic appeal to this space, you can go in for different views to transform your rooms.

3D glass designs by Nathan Allan Glass studios – sphere series.

This 3D decorative glass design by Nathan Allan Glass studios is attached to clear or textured sheets of glass, ready to install on walls or surfaces like on this bar. You can use them in a  cafe, or in your dinning space to give a modern classy look.

Reclaimed Wood panelling by B & N

This iconic wood panels created by B & N, use reclaimed and recycled wood veneers. This stylish finish will surly make la statement for your homes. Ranging from abstract to floral finishes they have it all.

Decorative Wall Paneling by B & N.

This unique wall paneling uses a new method of formed laminates over carved wood, which gives a sculpted look. Its durable and aesthetically rich with vibrant colour options.

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